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Syrian forces kill 10 protesters after Friday prayers ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ This is the same crap that we were told in the lead in to the War on Libya, and the Second Gulf War (Iraq War), etc., etc.   While most of my readers are well aware of the globalists/Zionists war propaganda machine, far too many dumb asses are still buying the lies.   Syria is the backdoor to a war with Iran and World War III, which will get MOST OF US KILLED!  Talk about this to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.  Stirling     
AIPAC's Iran Strategy on sanctions mirrors run-up to Iraq War tactics ~ linkThe decision of more than 90 U.S. senators to press President Obama for Iraq-style sanctions on Iran flew in the face of what some observers warned could be the beginning of a stress test of the international support for pressuring Iran and another step closer to a potential war with the Islamic Republic.

But a Tuesday press release [PDF] from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) brings to mind eery parallels between the escalation of sanctions against Iran and the slow lead up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The press release read:
Israel's 'social protests' rattle Netanyahu government ~ link ~ Israel has become a nation-state that is run for the benefit of a small number of super-wealthy individuals/families (an estimated 18 tycoons/families) with great economic pain being felt by the average citizen.  However, just as the "Arab Spring" was directed by forces intend on a political agenda largely unknown to the masses in the street, so is the current round of Israeli demonstrations.  There are powerful people in Israel, who know that a war with Iran/Syria/Palestine/Gaza/Lebanon will end up killing most Israelis as both sides cut loose with their MAD (mutually assured destruction) weapons-of-mass-destruction.  The timing of these Israeli streets demonstrations against the crazy Netanyahu government is NOT AN ACCIDENT!  It is an attempt to end his reign and save their nation from destruction.  Pray for them, for their success or lack of success at overturning the Netanyahu war hawk Cabinet, is apt to be the key to wither or not the World enters a new global war (World War III/Armageddon) with 21st Century weapons.   Stirling      
Growing Israeli Tyranny ~ link ~ What do you expect from a government headed by the Antichrist???  Stirling      
Since becoming prime minister on March 31, 2009 for the second time (earlier serving from June 1996 – July 1999), Netanyahu’s hardline coalition government enacted measures repressive enough to make some right-of-center politicians blush. At the same time, left-of-center ones worry where Israel is heading, a direction they very much oppose.

Already, Netanyahu’s gone a long way toward wrecking Israeli society, similar to what Obama’s done to America, handing it more than ever to wealth and power interests, especially bankers, war profiteers and militarists.

Israel sinking into religious-fundamentalist swamp ~ link ~ Just one more sign that Satan is influencing events in the Middle East.   Stirling     

The Dirt ~ link ~ Draining the swamp was the unbridled promise of Nancy Pelosi when she was Speaker of the house. Not only did she not drain the swamp, she was one of the instruments that dammed it up. How bad is it? We have 100 senators and 435 members of the House for a total of 535. As of today the following statistic is applicable: 29 spousal abuses, 7 frauds, 19 passing bad cheques, 117 bankruptcies (considering they get over $150K that is truly amazing), 3 assaults, 71 insufficient credit to get a credit card, 14 for illicit drug use, 8 for shoplifting, 21 currently in litigation, 84 for drunk driving. This works out to 374 out of 535 legislatorsthat are crooks, which leaves 164 that could be clean. What a state of affairs. And they have an 87% re-election rate to boot!

We pay congressmen $174,000 per year. Then we give them an employee allowance of $900,000. Then we give them $250,000 for office expenses (we provide the office space). The average legislator costs the taxpayers $3.3 million a year. Can you imagine receiving that sort of income and then not being able to get a credit card due to bad debt? Oh, I almost forgot the "Franking Privilege" and the healthcare that costs only $300 per month for a full family, children to age 25, and the pension, well… you get the picture, I'm sure.

I stole 3.5 Trillion Dollars from you - I dare you to do something ~ link ~  Take the time to read all of this excellent article at the link.  Stirling     

This is how my friends and I stole 2.2 trillion dollars of your money in the 1990s and more since. The Treasury sells bonds to pay the deficit using the New York branch of the Federal Reserve and what are called Primary Dealers. What we did was really simple. We just sold 2.2 trillion dollars in Treasury bonds over and above what the deficit required in the 1990s. All you had to do to arrest everyone in Wall Street was to examine the books at Cantor Fitzgerald’s offices at One World Trade Center on the 101st to 105th floors. Too bad all the evidence went up in smoke on 9-11-2001.

There were no repercussions for taking down the World Trade Center with nanothermite and controlled demolitions. Well timed and placed explosions turned 440,000 cubic yards of concrete (336,404 cubic meters) into dust in less than 3 seconds but most people believed that jet fuel alone did that. What a laugh.

That was so funny and made so much money for us that we decided to do it again. We sold 1.5 trillion more in bonds than the deficits required over a period of 45 months. So far nothing has happened. I know we can’t cover it up by blowing up the World Trade Center again. But we can always launch World War III. We were planning another war anyway.

Whatever way you interpret these videos you must conclude there are two classes of people in this world. And you are not in the favored class unless you are a multi-billionaire. Those few at the top are stealing everything you had before the next Depression wipes out what little you have left. Billions of people will die of starvation and in wars and revolutions if we do not stop these mad men and soon. Did I neglect to mention the coming plagues bio-engineered by the bankers and their employees at the CIA, the Mossad and MI6?

