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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVA MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

Report: Ground Invasion of Libya Within TWO Weeks ~ link ~ In a piece entitled, US and NATO prepare final assault on Qaddafi, DebkaFile cites military sources for its contention that NATO powers are finalizing plans for a “large-scale, all-out military bid to kill or oust” Colonel Gaddafi.

“The coming coup de grace, expected in the next couple of weeks, is the hottest topic of discussion in the corridors of power and high-level military and intelligence get-togethers in London, Paris, Brussels, Moscow, Oslo, The Hague and Rome. It is expected to start in a couple of weeks with French and British troop landings on Libyan soil, to be followed in its last stages of by American forces,” states the report.

Freedom Flotilla II - live video feed ~ link 

US News Coverage focused more on Bin Laden than Japan Earthquake, Libyan War, deadly tornadoes and other major events ~ link ~ Six mega companies own/control approximately 90-95% of the mainstream news media in America and these companies are in turn controlled by the Global Banking Cartel and ran by Zionists.  Their strategy is to treat the public like mushroom farmers raise their mushrooms: Keep them in the dark and feed them manure!  Stirling     

Obama follows Bilderberg Consensus in ABANDONING Iraq Withdrawal ~ link ~ The Puppet-in-Chief ever serving the interests of the global bankers than the American public.  Stirling    

Last month we reported that the occupation of Iraq would be “prolonged indefinitely” and that a substantial number of U.S. troops would remain in the country beyond the December 31 deadline, which is precisely what transpired yesterday when the Obama administration announced its intention to abandon the original withdrawal plan.

“When you think of Iraq, think big,” one US Bilderberger remarked during the discussion, suggesting that the country will merely be used as a launch pad for a wider regional war that will “include every nation in the Middle East except for Israel.”

16 Reasons to feel really depressed about the direction that the Economy Is Headed ~ link ~ If you do not want to feel really depressed, you might not want to read this article.  The U.S. economy is coming apart at the seams, and there are a whole lot of indications that things are about to get even worse.  After a time of relative stability, the pace of job cuts is starting to pick up again, inflation is rising but paychecks are not, the U.S. housing crisis shows no signs of ending, millions of American families are drowning in debt and all of the recent polls show that the faith of the American people in our economy is eroding.  As you read the statistics in this article, try to keep in mind that there are scores of families from coast to coast that are barely surviving from month to month.  It can be a soul-crushing experience to work as hard as you can and yet just barely be able to pay the mortgage and put food into the mouths of your kids.  The reason why so many Americans believe that we are in a "recession" or a "depression" is because that is what they feel like they are living through every single day.

The number of Americans that are really depressed about the direction of the economy continues to grow.  At first most Americans had expected the U.S. economy to bounce back after the recession "like it always does", but now hope is turning into desperation as people start realizing that this time things are different.

Most Americans are very eager for things to go back to normal.  Unfortunately, things look like they are about to get even worse.

The following are 16 reasons to feel really depressed about the direction of the economy....

NATO War Crimes: Depleted Uranium found in Libya by scientists ~ link ~ Yes sir, that is really "protecting Libyan civilians"....NOT!  Stirling     

Israel exploits sinking Greece to rock flotilla ~ link ~ The madmen in the Netanyahu government will stop at nothing to dominate all the Middle East and to seize as much land from the Arabs as they can handle.  That includes making/keeping Gaza as a giant concentration camp and beginning a general Middle East war this summer or very early fall.  Stirling       

Juliano ship heads for Gaza as part of Gaza Aid Flotilla ~ linkThe Gaza-bound Juliano ship left Greece Wednesday afternoon, after suffering huge delays due in part to a ban set by Athens on the departure of flotilla ships from its ports.

On board the ship are 20 activists. Last week flotilla organizers claimed that Israel had sabotaged the ship in an attempt to prevent it from sailing. 

September Surprise:  Israeli Attack on Iran ~ link ~ A retired journalist who covered the intelligence beat, and with extensive senior intelligence sources, reports to me that Israel is planning to attack Iran before the September UN meeting at which Palestinian statehood will be discussed and possibly approved.

Plastic isn't Fantastic when used as invisible shrapnel ~ link ~ This article is about war-related issues in Palestine that are missing the radar in western newsrooms. I am referring to the use of plastic shards intentionally placed in rockets that leave behind undetectable shrapnel in humans, munitions that puzzled doctors because they amputate human limbs by heat, and the massive killings of Palestinian farm animals and wildlife through the use of Israeli-manufactured tablets deposited on Palestinian land.

It is interesting in light of news items like this, that Israel continues to call the defenseless Palestinian masses, "terrorists"

Let's Buy Our Government Back From Special Interests - Estimated Cost: $14 Billion ~ link ~ That would be a cheep price to pay.  However, it will take a revolution or an Act of God to overturn the globalists who will gladly blow up the entire world to keep their fact they are planning to do just that soon, in order to EXPAND their power with their sick evil satanic New World Order.  Stirling     

Mounting Evidence That Dominique Strauss Kahn WAS FRAMED ~ link ~  Another globalist con job falls apart as the light of day exposes the lies.  Stirling   

While the media has gone to arms length to obfuscate the matter, there is mounting evidence that Dominique Strauss Kahn was framed. 

According to media reports, the 32-year-old Guinean Sofitel housemaid received the modest sum of 100,000 dollars paid into her bank account. The New York Times acknowledges the payment but fails to analyze the source of these payments. In an utterly confused statement, the NYT suggests that the money was deposited in the housemaid's account by her Guinean boy friend who is serving time in a high security prison:
Why was the substance of the housemaid's false accusations not released at an earlier stage?  Who was protecting her? Why did the media wait to reveal information which confirms DSK's innocence. This information was known to the prosecutors at an early stage of the investigation, yet it was only released after the appointment of France's Finance Minister Christine Lagarde as Managing Director of the IMF.

Famine Threat In The Horn Of Africa ~ linkThe entire World continues to suffer adverse weather, and the related crop failures, from the deliberate Disaster Warfare act known as the BP Oil Disaster and the use of dispersants to sink the oil - thereby ensuring the continuing death of the vital Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico.  See the links at the top of this site to the Loop Current/etc.  Stirling     


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