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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE
Russia Reiterates Rejection of Foreign Interference in Syria ~ link ~ Syria/Iran is the trigger point for the Third World War/Armageddon!  Under the guidance of Bibi 666 Netanyahu, and the satanic Global Banking Cartel Families, the entire World is headed to the most evil and horrific disaster in our long history!   Stirling         
Israel ready to negotiate borders with Palestinians ~ link ~ Sure they are....really....just trust me says dear old Bibi....NOT!  This shows just how determined that the Netanyahu government is that there be no UN recognition of a Palestine State.  It is highly likely that Israel will attack Syria and start a regional war/WWIII before allowing a UN vote to grant sovereign nation-state status on Palestine.  They can't allow their 'slaves' to have their own state....besides, Israel fully intends to steal the remaining land that the Palestinians hold in the future.  But if there is some treaty, it is apt to be the one that the Book of Revelation speaks of, that is just prior to Armageddon breaking out.  Stirling      
The offer, which emerged tonight appeared to represent a major climb-down by Mr Netanyahu, who has consistently refused to discuss specific borders of a future state.

A government official in Jerusalem told The Daily Telegraph the offer was dependent on the Palestinians dropping their campaign for statehood at the United Nations next month and accepting Israel as a Jewish state. 

'Super Congress' To Target Second Amendment ~ link ~ I am not so sure that this is true.  But it could be.  It is certain that the globalists HATE the US Second Amendment that enshrines the right of Americans to have guns.  That is a right that the Founding Fathers felt was very important for a free people as a form of last defense against their government.  The use of this special committee is unconstitutional and, who knows, the hidden powers that be may well want to use it to take our guns away....that may prove to be a difficult task, however.   Stirling      

The so-called “Super Congress” that is about to be created with the debt ceiling vote will have powers far beyond just controlling the nation’s purse strings – its authority will extend to target the second amendment – eviscerating normal protections that prevent unconstitutional legislation from being fast-tracked into law.

As the Huffington Post reported last month, the debt deal that has already been passed by the House and faces the Senate tomorrow will create an unconstitutional “Super Congress” that will be comprised of six Republicans and six Democrats and granted “extraordinary new powers” to quickly force legislation through both chambers.
Legislation decided on by the Super Congress would be immune from amendment and lawmakers would only be able to register an up or down vote, eliminating the ability to filibuster. 

Congress to decide whether "Super Congress" could impose gun control ~ link ~  Is America 'buying a pig in a poke' with this 'debt deal'???  Stirling      

Gun owner registration … bans on semi-automatic firearms … adoption of a UN gun control treaty -- all of these issues could very well be decided over the next 24 hours.
Both houses of Congress will be voting on a debt ceiling bill that establishes a legislative committee with TREMENDOUS powers.  Fox News is calling this committee a SUPER CONGRESS, because its legislative proposals (which could include gun control provisions) CANNOT be filibustered or amended in the Senate or House.

To understand what a huge deal this is, consider that House Speaker John Boehner is able to keep a mountain of gun control bills from coming to the floor of the House.  That’s the power of the Speaker.

And in the Senate, we have been able to kill much of the gun control agenda by filibustering legislation (that is, requiring the Majority Leader to get a supermajority or 60 votes in order to pass gun control).

The most recent example of this occurred earlier this year when we defeated a radical, anti-gun judicial nomination (Goodwin Liu) using the filibuster.  The filibuster has been our saving grace in the Senate, but that could be tossed within the next 24 hours.
Norway withdraws its F-16s from NATO's war on Libya ~ link ~ These sons of the Vikings want no more of the evil globalist Libyan War.   Stirling      
The Norwegian planes, which landed at their bases in Bodoe in the north of Norway and in Oerland in the central west of the country, carried out 583 missions, out of a total of 6,493 flown by NATO since March 31, and dropped 569 bombs, military spokesman Petter Lindqvist told AFP.
On June 10, the center-left government, split over Norway's prolonged participation in the bombing, announced it would gradually withdraw its six F-16 fighter jets stationed at the Souda base on the Greek island of Crete. 
Iran never gives in to pressure - video ~ link Iran's resistance to Western influence is the only reason NATO has not encircled Russia completely, thus enabling the US to defeat its only military rival, consolidating its dominance in the world, says Iran's Foreign Minister Ali 
US builds 13 Secret Bases for War with Russia - video ~ link 

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