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Germany doubts larger fund can rescue Italy ~ link ~ Looks like the Eurozone is going down, down, down!   Stirling      
Doubts are growing in the German government that Italy could be rescued by the European emergency fund, even if the fund were to be tripled in size, according to the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel.

The financial needs of the country are so huge that it would overwhelm resources, according to government experts, Der Spiegel said in its online edition. Italy's public debt is about 1.8 trillion euros, or 120 percent of its national output.

SocGen and Unicredit teetering on 'brink of collapse' ~ link ~ Get ready for a wild week in the stock and currency markets.   Stirling    

Fears are growing this weekend that two of Europe’s largest banks may require a bailout, having been hugely damaged by the worsening crisis across the eurozone.

In France, President Nicolas Sarkozy is having to confront the possibility that the country’s second-biggest bank, Societe Generale -commonly known as SocGen - is on the brink of disaster after huge losses over loans made to Greece. The chilling possibility of the largest bank in Italy, UniCredit Banca, suffering a similar collapse if a bailout is not implemented comes as Silvio Berlusconi already faces an increasingly dangerous national economic situation.

Europe on the Brink ~ link ~ All of this is programmed by the Global Banking Cartel Families as part of their End Game for a one-world currency and their satanic New World Order.  Take the time to read all of this excellent article at the link.  Stirling     

No matter how it shakes out, Wall Street will have to pay out trillions in insurance (e.g. credit default swaps) that it sold to investors. Those losses will be dumped onto the U.S. masses in the form of draconian “austerity.”

Hence we are only at the beginning of this Depression.  Even if Italy were to tell the ECB and bondholders, “Our debt is null; we’re leaving the EU,” the US masses would still be screwed, because US banks will still have to pay on insurance claims.

Western nations have accumulated too much private debt that cannot be repaid unless there is exceptional global growth – but there can be no growth with “austerity.”As the Depression deepens, the only way that Western governments will be able to keep their nations together is via another world war, since this will allow Western governments to institute a command economy. During WW II the U.S. government took power over the Fed (sort of), ordering the bankers to create money as needed for the war effort. The bankers consented, since the war made them rich, and they knew that their loss of control over the Fed was only temporary. They put the USA into massive debt for the war, but after the war, the U.S, government still had enough authority to institute huge programs (e.g. highway construction) that created enough jobs for the government to pay back the bankers. As a result, the USA had a genuine middle class for 25 years.

Forget Too Big To Fail - Germany Says Italy's $2.5 TRILLION Debt Is Too Big To Bailout ~ link ~ The you-know-what is about to 'hit the fan'.   Stirling     

As Wall Street found itself in a vertical free-fall on Friday the news hit the wires that the ECB would step in to bailout Spain and Italy. Suddenly stocks the markets turned positive and put an end to the 417 point loss the DOW saw in intraday trading.

Now the Germany is backing out of the ECB pledge to bailout Italy saying their problems are so enormous they will not be able to backstop the countries debt without crashing their won economy. As Zerohedge reports, come Monday we are going to see a blood bath on Wall Street if this news does not change.

Berlin and Paris stress commitment to European reforms ~ link ~ Let me make a wild guess, their "reforms" will be in the form of Austerity Fascism for the masses and NOT in the form of ending the control of the Global Banking Cartel over the economies and money supply of Europe.   Stirling    

European Central Banks seeks to prop up Italian bonds to ease eurozone contagion fears ~ linkThe European Central Bank will decide tonight whether to start buying Italian debt to calm eurozone bond markets, while finance ministers from leading economies hold emergency talks about how to limit the damage from the current debt crisis.

Gordon Brown: Recovery Chance Thrown Away ~ link ~ Leaders of the eurozone have come under attack from former prime minister Gordon Brown for their handling of the current financial crisis.

Mr Brown said that the eurozone leaders had "thrown away" Europe's chance of a recovery by wrongly assuming that the continent's problems were confined to peripheral countries like Greece, Portugal and Ireland and could be dealt with by imposing austerity.

France and Germany want Euro deal implemented ~ link ~ Actually it is not what "Germany and France" want, it is what the bought-and-paid-for political whores who are the "leaders" of France and Germany "want".   Stirling  
"President (Nicolas) Sarkozy and Chancellor (Angela) Merkel reiterate their commitment to fully implement the decisions taken by the heads of state and government of the euro area and the EU institutions on July 21," a joint statement said on Sunday. "In particular, they stress the importance that parliamentary approval will be obtained swiftly by the end of September in their two countries," it added.  

European Central Bank chiefs bid to halt market chaos ~ link ~ Officials of the European Central Bank were this evening holding an emergency telephone conference in the hope of heading off renewed panic over Italy when financial markets reopen on Monday.

The eurozone bankers were understood to be discussing the possibility of buying up Italian Government bonds to help put a lid on the soaring interest rates that are threatening Rome's finances. 

