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Finding Order in the Orwellian Chaos ~ link ~ This is an excellent article that I strongly recommend.  Stirling    

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BREAKING NEWS: UK Phone Hacking Whistleblower Found Dead - Death Unexplained ~ link ~ Sean Hoare, the former News of the World showbiz reporter who was the first named journalist to allege Andy Coulson was aware of phone hacking by his staff, has been found dead, the Guardian has learned.

He also said he had been injured the previous weekend while taking down a marquee erected for a children's party. He said he had broken his nose and badly injured his foot when a relative accidentally struck him with a heavy pole from the marquee.  [Maybe, and maybe he was beaten and did not change his ways following the "warning".  Stirling ]

Assistant Commissioner John Yates quits Met Police amid phone-hacking scandal ~ link ~ Now it gets interesting!  John Yates ran the Cash for Peerages Scandal Investigation that forced Tony Blair to resign as Prime Minister.  Now he has to resign due to his connection with Murdoch.  It was John Yates that I went to, and had a long one-on-one transatlantic phone conversation with, follow up by multiple other conversations with his people and my supplying of about 70 pages of documentation on my peerage claim case.  Information that could have put Tony Blair and several top Cabinet officers in prison for selling peerages.  The investigating MPs need to ask what Murdoch's role was in all of this.  Was I hacked?  Was the conversations that I had over the criminal acts by the PM and the Lord Chancellor/etc. hacked?  Was this information used by Murdoch?  This goes at the very heart of the United Kingdom Government, to the Prime Minister's office, to the Cabinet, and to Buckingham Palace.  Stirling    


'Cash For Peerages: The Smoking Gun' by Lord Stirling ~ link

House of Commons To Be Recalled Over Phone Hacking Scandal - with video ~ link   ~  This case continues to expand.  If the Commons has the balls to go into my case, that involves John Yates as well as the Murdoch news organizations and the downfall of the then Prime Minister Tony Blair it will get even bigger!  Stirling    

David Cameron has said the Commons will be recalled on Wednesday to debate the latest developments in the phone-hacking scandal.

MPs were due to begin a six-week recess at the end of Tuesday.

Message sent to House of Commons Committee Chair who is investigating the Murdoch news organizations in the Phone Hacking Scandal:

Hon. John Whittingdale, MP

Dear Sir,

The Assistant Commission of the Met Police, Mr. John Yates, has resigned due to his connections with the Murdoch organization.  I phoned your office with some information but was given the brush off. 

I supplied key information to John Yates, in a long transatlantic phone conversation, on criminal acts by the Tony Blair government re: The Cash for Peerages scandal.  I was also interviewed by several of his officers and supplied some 70 pages of printed information to him.  I was interviewed by Murdoch's news organizations about same.  Were my calls to and from Scotland Yard hacked? Did John Yates provide inside information on this to the Murdoch news organizations? I was able to destroy Blair's only legal defense that he was not in violation of the Honours Prevention of Abuse Act (his claim was that he was not taking 'donations' for Honours but was appointing 'working party peers').  However, in my case it involved several old 'Scots Peerage' hereditary peerages (as well as a Baronetcy and the Chiefship of Clan Alexander) and a possible life peerage.  I would not donate to the Labour Party or to any other organization to get the Blair government to follow the law in my case.  I am a former Scots Editor at Burke's Peerage and know the relevant laws in considerable detail.  My case could have sent Tony Blair and several Labour Cabinet ministers to prison.   While this case may be more in the domain of the Home Affairs Committee, it is also well within your Committee's remit.  You might ask those appearing before your committee the following questions: Did the Murdoch news organizations involve themselves in the most sensitive matter of the removal of the Prime Minister from office and also in the decision to criminally charge or not charge senior members of the then government with violations of the Honours Prevention of Abuse Act, as a part of their phone hacking operations?  Did they hack the telephone calls and fax transmissions between myself and John Yates and/or any of his officers?  Did they discus the information, which I supplied to the Met. Police on this criminal matter of vital national importance, with Mr. Yates?

