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The Earl of Stirling has an ancient Scottish barony title for sale at UK 60,000 Pounds ~ link

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Finding Order in the Orwellian Chaos ~ link ~ This is an excellent article that I strongly recommend.  Stirling    

Latest Satellite Surface Current Forecast for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link

Latest Satellite Sea Surface Temperature for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link    

Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

General Middle East War Nears - Syrian events more dangerous than even nuclear nightmare in Japan ~ link 

What a War against Syria and Iran will be like - A collection of articles by Lord Stirling ~ link

Revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East - Who Really Benefits?  
Will they continue to spread throughout the world in the wake of global food shortages, global depression, and Austerity Fascism?  by Lord Stirling ~ link 

Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band at Stirling Castle ~ link   ~ Official site ~ link

Russia's envoy to NATO: NATO plans War on Syria and Iran ~ link ~ See also: China and Russia discuss military cooperation ~ link ~ NATO is planning a military campaign against Syria to help overthrow the regime of President Bashar al-Assad with a long-reaching goal of preparing a beachhead for an attack on Iran, Russia's envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said.

Rogozin agreed with the opinion expressed by some experts that Syria and later Yemen could be NATO's last steps on the way to launch an attack on Iran. "The noose around Iran is tightening. Military planning against Iran is underway. And we are certainly concerned about an escalation of a large-scale war in this huge region," Rogozin said.

US turns up heat on Assad ~ link ~ Step by step, we are moving closer to a war on Syria, which will trigger the Syria/Iran military defense pack and a General Middle East War, and then WWIII.   Stirling     
The White House said Assad's deadly crackdown on protesters had put Syria and the Middle East on a "very dangerous path," as Washington extended a raft of recent sanctions to include a businessman close to Assad and his family.

In toughening its stance, President Barack Obama's administration appeared to be moving toward a first direct call for Assad to go, a step it has so far resisted, following an escalation of violence in the revolt hub of Hama.

Asia analysts: It's a panic ~ link ~ Asian equity markets plunged into deep losses Friday, with some indices tanking more than 4%, but strategists say the outlook for the region remains strong and that the market panic has even created some buying opportunities.

“You have to distinguish between what we’re seeing right now, which is periods of market panic, versus longer-term issues about growth, earnings and valuations,” Russell Investments chief investment strategist for the Asia Pacific Andrew Pease said.

Turmoil on stock markets persists ~ link ~ There have been sharp falls in the past 24 hours amid a crisis of confidence due to the eurozone debt crisis and concerns about weak economic recovery in the US and Europe.

Europe talks crisis prevention amid market turmoil ~ link ~ Asian stock markets also tumbled early on Friday after a panic on Wall Street led to the worst sell-off since the global financial crisis began in 2008.

Investors, meanwhile, are looking for new refuges to stash their wealth as gold prices rise and Switzerland and Japan intervene to prevent their safe-haven currencies from becoming too expensive. 

Eurozone asks markets for 'weeks' of breathing space ~ link ~ The EU executive on Friday begged markets for a breathing-space of just "weeks" as it works to put into place measures to stem contagion of a debt crisis across the 17 nations that share the euro.

Rushing back to Brussels from vacation as European economic giants Italy and Spain came under intense market pressure, Economic Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn said a wide-ranging contingency plan to defend the euro, agreed at a special summit July 21, will be ready "in weeks, not months."

Australian markets plunge ~ link ~ THE Australian sharemarket plunged to its lowest level in two years at today's close, wiping $60 billion from the value of stocks as investors became fearful a fresh financial crisis was about to emerge.

Cash Not Gold is King in a Crash ~ link

Why Is America Committing Suicide? ~ link ~ Because far too many people in America are too politically and economically ignorant and too gutless to take action, even when they realize their nation is being destroyed by the Global Banking Cartel.  Stirling     

America is committing suicide. That’s the only explanation I have for the course followed by US policymakers in the past decade, a period in which the US budget deficit has skyrocketed beyond all reason. While we have run up deficits before, some of them considerable by the standards of the day, in 2001 – the year we launched our endlesswar on terrorism” – the deficit began to enter new territory. Whereas before it had fluctuated, going up, down, and effectively maintaining a steady state of neutral, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks this country went into debt bigtime, with the deficit climbing steadily, doubling in 2007, and nearly doubling again the next fiscal year. 
In the name of fiscal “austerity,” Congress recently authorized yet another raising of the debt ceiling, and everyone sits around waiting for the “draconian” cuts to fall – a “cut,” that is, in the rate at which government spending is projected to grow. Only in Washington, D.C., is a “cut” actually an increase – just not as much of an increase as was anticipated. As Ron Paul pointed out, if Congress had simply frozen spending at 2004 levels, we’d have more of a “cut” than we do now.

Gaddafi's son killed in NATO airstrike ~ link ~ NATO was able to locate his HQ, most likely through a spy, and bombed the site killing a large number of troops.  Stirling        

Ukraine's ex-PM Tymoshenbko 'taken into custody' ~ link ~ She was the darling of the globalists, now look at her.   They toss off their puppets like garbage if it serves their interests.   Stirling       

More Americans that ever are aware of Congressional malfeasance: disapproval at all-time high ~ link ~ When the economy gets much worst, which it will, there will be absolute hate for the whores in Washington.   Stirling      

American millionaires: 1,400 paid no income taxes in 2009 ~ linkNew tax data from the Internal Revenue service shows that in 2009, incomes fell, unemployment claims rose, and the U.S. economy shed nearly two million taxpayers.  And of the 235,413 taxpayers who earned $1 million or more in 2009, 1,470 of them paid no taxes.