Sunday: Israeli stock index tumbles most since 2000 ~ link 

The Economics of Usury ~ link ~ A long but worthwhile read.   Stirling      

Is this the start of the next financial crash? ~ link ~ The ECB chief, Jean-Claud Trichet demands that Spain and Italy draw up new austerity packages.  This is really all about the Global Banking Cartel stealing what is left over from the last time.  They want it ALL, and the people can go to Hell.  It will be interesting to see if the European people are stupid enough to allow the banksters to get by with yet another massive rip-off.   Stirling      

This time around, sub-prime lending is not at the root of the problem, but something potentially far worse. Many Western governments, having bailed out the banks and followed the Keynesian model of priming the spending pump in a recession, are now so saddled with debt that markets are losing faith that they'll ever be able to meet the interest payments, never mind pay it back. The seemingly never-ending line of credit to governments, which underpins the financial system and your pension fund, is what has been crunched this time around.

The problem for Italy is more acute, as a lot of its debt is short term, which means it has to call on the markets to refinance more regularly than the Spanish, Irish and Greeks. Italy isn't bust, but its being pulled into the vortex is a massive upping of the stakes for Europe's politicians and the European Central Bank. Some analysts suggest that the ¤1trn bailout package agreed just a fortnight ago would have to be ¤4trn if the Italians can't get rid of their debt and need bailing out. Such a bill may be even too much for the Germans. No wonder Jyrki Katainen, the Finnish Prime Minister, lamented last week that Europe was "in a very dangerous situation". 

That 1937 feeling all over again ~ link ~ Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, an expert on the Great Depression, once promised that the central bank would never repeat its 1937 mistake of rushing to tighten monetary policy too soon and prolonging an economic slump.

He has been true to his word, keeping interest rates near zero since late 2008 and more than tripling the size of the Fed's balance sheet to $2.85 trillion. But cutbacks in government spending may end up having a similarly chilling effect on the economy, and there is little Bernanke can do to counter that.

Markets braced for mayhem as US credit downgraded for first time ~ link ~ How about we TOTALLY CHANGE THE SYSTEM, get rid of the crooked evil Federal Reserve, and print our own money.    Stirling     

World stock markets are braced for another bloodbath when they open in Asia tonight and across Europe tomorrow following the controversial decision by Standard & Poor's to downgrade the triple A credit rating of the United States.

Over the week, the FTSE 100 index lost 10 per cent with more than £148bn wiped off the value of leading shares, the third biggest amount in its 30-year history. In Japan, the Nikkei was down 5.4 per cent, in the US the S&P index was 7.2 per cent lower, and on Friday US treasuries showed their single biggest daily rise to 2.75 per cent since December, while gold reached a new peak of $1,683, up 10 per cent on the month. 

Israelis stage mass protest over rising living costs ~ link ~ There are a 18 tycoons that are so rich and powerful that they have massively undue power in the Israeli economy.   They are screwing the public and the public is getting fed up with it.  This is also part of a behind the scenes effort by some powerful people to try to get rid of the crazy Netanyahu government before it starts a regional war that could end up destroying Israel.   Stirling       

At least a quarter of a million Israelis have staged marches over the rising cost of living. The largest protest was in Tel Aviv where police said at least 200,000 people were on the streets, while another 30,000 marched in Jerusalem.

Israelis plan million-strong march as protesters call for social justice ~ link ~ The protests, which began with a handful of tents erected in Tel Aviv, have unleashed a national fury at the government's failure to respond to the needs and complaints of middle-income Israelis. Tent cities have mushroomed in more than 40 locations across the country as well as daily demonstrations and roadblocks over the cost of housing, childcare, fuel, food and electricity.

Despite Israel's relatively healthy economic growth and low unemployment, wage disparities are big, wealth and corporate power are highly concentrated, food prices have increased almost 13% since 2005 and many people spend 50% of their incomes on rent or mortgages.

Netanyahu forms panel to quell protests ~ link While Netanyahu's governing coalition faced no immediate threat, a summer of discontent in Israel has underscored the potential electoral impact of a burdened middle class rallying under the banner of "social justice" and rewriting a political agenda long dominated by security issues.

In under a month, the popular protest movement has swollen from a cluster of student tent-squatters into a diffuse, countrywide mobilisation of Israel's middle class.

Are the People of Israel in Danger or is their Government?  ~ link ~ Bibi needs a diversion and that is a very dangerous situation!  Take the time to read this one if you can.  Stirling       

Tent cities are springing up all over Israel. A social protest movement is gathering momentum. At some point in the near future, it may endanger the right-wing government.

At that point, there will be a temptation – perhaps an irresistible temptation – to “warm up the borders”. To start a nice little war. Call on the youth of Israel, the same young people now manning (and womanning) the tents, to go and defend the fatherland.

Nothing easier than that. A small provocation, a platoon crossing the border “to prevent the launching of a rocket”, a fire fight, a salvo of rockets – and lo and behold, a war. End of protest.

There is a general feeling that 18 tycoons control everything, including the politicians. (Politicians who dared to show up in the tent cities were chased away.) They could have quoted an American saying: “Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.”

