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Norway Prime Minister vows to fight Terror with Democracy - with video ~ link ~ What is wrong with this 'picture'?  Well first off, the world's mainstream news media has largely succeeded in convincing the majority of people that a "lone nut gunman" is responsible.  And the Norway government is not disputing this 'narrative'.  However, the facts are very different than that of the 'narrative' version.  Right after the police arrived on the island, multiple eyewitnesses/survivors reported that they clearly heard gunshots - at the same time - from two sides of the island, and two different shooters were described.  Further, there is the cell phone video, that YouTube conveniently removed, showing a second bombing blast in Oslo.  Further still, the Oslo blast/s are officially claimed to be fertilizer based car bomb/s, but normally car bombs use military grade explosives and in any case the level of damage and size of the explosion/s are such that it would have required something the size of a railroad tanker car to hold enough fertilizer to create the blast/s.  So, why is the national government of Norway going along with the false flag narrative???  Well, their PM's Headquarters was targeted, as was the ruling party's youth camp and it is highly likely that senior party members have been warned that they and their families would be next (remember that the Manchurian Candidate 'lone nut gunman' claimed to have two 'cells' supporting him), if they did not support the narrative.  Also, it is highly likely that some Norwegian intelligence/military/police members were involved.  The 90 minute delay in the police arriving, when the 'lone nut gunman' supposedly made the trip from downtown Oslo to the island in an hour is not creditable.  The Norwegian Government has been a major supporter of the move to grant recognition in the UN General Assembly this September to Palestine as a sovereign State.  This horror was a Mossad notice to all national governments that any nation that supports the motion to grant State status to Palestine will suffer serious consequences.  Stirling      

Eric Canter is the Hedge Funder's man in Washington ~ link ~ This jerk is really bad news.  That he is a point man against the jerk in the White House shows just how corrupt and worthless the supposed 'two-party system' in America really is.  Stirling        

With Cantor "leading the opposition to any deal that includes higher taxes" in the debt ceiling fight, it "represents a major coup for sectors of the investment community that Cantor has been striving to assist for years," according to the Washington Post.

Cantor is a huge beneficiary of donations from Wall Street, attracting about $2 million from hedge fund, private equity, real estate and securities firms in 2010 alone.

Toxic air grounds all USAF F-22s ~ link ~ At hundreds of millions each, you think they could supply a source of safe air to the flight crews, wouldn't you?   Stirling      

The U.S. Air Force is making some progress in finding out what is wrong with their F-22s. It appears that some toxins are somehow getting into the pilot's air supply. This has kept all 168 F-22s grounded for three months, so far. Despite the new findings, the air force still has not nailed down the exact cause of the problem, much less fixed it. The U.S. Navy had a similar problem with its F-18s (there were 64 incidents between 2002-9, resulting in two dead pilots). The navy found that the problem was carbon monoxide getting sucked into the aircraft air system (which the navy modified, eliminating the problem). The air force is looking into the navy experience with these similar problems, to see if there is anything similar going on with the F-22s. 

Ethanol usage now exceeding feed usage from corn ~ link ~ I use to be a supporter of ethanol, but not anymore.  With the BP Oil Disaster caused climate crisis taking more and more food crops out, we need to use our corn crop for food not energy.  Stirling   

Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman wants to eject Turkish workers amid showdown over ties ~ link ~ As I understand it, Lieberman use to work as a nightclub bounder in Eastern Europe.  It shows!   Stirling        

Israeli ministers Ehud Barak and Lieberman have been at odds over whether to meet Turkey’s condition of an apology over the attack before it would restore ties with Israel.

The workers were brought into Israel to upgrade tanks that the Israeli Military Industries was contracted to build under a defense agreement.

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