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The Collapse Gerald Celente Predicted Is Happening! ~ link ~ Just to 'toot my own horn', I also predicted this many times.  Gerald is a smart man; we were on Dr. Deagle's NutriMedical Report together a few months ago.  

Trendpost: Trends Journal subscribers take notice. You know that Gerald Celente predicted the collapse. He now maintains there are no substantive DC/FED/ECB/IMF financial cards left to play to reverse the irreversible. 
Despite today's Fed announcement to keep interest rates near zero through mid-2013 ­ and use policy tools to bolster the economy "as appropriate" ­ he forecasts that future Fed schemes will, at best, provide only temporary relief and, as with its previous attempts, are doomed to fail. 
Stock markets fall again as bank shares tumble ~ link ~ The DOW closed off well over 500 and gold is now close to $1800!  We had Dark Friday (last Friday); Black Monday; Glittering Tuesday; and now Black Wednesday.  The investing public is not buying the "recession" and "double-dip recession" talk.  This is something far far worse.  This is a new global economic depression, the Greatest Depression and we are now going into the second phase of same, which like the second phase of the Great Depression, is/was far worst that the first part.  Stirling     
European and US stock markets have suffered more large falls, led by steep declines in banking shares.

In nervous trading, the focus turned to France, where the French government denied it would follow the US and lose its top-grade AAA credit rating.

Syrian Army 'kills Homs citizens' ~ link ~ As the world focuses on the imploding global economy and the riots in England, the globalist owned and Zionist ran mainstream news media lies us into another war.  Only this one will begin World War III and end the lives of most people reading this!   Stirling      

Syria claims conspiracy to justify crackdown ~ link ~ And they are telling the truth!  Syria is the backdoor to a war with Iran as they have a defense treaty.  There are armed men fighting the Syrian armed forces inside of Syria, men paid for/led/organized/controlled/armed by the Mossad and CIA.  Stirling     
The Obama administration, which announced new sanctions Wednesday, is preparing for the first time to explicitly call for Assad to step down, officials have told the AP. The moves are a direct response to Assad's decision to escalate the crackdown by sending tanks into opposition hotbeds.

Syrian Forces Press Assaults Despite More Sanctions ~ link ~ Syria’s government defied international calls for restraint and a new set of American financial sanctions on Wednesday, pressing ahead with military assaults on restive locales in northern and eastern Syria that residents and activists there said had left at least 35 people dead on another bloody day.
The attacks underlined what appeared to be a decisive move by the government to try to crush an uprising during the holy month of Ramadan, when observant Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. So far this month, military and security forces have attacked Hama, in central Syria; Deir al-Zour, in the east; and now Idlib, along Turkey’s border.  
Syrian tanks enter town despite calls for end to crackdown ~ link ~ Syrian tanks swept into two towns near the Turkish border on Wednesday despite international demands to end a military crackdown, and the United States announced sanctions against a major Syrian bank and mobile phone company.
US imposes sanctions on Syria ~ link ~ The White House said U.S. President Barack Obama believes Syria would be better off without Assad and the United States plans to keep pressure on the Syrian government.

In pictures: London riots spread to cities across England ~ link ~ Watch the globalists use this to take away even more freedoms and rights of the British people, instead of cracking down on the young trash causing the trouble.   Stirling