Water on Mars photos ~ link ~ link ~ The one photo has green material, which could be a photo color error, or some non-organic material in the soil, or something growing!   Stirling     

The Pentagon's New Power Elite - A Secret War in 120 Countries ~ link ~ That is a lot of killing, and for what reason???  Stirling    

Somewhere on this planet an American commando is carrying out a mission. Now, say that 70 times and you're done... for the day. Without the knowledge of the American public, a secret force within the U.S. military is undertaking operations in a majority of the world's countries. This new Pentagon power elite is waging a global war whose size and scope has never been revealed, until now.

Last year, Karen DeYoung and Greg Jaffe of the Washington Post reported that U.S. Special Operations forces were deployed in 75 countries, up from 60 at the end of the Bush presidency. By the end of this year, U.S. Special Operations Command spokesman Colonel Tim Nye told me, that number will likely reach 120. "We do a lot of traveling -- a lot more than Afghanistan or Iraq," he said recently. This global presence -- in about 60% of the world's nations and far larger than previously acknowledged -- provides striking new evidence of a rising clandestine Pentagon power elite waging a secret war in all corners of the world.

Hugo Neu and the Giuliani Partners Who Destroyed the Steel of 9/11 ~ link ~ I agree with Dr. Bill Deagle that advanced micro-nukes were used; that the destruction of the towers went way beyond simply using explosive thermitic material to cut the support beams.  Where did two 110 stories of material, plus the 47-story other tower that collapsed, go to???  It should have made piles 40 stories high!  Stirling      

"The concrete was literally pulverized; all you're left with is steel and dust."
- Robert A. Kelman, General Manager of Hugo Neu Schnitzer East, who managed the destruction of 250,000 tons of steel from the World Trade Center by sending it to Asian smelters, far from the prying eyes of 9/11 investigators.
Source: Quinn, William, "Recycling a Disaster", NJBIZ, 16 October 2001.

The absence of 110 concrete floors and the steel pans stacked like pancakes in the rubble was obvious. How 220 acre-size floors of concrete were transformed into clouds of burning dust is the question that a proper examination of the steel would have answered

Photos of the Teenage Victims of the Norway Mossad False Flag Operation ~ link ~ May they rest in peace with God.   Stirling     

Major newspaper: Canada Government Covered Up "Massive Amounts of Radiation In Air" ~ link ~ Today we a major Canadian paper has lashed out at the government of Canada after finally coming to the realization the cronies knew about and covered up “massive amounts of radioactive material from Fukushima in Canadian”.

Baby heart defect test could save lives - with video ~ link 

Killer plant eats bird ~ link ~ "The larger ones frequently take frogs, lizards and mice, and the biggest ones have been found with rats in them, but to find a bird in one is pretty unusual." The pitcher plant is a genus of Nepenthes from South East Asia which attracts and traps insects in a pool of liquid which it then digests.

North American-wide strategy to take away mass protest rights - with video ~ link ~ This video explains how the police state infiltrates peaceful groups and demonizes them under the name of terrorism. They then use slander, harassment, illegal rubber stamped warrants, illegal surveillance, and agent provocateurs to conduct mass arrests.

Video Gaming Teaches Satanism ~ link ~ Another good one Henry.  The trash that the entertainment industry fills young minds with is clearly spiritual in nature...only of a very dark and evil nature, satanic to the core.   Stirling     

Spanish riot police near end of being able to cope with mass protests ~ link ~ And if they walk out, who will protect the politicians from the people?   Will this lead to revolution?  Stirling     

Spanish riot police said Thursday that the long hours they have been required to work this week to prevent protesters from gaining access to Madrid's main square "is not tolerable for much longer".

Over 200 police were deployed Thursday for the third straight day to close the Puerta del Sol square and prevent demonstrators angered over the government's handling of Spain's economic crisis from occupying it again.

Strong Solar activity at present ~ link

Israeli housing activists hope for record numbers at Saturday protests ~ linkBibi needs something to divert attention!   Stirling       

Protest leaders plan a massive rally in Tel Aviv Saturday night, hoping to top the 150,000 who came out nationwide a week earlier. It will be the third Saturday night in a row of mass protests, under the slogan "the government has abandoned the people."

Over the weekend, there will be protest marches, demonstrations and rallies in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the Galilee.

Israel: Rogue State Land of Inequality ~ link ~ Too few, however, know how growing social and economic inequality affects most Israelis. Since at least the mid-1980s, state policies have disproportionately favored the rich, causing wealth disparities, unemployment, poverty, hunger, homelessness and gradual loss of social benefits.

A race to the bottom followed, notably since mass privatizations in the 1990s, placing profits about human needs as in America where only corporate and elitist interests matter.

29,000 Somali children under five dead in famine - with video ~ link ~ The drought and famine in Somalia have killed more than 29,000 children under the age of 5, according to U.S. estimates, the first time such a precise death toll has been released related to the Horn of Africa crisis.

The United Nations has said previously that tens of thousands of people have died in the drought, the worst in Somalia in 60 years. The U.N. says 640,000 Somali children are acutely malnourished, a statistic that suggests the death toll of small children will rise.

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