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Stakes are high in US debt ceiling showdown ~ link ~ As we write the US government short-term debt extension is still up in the air. Both sides are not about to give up and lose a political victory. The President still is trying to recover from his ill-timed attempt at extortion. That is if a solution is not found by August 2nd, that he will let US bonds fall into default and terminate government’s Social Security obligations. Our question is how can you loot what has already been looted? The account is already empty. We also found it very strange the opposing party members had nothing to say on the issue, but then again it isn’t so surprising. They are all being paid off and controlled by the same group of people. This sort of behavior is fraud, but what does that mean to an illegal alien, who has already broken so many laws that he cannot keep up with the number. If the facts be known the government has plenty of money to keep running uninterrupted. There are those who call the President a scoundrel, but we have better adjectives to describe him.

The extension of the short-term debt solves nothing and only throws problems into the future. Like so many things the elitists do, the debt extension is a distraction. The congressional game is being played to keep people’s attention away from the very real economic and financial problems. How can anyone believe that creating more debt will solve the debt problem?

As the American Empire Spread Abroad, It Becomes A Police State At Home ~ link ~ Two main causes of this: (1) The satanic bastards who are running things in the world; and (2) The stupid sheeple who allow them to.  Stirling    

The Political Theater and the Debt Ceiling Crisis: Are We Being Had?  ~ link ~ Of course, all the time!  Stirling      

One possibility is that the political theater is operating to bring about otherwise politically impossible cuts in the social safety net. If the drama continues to the absolute deadline without a deal, Obama, who perhaps favors cutting the safety net as much as do the Republicans, would have to accept the Republican package in order that the troops are not cut off from supplies, Social Security checks can continue to go out, and the dollar be saved. Having opposed the Republicans to the last minute, Obama can say that he had no other recourse.

What American wants the troops deserted on the field of battle and the elderly without groceries? Who other than the rich can stand the higher prices from dollar devaluation?

It would be a perfectly orchestrated scenario for getting rid of the New Deal and the Great Society that use up money that could be spent on wars and bailouts and tax cuts for the rich.

Court filing reveals how 2004 Ohio Presidential Election was hacked: "Unexpected shift in votes for George W. Bush" ~ link ~ Intelligent and well read people have known for years that any voting system that uses computers for voting or vote counting is totally insecure!  We have a system, throughout most of the United States of America, that is a total fraud.  However, the control of 90-95% of the mainstream news media by only six companies, all controlled by the global banking families and ran by Zionists, ensures that this is not on the 'radar scope' of the vast majority of people, who do not take the time to educated themselves outside of the mainstream news media.  Democracy in America and in many nations has become simply a fraud.  Stirling      

Debt Ceiling Intransigence:  Unintended Consequences.... ~ link ~ One could blame both parties equally, as both have their positions, but as I see it, it is the Republicans who are the most intransigent.  The Democrats have shown more willingness to compromise, even offering cuts in Medicare and Social Security.  Moreover, the Republicans started the fight, whereas the Democrats were willing to just raise the debt ceiling routinely, as in the past, and to get on with things.

The Republicans created the issue, so they are responsible.  In fairness to the Republicans, it is a more important issue for them than for Democrats. The Democrats have always been more relaxed about debt than the Republicans.  At the present time, the Democrats figure that if the financial crisis is reason enough for the Federal Reserve to lend $16.1 trillion, that is, $16,100  billion to private banks in the US and Europe--an amount $1.6 trillion larger than the Gross Domestic Product of the US, the US Treasury can afford to borrow another couple of trillion dollars. 

Citibank alone received $2.5 trillion in government loans, an amount larger than the Gross Domestic Product of Great Britain and larger than the GDP of all but five countries in the world. If one bank can borrow this much from the Fed, the US Treasury should be able to continue borrowing as well.

Nevertheless, one has to respect the Republicans for their concern with debt levels. 

UFO's and "The Hutchison Effect: - video ~ link ~  I don't believe that UFOs are from some other planet.  I believe that the technology is 'suppressed technology' because it involves either free or low-cost energy that could put the energy companies out of business.  Stirling      

US Congressional members net worth up 3669 percent! - with video ~ link ~  Also see: Brother, Can You Spare A Trillion? ~  That explains a lot.  Stirling

Trillion dollar debt ceiling lies ~ link ~In our current debt-based monetary system, we're never going to pay off the national debt. The debt-deal political theater is a tragic-comedy and essentially lies of omission and commission costing Americans trillions of their dollars every year. The heart of the lie is Orwellian: US “leadership” tells us that debt is a “money supply,” repeats it through complicit corporate media, and parasitizes US tax payers as their debt slaves.

It’s also criminal fraud in the trillions of dollars in public damages that kills millions of human beings every year.

Corporate cash hoard in the TRILLIONS says Moody's ~ link ~ The public is being SCREWED BIG TIME!  Stirling      

Collapsing Ponzi Scheme: US Housing market headed off a cliff ~ link ~ The worst is yet to come!   Stirling        

Murdoch: Long Term Intelligence Operation? ~ link ~ Yes. 

Murdoch’s massive phone-tapping and payoffs to the police – quite possibly on three continents – are meaningless to some, compared to the possible loss of a pro-Israel media voice.

In my opinion, Rupert Murdoch’s empire may well have provided cover for something far deeper and more dangerous than simply obtaining headlines. This massive, long-term, well-concealed information-gathering operation could easily have facilitated the compromising of politicians, government, police and military officials in a number of countries – people in power, some of whom Murdoch visited surprisingly often.

Information such as that obtained by hacking into people’s private communications can be used to blackmail and manipulate those in power into carrying out the wishes of others, and into doing things they would never even consider otherwise.

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