Friday, July 29, 2011

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The Norway Bombing and Israel - video ~ link ~ Good one Morris!  Stirling   

Former French Foreign Minister: Israel controls French Intelligence ~ link ~ Same is mostly true of American and British intelligence, etc.   Stirling      

Top Libyan rebel commander shot dead ~ link ~
Libya's rebel leadership was in turmoil last night following the death of its military chief, who had been arrested on the suspicion of holding secret talks with Muammar Gaddafi's regime.

The National Transitional Council (TNC), the opposition administration based in Benghazi, claimed that Major-General Abdel Fatah Younes had been shot by pro-Gaddafi forces. But this was immediately dismissed by supporters of the commander, who claimed he had been killed by fellow revolutionary fighters.

Who Are The Extremists? ~ link ~ Still, the mainstream media and the performing puppet politicians need to create a fearful frenzy among the masses to insure maximum public relations exposure for their lies, misinformation, and mistruths. Wall Street will exert their control over the debate by threatening to crash the market if they don’t get what they want (aka TARP). I generally ignore the talking heads on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, and CNBC, as I could learn more from watching Cash Cab than listening to ideologues spouting their talking points. But, last night I happened to see an hour or so of Fox, CNN and MSNBC. I saw the full spectrum of right wing and left wing rhetoric and fear mongering. These stations should be ashamed to call themselves news organizations. They do not even purport to report the news. They spew talking points generated by the left and right, depending on the station’s bias. Truth is unavailable on the mainstream media.

What the public doesn’t see is the rooms filled with PR maggots in the bowels of Congress generating talking points and testing them in over night polls of the public. Their sole purpose is to generate a message that will convince the public the fiscal debacle is the fault of the other party. The goal is to gain an advantage in the next elections. The long term future of our country is unimportant to the soulless autobots that get paid to misinform and mislead the masses. Leaving unborn generations with an un-payable debt so we can selfishly cling to benefits promised to us by corrupt politicians who only made the promises so they could be elected, is the ultimate in egocentric myopia.

FDA: You must not dissent from the Medical Establishment ~ link ~ Most of modern society is based on lies, and that is sadly more and more true every day.  Stirling      

Oil Bikini Calendar ~ link ~ A eye opening way to remind you that there is still massive amounts of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, that it is still killing the Loop Current and that this is still having a strong negative impact on the World's climate.  Stirling       

We are headed for Economic 9/11 - Gerald Celente - video ~ link  

Israel will not apologize to Turkey ~ link ~ These jerks are managing to shoot themselves in their own foot almost daily anymore.   Stirling     

Norway to Fly Last Libya Air Mission ~ link ~ Of course, this has nothing to do with the "Lone Gunman"....NOT!   Stirling        

Ron Paul and Dylan Ratigan: Cancelling the debt held by the Fed - video ~ link  

The Looting of America: Fed secret $16 TRILLION loans to bankster friends and no media coverage ~ link ~ Wake up Sheeple!    Stirling      


Anonymous said...

Russia Downs US Missile After Norway, Obama Secrets Release

Say what???

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

The Baltic Dry Index

is going down and down and down...

The BDI is an early index for the global economy.

So, what will the future be like?

A 9/11 economic collaps?

Who knows, but if you trust in God, his Son and the Holy Spirit,

you can survive the worst scenarios.

Yours, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany