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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVA MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE
Cancer for Profit ~ link ~ If you, or someone you know, has cancer please take the time to research Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his discoveries and Rife Machines.  Stirling     
There is an absolute monopoly when it comes to the approved treatments for cancer in the United States, and also in much of the world. This monopoly has prevented better, more effective, more scientific and far more humane treatments from being accepted by the cancer establishment and applied for the benefit of the deathly ill. The truth is, millions have suffered needlessly at the hands of their orthodox physicians. The fascist cancer monopoly is an embodiment of evil.

Ireland's debt junked as Euro Crisis spreads ~ link ~ First the Euro, then the Dollar!  With the "joys" of Disaster Warfare, and the coming Third World War, we will also get to experience the "joys" of global currency collapse and Global Depression.  All thanks to the nice people of the Global Banking Cartel families.  Stirling     

Great Depression Comes Knocking ~ link ~ We are not convinced by the endless stream of happy talk that emanates from the mainstream media these days. Our view is less benign. From what we can see, the world is descending into a kind of controlled (or uncontrolled) Great Depression. It's taking time but the arc is clear.

This article will illustrate yet again how mainstream media covers the world – China in particular – and why the reality is so much different. We regularly observe that the world's conversation is organized via the Anglosphere elites' "dominant social themes." These fear-based promotions are intended to strip wealth and prosperity from the middle class in order to increase control of globalist institutions. But the Anglosphere elites also work via OMMISSION. That is, in addition to advocating fear, they actively encourage ignorance.

Merrill warns of major global crisis over Italy ~ link ~ More of the planned global economic crisis/new Global Depression from the Global Banking Cartel as a part of their End Game for the New World Order.  Stirling      

The Coming Insurrection - A Final Warning to Governments around the World with video ~ link ~ Actually, I believe that the globalists have a plan to handle the anger of the population.  It is called World War III.  There is an old saying, "It is hard to drain the swamp when you are up to your ass in alligators".  In other words, events will preclude the masses from overthrowing the hidden powers.  Stirling     

The world's monetary systems are crashing and as a direct result economies all over the world are collapsing in tandem, at break neck speed with absolutely no sign or possibility of abating. We have reached the point of no return, that not even the most extreme plan of "fiscal responsibility" advanced by our so-called elected officials can reverse.

Our corrupted democracies will not save our monetary systems because politicians can compromise but the laws of gravity cannot. What goes up must eventually come down.

Hillary Clinton: Assad not 'indispensable' - with video ~ link ~ We are moving towards a War with Syria, which is the backdoor to a War with Iran as they have a mutual defense treaty, and a War with Lebanon and Gaza and Palestine and Israel and NATO and the entire Middle East and the ENTIRE PLANET ... as in World War III ... as in Armageddon ... as in the Final Battle!  Stirling       

Iran deploys forces along NW border ~ link ~ Is this really about the Kurds or war fears.  Stirling     

9/11 and the Rise of the World Wolf State ~ linkIt is an amazing fact of history that what passes for history in the West is factually untrue. The people get public mythologies and government lies instead of the facts, so what they know is not real.

Currently, the State is the principal actor and recorder of history. And what it records is not the truth, but what is politically convenient for the corrupt oligarchs and various special interests who have captured the State’s myth-making powers.

Tea Party Caucus moves to make sure money will NOT be cutoff from the Military Industrial Complex - video ~ link ~ This is a classic example of how those-in-power co-opt powerful grass roots movements and end up totally distorting them.  Stirling     

Ron Paul wins New Hampshire Straw Poll, Obliterates Mitt Romney ~ link ~ If Ron Paul's supporters want him to have a real chance at winning, they better change the laws allowing computer based voting and vote counting.  Stirling      

TSA: Groping Gone Wild - video ~ link 

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