How to remove Radioactive Iodine-131 from drinking water ~ link ~ You might want to copy this article.   Stirling     

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends reverse osmosis water treatment to remove radioactive isotopes that emit beta-particle radiation. But iodine-131, a beta emitter, is typically present in water as a dissolved gas, and reverse osmosis is known to be ineffective at capturing gases.
A combination of technologies, however, may remove most or all of the iodine-131 that finds its way into tap water, all available in consumer products for home water treatment.
Depopulation: The FDA is Directly Connected to the modern day Eugenics Movement ~ link ~ Talk about finding a satanic snake in your medicine cabinet!  Stirling     
It turns out FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg parents actually headed up the American Eugenics Society 
Stock market volatility is the new norm ~ link ~  Many people understand what is coming; others do not have a clue.  That is a big part of what is going on in the market.  Stirling     
While most people who look at these statistics see nothing other than a looming economic crisis, the likes of which may be unprecedented in the United States, the mainstream media continues to point to the minor gains as triumphs.

However, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average careening at least 400 points in either the positive or negative direction on a daily basis, these gains are short-lived and too little, too late. During the entirety of last year, only one day saw a swing in points as large as what we are seeing on a daily basis now. If this isn’t a wakeup call for those who still believe everything is hunky-dory, I have no idea what will be.
AIPAC's European cousin evades scrutiny ~ link ~ I, like most people, want Israel to live in peace and security.  However, Israel wants to continue to steal more land from the Arabs, to dominate the Middle East, to start endless wars in the Middle East and North Africa using American and European troops.  How Israeli gets by with this evil crap is they bribe members of the American Congress, the EU Parliament, and parliaments of nations around the world.  That the wars (and most especially the coming WWIII) fit into the strategic plans of the Global Banking Cartel families is of immense help to the war-hawks in the Israeli governments.  Still, it is amazing and shameful that so many powerful governments allow a tiny state to wholesale bribe and control their governmental leaders.   Stirling    
I don’t envy the 81 members of the US Congress who are on an expenses-paid trip to Israel this week. Having to listen to Zionist claptrap throughout the junket’s packed schedule is not my idea of a fun vacation.

But I was struck by how the jaunt, organized by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), has received some attention from the mainstream press on both sides of the Atlantic. London’s right-wing Daily Mail reported that AIPAC’s critics believe it operates on behalf of the Israeli government and has “secured too much influence on Congress”.

While it’s positive that AIPAC’s activities are coming under greater scrutiny, it is noteworthy that little attention has been paid to how a similar lobbying outfit is being developed in Europe. In February, around 400 members of parliaments from across this continent were brought to Israel in a trip hosted by the European Friends of Israel (EFI). They included 120 members of the European Parliament (MEPs) — one-sixth of that assembly’s total membership.

Warrantless "emergency" surveillance of Internet communications by DOJ up 400% ~ link ~ Fascism pure and simple.  Stirling    

The problem with Israel: Washington's acquiescence and the media's complicity ~ link ~ Over the coming weeks, 81 Congressmen -- a whopping 20% of the entire House of Representatives -- will be spending their time off not with their constituents, but instead in a foreign nation on a trip sponsored by a powerful lobbying group.

These 26 Democrats and 55 Republicans are being sent to Israel thanks to the American Israel Education Foundation, or AIEF, a group under the banner of the behemoth Israeli lobby known as AIPAC or the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

The moral decay of our society is as bad at the top as at the bottom ~ link ~  Having been on the receiving end of British corruption at the highest level (see my book, CASH FOR PEERAGE: THE SMOKING GUN ~ link ), I can understand the writer's point.  Stirling   
I cannot accept that this is the case. Indeed, I believe that the criminality in our streets cannot be dissociated from the moral disintegration in the highest ranks of modern British society. The last two decades have seen a terrifying decline in standards among the British governing elite. It has become acceptable for our politicians to lie and to cheat. An almost universal culture of selfishness and greed has grown up.

It is not just the feral youth of Tottenham who have forgotten they have duties as well as rights. So have the feral rich of Chelsea and Kensington. A few years ago, my wife and I went to a dinner party in a large house in west London. A security guard prowled along the street outside, and there was much talk of the “north-south divide”, which I took literally for a while until I realised that my hosts were facetiously referring to the difference between those who lived north and south of Kensington High Street.

Fossil 'suggest plesiosaurs did not lay eggs' ~ link 

Ron Paul wins on-line straw poll ~ link ~ Yes but the national mainstream news media largely are ignoring him.  They focus on the inside-the-beltway corrupt jerks with their fake smiles and tell us that their worthless bullshit really means something.  Also see: Ron Paul vs. Military Industrial Comples establishment shills - with video ~ link

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

I have just watched this video on Alex Jones´ website:

Six police officers beat a man, tasered him and probably kicked him a few days ago in Fullerton, USA.

The homeless man died a few hours after this severe alteration. He was murdered by the police, obviously.

Six men with lethal weapons against one homeless man.

That´s really unbelievable.

Such things used to happen in Nazi-Germany between 1933 and 1945, when the Nazi-gangsters beat or murdered everybody they didn´t like.

But now it happens in the USA.

What is going on in the USA?

I´ve seen such alterations before and some of them happened in the USA, so it is not the first time.

Six armed police officers against one homeless man.

That beats everything.

May the homeless man rest in peace.

I hope, our Lord will punish these evil thugs.

Yours, in Jesus Christ, our Saviour,

Joaquin, Germany