Sunday, August 14, 2011

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Turkey threatens to join international military action in Syria ~ link ~ Make no mistake about it, this is the same war drumbeats that we have seen just before the Libyan War, the Iraqi War, etc.  Syria is the backdoor to a war with Iran and all of Israel's enemies in the Middle East.  When the all out war begins on Syria it will be a war on Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine/Gaza involving Israel/NATO.  It will be a war involving Weapons of Mass Destruction on all sides GLOBALLY...YES THAT MEANS ADVANCED BIOLOGICAL WARFARE IN THE MIDDLE EAST, IN EUROPE, AND IN NORTH AMERICA ALONG WITH NUCLEAR WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST WITH BILLIONS KILLED AS IT BECOMES WORLD WAR III/ARMAGEDDON!  Stirling      
Turkey may consider cooperating with international powers in the event they decide to intervene militarily in Syria, according to a report in the Turkish "Hurriyet" newspaper on Saturday

Turkey has lost its patience with Syria, according to Turkish officials, and Turkish President Abdullah Gul has issued an ultimatum to Syrian President Bashar Assad via Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu who visited Syria on Tuesday. 

Syria unrest: 'Deadly military attack on Latabia port' ~ link ~ What this mainstream news article is NOT telling you is that Syrian forces are in combat against armed forces, trained/armed/led/financed by Syrian enemies (Israel and America).  Stirling  

NATO to arm Syria criminal gangs ~ link ~ The war against Syria/Iran/etc. will be "one war too many" for the human race and will plunge us into Armageddon!   Stirling     

America is a spark away from riots of its own ~ link ~ As President Barack Obama tried to calm a United States facing the threat of financial disaster, riots raged across the Atlantic in London and other British cities. Could it happen here, as our nation adopts British-style austerity and suffers through worsening unemployment? It certainly could, just as it has in the past.

NATO's Massacre at Majer, Libya ~ link

If the Market crashes, who even owns enough stock to even care? ~ link   

Reuters edits Iowa Poll reality according to globalist agenda ~ link ~ Which is why I think Ron Paul is 'real'.  Stirling    

Bachmann rigged Iowa Poll ~ link

Michele Bachmann the IRS attorney ~ link   

The Law that never was - video ~ link ~ The US Constitutional Amendment that allowed an income tax was NEVER approved by the required number of states.  Stirling    



Anonymous said...

The haarets article is speculative to say the least. The friendship of israel and Turkey is purely decorative unless there has been changes i have no idea about in the last 8 -12 months. Syria is not an isolated country, their is Russias naval bases to consider also. I have a hardtime thinking that russia would allow even an international coalition force to act militarily against syria. What i do see however is Russia stepping in and reforming the country ( with what ever covert means necessary) but under russian guidance and basically becoming a russian proxy state in the middle east. Much like Israel to USA. Whatever will happen, the region is not escalating in the right direction right now. Onemight think that China is not all that keen on loosing their influence in the region given they have large investments in Iran and lately talks of a chinese naval base in Pakistan. i think it is to over simplify the matter in this haaretz article. They pretty much assume that Iran would ever need to do anything but defend their country in a defensive way ie go on the offensive. That will take a whole different ballgame. No referee needed in that game because it will never happen. to sum it up haarets article writes it as they want people to see it..

Anonymous said...

Tim, you have marvelous taste in singers!

I was thankful for your link to
a performance by Katherine Jenkins
a few months ago.

And then came Il Volo -- FANTASTIC!
My wife and I have been totally in
love with these young men.

But you have outdone yourself this
time. Helene Fischer is not only the most perfectly beautiful young woman I have ever seen, she is also
perhaps the finest female singer of popular songs that I've ever heard.

As far as I can see, and hear,
everything about her is perfection
... or, as an old country song put it a few years ago, she's "close
enough to perfect for me."

Thank you for enriching my life in
several ways by letting me know of
her existence.