Fears of more violence after worst London riots for years ~ link ~ London has more then its share of young violent trashy bastards, however, the growing economic situation is beginning to have its effect.  Expect far more of this.  Further, expect a continuing effort in America and Britain to turn any rioting into race based violence.   Stirling      

London on Fire - video of anti-police riots ~ link  

London riot photos ~ link 

London Riots: Dozens injured after Tottenham violence - with video ~ link ~ More than 40 people have been arrested after rioting saw police attacked, buildings looted and vehicles set alight in Tottenham, north London.

Twenty-six officers and three others were hurt in the violence which erupted after a protest over the fatal shooting by police of Mark Duggan on Thursday.

Syrian tanks attack eastern city of Deir al-Zour - with video ~ link ~ Keep in mind that this is a "uprising" that is funded/controlled/organized by foreign based enemies of Syria and Iran.   Stirling   

At least 42 people have died after the Syrian army stormed Deir al-Zour, the largest city in the east and a scene of frequent protests, activists say.

Scores of tanks and armoured vehicles are reported to have entered several areas of the city after a heavy bombardment that began before dawn.

More extreme weather in store across USA ~ link ~ Keep in mind, that since the BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico (and the use of massive amounts of dispersants to sink the crude oil rather than clean it up) killed the Loop Current (a key part of the Thermohaline Circulation System which in turn effects the global Jet Stream), global weather patterns have been "extreme".   Stirling        

UK Apaches in action over Libya ~ link ~ Just why in the hell, at a time when the UK Government is imposing Austerity Fascism throughout the land, is the Government spending massive sums to bomb a nation that did not attack the UK???    Stirling        

"Blanket of Darkness" over Tripoli - NATO targets electricity generation and launches psychological attacks ~ linkNATO’s objective is to create power shortages. The electricity blackouts in urban areas are part of NATO’s siege strategy against the Libyan people.

NATO and its Transitional Council proxies are deliberately pushing for blackouts in Libya as part of a military strategy. They have used the blanket of darkness to launch a psychological warfare. The later consists in launching random attacks on Tripoli at night to create a state of fear and terror. Thus far these NATO attempts to create a state of fear have failed. 

Dead Men Don't Talk: US Navy Seals Destroyed to Cover Up Washington's Bin Laden Execution Hoax? ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  Sad to say, but it could be.   See also: "That's not Osama"  "It's all a fake, nothing happened" ~ link ~ Also see: The Execution of SEAL Team Six ~ linkAlso see: Shot down Black-Ops Seals won't be talking now ~ linkStirling    

The wiping out of 30 US special forces in the Chinook helicopter crash in Afghanistan comes at a time when Washington’s official version of how it carried out the assassination of Osama bin Laden was falling apart from incredulity.

Among the 38 dead in the helicopter disaster – the biggest single loss of American lives in the 10-year Afghanistan war of occupation – are believed to have been several of the 17 US Navy Seals involved in the execution of Osama bin Laden in early May. The dead also include other members of US special forces and Afghan commandos.

46 Million Americans now living on Food Stamps as homeless Tent City camps spring up nationwide ~ link 

USAF and USN to spend $23 BILLION on new Spy Drones ~ link ~ That could take care of a lot of homeless Americans for a LONG TIME!   Stirling     

Jackie Kennedy tapes: She believed LBJ was involved in JFK's assassination ~ link ~ He and many others were.  The key operative was the late Meyer Lansky, he was the one acting for the Global Bankers and the Mossad.   Stirling       

18 Indonesian volcanoes on alert status ~ link 

US prepares for worse-case scenario with Pakistan nukes ~ link ~ Make no mistake about it, a India vs Pakistan/China War Theater is planned for WWIII.  Stirling     

As US-Pakistani relations spiral downward, the specter of a showdown between the increasingly antagonistic allies is garnering more attention, including the worst-case scenario of the US attempting to “snatch” Pakistan’s 100-plus nuclear weapons if it feared they were about to fall into the wrong hands.
That would be a disastrous miscalculation, former president and army chief Pervez Musharraf told NBC News, saying that such an incursion would lead to “total confrontation” between the United States and Pakistan.

Destabilization of Syria based on Libya model - with video ~ linkThe process of destabliziation of Syria is being conducted along the same lines as Libya, with external political interests driving and manipulating the protest movements in both countries.

Military Intervention in Syria Will Lead to Extended War ~ link ~ As in WWIII.   Stirling     

"If there is a military intervention is Syria, then we are in for an extended war, which goes from the Mediterranean right to the Chinese border, because then we'll have integration of the war theaters in Afghanistan, Iraq and, of course, Palestine and Lebanon -- and so we are in for a much larger war," he said. "Let's understand that [if there is] any kind of military intervention in Syria at this stage using the pretext of a protest movement or responsibility to protect, we'll have devastating consequences leading to a military escalation in a vast area." 

Antimatter belt around Earth discovered by Pamela craft ~ link A thin band of antimatter particles called antiprotons enveloping the Earth has been spotted for the first time.

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