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US promised Lebanese allies that the Syrian regime will collapse ~ link ~ The Israelis are desperate to take the Syrian regime out and with it the supply line to Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Syria/Iran military defense treaty.  It is most unlikely that they will be able to do this with the foreign financed and controlled and staffed military attacks within Syria.  However, they are bleeding Syria for all they can and using the World's mainstream news media to paint the Syrians as the aggressors (same as in Libya) in the hopes that they can get some type of international military operations/war against Syria.  That would trigger Iranian military support and begin the War on Iran/General Middle East War that Bibi Netanyahu and his nutty evil war-hawk Cabinet so desire.  However, if this does not come about, they will almost certainly strike on their own relatively soon.   When the war on Syria/Iran begins, it will be the beginning of World War III and the Biblical Armageddon.    Stirling     

Lawyer Rashad Salameh told Al-Manar Website that the latest incidents in Syria were proof that the opposition movement, which started with legal reform demands, turned to something else. He noted that the Syrian regime positively dealt with the reform demands, mainly in relation with the multiplicity of parties, amendment of the constitution, holding elections, reinforcing political life, and increasing freedoms.

But Salameh said that incidents showed that military operations were taking place on ground, and backed the idea by pointing to the huge number of martyrs within the security forces and innocent civilians. “This huge number of martyrs signals that there’s an armed and financed side behind the incidents. It also shows that this side was well-prepared for these acts,” he added.

Salameh regretted that some Western states reject seeing the picture in its real form. He said that these sides were not demanding reform but the collapse of the regime. “This is a conspiracy which is using some tools seeking to create strife in Syria,” he warned. “Although they claim they are an opposition in opinion, everything shows they’re not. In fact, we’re before some armed groups that seek to attack official buildings, manipulate the train line, and explode oil pipelines. The Syrians cannot remain silent before such violations, crimes, threats to the general stability and security.”

US grows a tree of tension with Iran ~ link ~ The Israeli extremists under Bibi 666 Netanyahu want a war with Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine/Gaza; the Global Banking Cartel families want a Third World War to usher in their satanic New World Order.  That is what this 'tension' is all about.   Stirling      

A full-fledged tree of tension with Iran has been nurtured by Washington, firmly rooted in a comprehensive regime of sanctions, military encirclement, propaganda and psychological warfare, and a low-intensity proxy war through ethnic terrorist groups. It is now spiraling toward yet another confrontation in the Middle East. 

The allegation that Iran is developing nuclear weapons is a mirage ~ link ~ I cannot say for certain that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons.  What I can say is that Iran already has global strategic Weapons of Mass Destruction in its vast Advanced Biological Warfare program.  A program that is so large and dangerous that it is a MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force to Israel and to NATO/USA capable of killing billions of persons throughout the World.  That the globalists and Netanyahu, even with this horrific MAD counter force aimed at them, still intend a war against Iran and its allies is reflective of a spiritual dimension, a spiritual dimension of the most dark and evil and totally satanic nature.  It is totally illogical for the globalists and tiny Israel to desire a war with a enemy possessing such a MAD counter force.  It is this, and other behavior, that has convinced me that Netanyahu is the Biblical antichrist of the Book of Revelation.   Stirling    

Syrian unrest: Tanks storm Syrian 'protest' city - with video ~ link ~ This is NOT simply some heavy handed military attack against unarmed civilians as the globalist/Zionist controlled mainstream news media would have us believe.  This is a war with armed and trained fighters with outside funding, support, training, organization, arms, and in some cases outside troops.   Stirling      

After days of debate, the UN Security Council has agreed on the wording of a statement to condemn the violence.

The 15 members of the council are seeking final approval of the wording from their respective governments - when that comes, they will formally adopt the statement later on Wednesday, says the BBC's Barbara Plett at the UN in New York.

Italy and Spain debts threaten Eurozone ~ link ~ Spain and especially Italy is too big to bail out!  This created crisis is designed by the Rothschild led Global Banking Cartel as part of their strategy to bring about sufficient chaos to establish a one-world currency/government-by-another-name.  This strategy is itself a part of the larger Grand Strategy, which includes World War III, to bring about the satanic New World Order.  Only one problem, the level of destruction from 21st Century weapons of mass destruction is simply too great for the planet and its human life forms to survive.  But that is what the real 'driver' of this, Satan, wants to achieve.   Stirling     

On Tuesday, Italian and Spanish sovereign debt risk premiums soared to Eurozone record highs, sending jitters into both countries' stock markets, AFP reported.

