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Tripoli Falls To Libyan Rebels ~ link ~ The Libyan War Endgame was played very skillfully by NATO 'advisers'.  This bold punch into Libya took into account the Arab culture to set up a very basic, tribal shift to the victor, at the last minute for rewards, payoff, etc.  The Arab military culture is more one based on tribal raids on horseback or camelback then one set on formal, well orchestrated, military maneuvers.  The tribes have a long history of switching alliances, when it is to their benefit, keeping in mind that in their system the tribe is more important than the "nation-state".  This tribal based culture is mostly gone from the Western mindset, the sole exception being the Scots, who still remember their old clan traditions.  Gadhafi's power base folded when his strongman leadership was seen to be losing grip.  Then the tribes were willing to cut deals, at reasonable prices, to have their men (who had been fighting for Gadhafi) to just melt away.  Stirling   

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