Thursday, August 4, 2011

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Special statement by Lord Stirling:

The European and American stock markets are in a two-week long "downturn"/correction, and there are indications that this is really a CRASH of historic global dimensions that is unfolding.  Make no mistake about it, this is all planned and organized by the Global Banking Cartel families.  They have invested a lot of money, effort, and time to set this up.  It goes hand-in-hand with the most serious war clouds gathering over Syria/Iran/Lebanon/Gaza/Palestine, which is designed to become a General Middle East War (which will cut off the flow of oil from the Middle East as one of its more 'minor' effects).  That war is designed to become one utilizing Weapons of Mass Destruction with global effects (nuclear fallout and the spreading of Advanced Biological Warfare man-engineered viruses throughout the entire World).  This will become the Third World War/Armageddon.  This is the End Game Grand Strategy of the globalists to usher in their satanic New World Order, a high-tech slave state with dramatically reduced population levels.  However, 21st Century warfare is not survivable and this means that their End Game is really the End Times of the Book of Revelation of the Christian Bible.  Get ready for it.  Store up food, water, and all the supplies that you and your family will need for many months.  Do not let them relocate you; do NOT take the RFID chip, which is the Biblical Mark of the Beast; do not accept any false god or the jurisdiction of these satanic bastards.   Do prepare to protect yourselves from radiological contamination and do prepare to self-quarantine yourself and your family in order to survive the germ warfare that will kill many.  The Bible speaks of one-third dying of Wormwood.   We now know that that refers to radiation; Chernobyl (where the Ukrainian/Soviet reactor melted down and spread radiation poison over a large area) translates into "Wormwood" and "Bitterwood".  The Bible also speaks of one-third of the Earth's people dying of "plague"; that is Advanced Biowarfare (the Iranians have a MASSIVE Advanced Biowarfare program that can easily kill a third of the human race by itself, and other nations also have this technology).  I have been warning of this for some time.  We are now deep into these events and the events are speeding up ever more so.  Get right with God and keep Him in your hearts.  Soon this nightmare will be over for the same Bible that predicts all of this also makes it clear that Jesus Christ will return to save mankind again.   Stirling    

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Jesse N. said...

Lord Stirling,
I have been observing the weather diligently since March of this year. I have questioned the storms and the rainfall in earnest and am left wondering if part of this very wet spring and summer has been done most intentional. I think that all the moisture that has accumulated is intended to fill underground acquifers. They have been severely depleted from urbanization and increased agriculture needs, as well as periodic droughts adding to the problem, on the past course there wouldn't have been enough water to meet future needs.
I recently traveled and on my return flight home to Colorado our plane took a different flight path to the airport. The pilot said it was because of a storm moving in from west of the airport. So instead of having us approach by way of Nebraska, we flew over Iowa, South Dakota, and into Wyoming. We circled over the Rocky Mountain National Park area 3times while we were descending. When we were flying over Iowa and the Missouri River I couldn't believe the flooding. Towns were covered in water and the highway entrance/exit ramps were completely underwater. It brought back a thought I had considered many times watching the crazy storms this year, that water is very precious and the underground water table is going to be filling up. The ground in areas has been saturated for months now. Weather like the Mid-west has seen this year is the only way to fill the water table up! Much of the water that falls from the sky disappears through evaporation. Endless storms, increased run-offs from mountain snow melt, rivers cresting to record heights is a sureway to saturate the ground significantly to fill underground water tables. I asked myself why? The Elites will need a good water supply and who knows what will happen, what they'll do. Eating food from the Ocean is getting riskier and scarier. I hate to say it but since the bp gulf oil spill and fukushima, I haven't eaten very much seafood and the 2 times I have - I checked to see where it came from. Are they stocking it up for future use for drinking water and for growing crops, do they know something we don't know (that's a given) that they need to fill the aquifers in America? It would be very interesting to see just how much geologists conclude the water tables have risen by in various states that have experienced incresed levels of precipiation.
This is a good read for brushing up on underground water. It was recently put on the internet by the state of Colorado. It hadn't turned up on my searches before, as I have been looking into aquifers for some time now. Upon reading this document it made perfect sense to me that all the flooding and increased snow/rain is all part of filling up aquifers and raising the water table. I wonder if seasoned well witchers are able to notice an increase in underground water in their work? I wonder if they are able to notice the presence of more water in both quantity and in new areas ungerground by having a stronger pull on the pendulum, rods, or dowsing stick? I am leary because I don't think that the powers that be would go to all the trouble of filling the aquifers for little old us. No, I just can't picture them being worried if Nebraskans will have to forgo daily showers so the farmer can grow I think would go to all the trouble because they need to ensure they have ample water in the immediate future for their own survival. I am curious as to what you think about the matter! Or whether any scientists have considered this a possibility as well.
Thank you for your work, all that you do each day for your blog.
Thank you for warning all of us!
May God Bless you and keep you safe!~
God Bless the USA!
Jesse N.