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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE
Libya - Flashpoint for World Conflict ~ link ~ I do believe that future historians will see the outbreak of hostilities in the Libyan War as the beginning of World War III/Armageddon; however, I do see events in Syria as being of even greater importance.  It may well be that NATO will begin a ground invasion within a couple of weeks.  Take the time to read all of this important article at the link.   Stirling     

In fact, secret "atomic-bomb research facilities (are) hidden inside Japan's civilian nuclear power plants," and perhaps also in America's.
It may not have been coincidence that Libya's war was launched within days of Fukushima's disaster. It's now dramatically escalated as part of America's broader Middle East/North Africa/Central Asia conflict, encroaching recklessly close to China and Russia's borders. Their concerns, in fact, may trigger counter-responses that could dangerously spin things out of control.
In fact, the war Obama won't call war potentially could trigger a "World War III scenario." It worries Chossudovsky, Scott and others enough to highlight it on air and in print. It's repeated in this article, citing another recent one discussing Barbara Tuchman's 1962 book, "The Guns of August," on how WW I began and its early weeks.
Once started, it escalated out of control disastrously, involving dozens of countries directly and indirectly. Moreover, before it ended, over 20 million died, at least that many more were wounded, and a generation of young men were erased before nuclear and today's other mass destruction weapons and technologies existed. 
Nonetheless, the prospect of escalating war with nuclear or other mass destruction weapons suggests frightening possibilities, including a potential WW III scenario. It's no less implausible now than WW I seemed in early 1914.
Worry most perhaps about what's least expected, especially to refocus angry millions (suffering from global economic crisis misery) on something greater. It's worked many times before, notably post-9/11, escalating one war into multiple ones and counting.
Gaddafi offers to turn over power to his son ~ link ~ This will not be acceptable to the globalists who want WWIII soon; and in any case is apt to be a psychops lie.   Stirling     
But the offer was denied in Tripoli, with a senior regime official calling the report “simply untrue” and insisting that Col Gaddafi’s future was “not negotiable”. However, the Libyan government says it is engaged in talks with the rebels, a claim denied both by the opposition in Benghazi and by European officials.  
Mathematical 'proof' Obama "birth certificate" a forgery ~ link ~  Check this out.  Stirling      
US warning of airline plit to implant bombs in people ~ link ~ linkWhat absolute bullshit!  Almost all so called "terrorist" attacks are actually False Flag operations from intelligence services.  This may be a set-up for some coming False Flag events.  This earns the Obama Administration the not-so-coveted Five-BS Flag Award.  Stirling

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