Following the news, stock markets in both Italy and Spain plunged by nearly three percent.

China says US 'Debt Bomb' NOT Defused ~ link ~ China agrees with Putin that America has become a parasite on the World's economy.   Stirling     

Silvio Berlusconi says Italy banks 'solid and solvent' ~ link ~ And we should believe anything this corrupt clown says, why???  Stirling    

His comments come after heavy losses on the Milan stock market and a sharp rise in yields on Italian bonds.

The eurozone's third largest economy is about to introduce a 43bn-euro ($62bn; £38bn) austerity package.

Debt Reduction Delusions and the Menace of Big Government ~ linkIn spite of the rhetoric in the media about a national debt crisis having been averted through a rise in the government's debt limit on Tuesday, August 2nd, the fact is the United States remains very much in the midst of a fiscal disaster.

The Congress has approved and the president has signed a bill raising the debt limit by an additional $2.4 trillion over the next year and a half. In other words, at the end of 2012, the government's debt will have reached a total of over $ 16.5 trillion from its current $14.3 trillion.

America's Media: Dancing Around the Debt Debate Charade ~ link ~ Previous articles explained an Obama-led bipartisan conspiracy to destroy America’s social contract, returning the nation to 19th harshness. But you’d never know it from major media reports, op-eds and editorials, ducking the issue even when critical.

The debate charade’s gone on for weeks, both sides concealing their basic agreement on major cuts for political advantage. Republican strategy is attacking big government, excluding its biggest part related to defense spending, imperial wars, and one-sided support for corporate interests and America’s super-rich.

Enormous Cuts in Military Spending? READ THE FINE PRINT ~ link ~ In this age of austerity, all the politicians are talking about the need for spending cuts. But when it comes to shared burdens and slashed budgets, don’t expect the Pentagon to start holding bake sales, despite what you may have heard about reductions to its obscenely bloated funding.

Citing the U.S. government’s $14.3 trillion debt, lawmakers from both parties have seized the moment to try and attain long hoped-for cuts to Social Security and Medicare. But the recent deal does seem to include some good news for lovers of peace: the push for reductions would encompass the war-making part of the state. Indeed, according to a “fact sheet” released by the White House on the bipartisan compromise, the recent deal to raise the national debt ceiling “puts us on track to cut $350 billion from the defense budget over 10 years.”

Popular liberal pundits, such as The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson and Ezra Klein, reacted by calling the supposed defense cuts “gigantic” and “unprecedented.” The White House says they’re the first spending reductions since the 1990s. But don’t start cheering yet. As with any other major bipartisan initiative in Washington – the Iraq war and the Wall Street bailouts come to mind – there’s ample reason to be skeptical.

NATO reaches 'dead end' in Libya ~ link ~ The Russian foreign ministry's Middle East and North Africa department says the situation in Libya cannot be resolved by military means, AFP reported.

"The situation has reached a dead end that confirms that there is no military solution," Sergei Vershinin, the head of the department.

The War on You ~ link ~ Let the word go forth from Washington! The corporate rulers occupying our nation’s capital have declared war on just about every citizen. Have no doubt: those in the upper ranges of the top 1% of wealth in this country (aka The Money Party) want to kick you to the curb. They want to reduce your social security and make you go broke paying for medical care. They want to lower your wages and trash your retirement. They ignore the clear facts that we’ve had negative job growth since 2000 and the situation is just getting worse. They want to ship jobs, factories, and entire businesses overseas and give companies that do that a big fat tax credit for doing so.

They’ve been given so much for nothing for so long. Now, they’re ready to take it all. It’s their time!

Mubarak trial: Egypt's ex-president denies all charges - with video ~ link ~ Egypt's ex-President Hosni Mubarak has denied charges of corruption and ordering the killing of protesters, on the opening day of his trial in Cairo. He was wheeled on a hospital bed into a cage in court to the astonishment of onlookers outside, correspondents say.

The 83-year-old is being tried with his sons, who also deny charges against them, ex-Interior Minister Habib al-Adly and six other former officials.

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