(Rt. Hon. The Earl of Stirling)

Former FOX News Executive: Americans' Phones Were Hacked ~ link ~ Was mine?  Was key information on a criminal case, that could have sent him to prison, given to Tony Blair and/or several of his top Cabinet people?  This is a major criminal matter!  Stirling     

Profiles: The MPs who will quiz the Murdochs ~ link ~ Readers, you can find their email addresses on the House of Commons site, send them a request that they follow up on my letter (above).  Thanks, Tim Earl of Stirling  

Revealed: Senior MP's secret links to Murdoch ~ link ~ So, is a fox going to head the investigation of a fox raid on the hen house???  Stirling    

The MP who will lead the attack on Rebekah Brooks and Rupert and James Murdoch this week over their roles in the phone-hacking scandal has close links with the media empire, it is revealed today.

John Whittingdale, the Conservative chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport committee, admitted he was an old friend of Mr Murdoch's close aide, Les Hinton, and had been for dinner with Ms Brooks.

The Independent on Sunday has also learnt that Mr Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth, seen as the future saviour of the company, has also met Mr Whittingdale a number of times. Among her 386 "friends" on Facebook, the only MP she lists is Mr Whittingdale. He is also the only MP among 93 Facebook "friends" of Mr Hinton.

Murdoch's ex-CEO arrested: 'Case proves UK endemic corruption' - video ~ link ~ Interesting comments on the police trying to cover themselves from corruption charges.  Stirling      

Who Is Rupert Murdoch - video ~ link 

Second Police Chief Quits as scandal pressures Cameron - with video ~ link Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism chief, John Yates, quit a day after the head of the Metropolitan Police. The force faces a storm of questions from parliament and voters over officers' relationships with the Murdoch press and their failure to probe allegations of phone-hacking by the News of the World.

With events accelerating in an affair that has electrified public life and strained ties among press, police and politicians, Cameron curtailed a visit to Africa and defended himself from police criticism over his choice of the tabloid's former editor as government spokesman. Though he faces no challenge yet to his leadership, some of his Conservative supporters began to raise the possibility, albeit remote, that Cameron might face pressure to go himself. He will return from Africa late on Tuesday, rather than early Wednesday, to face a new parliamentary debate on the scandal.

Bombshell As Met Police Chief Quits - with video ~ link ~ BRITAIN’S most senior police officer resigned last night over the phone hacking scandal. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul ­Stephenson made the announcement in a live TV broadcast. It came hours after former ­News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks was arrested on suspicion of phone hacking and corruption.

Sir Paul had been under growing pressure over the original phone hacking scandal and particularly after hiring the newspaper’s former deputy editor Neil Wallis for PR work. He said: “I have taken this decision as a consequence of the ongoing speculation and accusations relating to the Met’s links with News International at a senior level and in particular in relation to Mr Neil Wallis who as you know was arrested in connection with Operation Weeting last week.” Sir Paul had come came under intense questioning over his decision to accept hospitality worth £12,000 at a leading health spa. 

Hacking: Stephenson Quits, Brooks arrested - with video ~ link ~ The phone-hacking scandal claimed its highest-profile victim yet when Sir Paul Stephenson, Britain's most senior police officer, resigned as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police last night, saying the row over his links to a former News of the World executive harmed his ability to do his job.

Sir Paul stepped down amid a political outcry at Scotland Yard's disclosure that it had paid Neil Wallis, the former deputy editor of the NOTW, as a public-relations adviser when his force was being criticised for its failure to re-open its investigation into alleged criminality at News International. 

Met Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson Quits - with video ~ link ~ John Whittingdale, chairman of the Commons media select committee, says former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks will probably be spoken to separately from Rupert and James Murdoch on Tuesday when they appear before MPs, adding that the committee should not act as a "lynch mob"
The chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee - Keith Vaz - said he was "genuinely shocked" by the announcement.

If 9/11 victims' phones were hacked by Murdoch's people, FOX News is finished - video ~ link ~ Murdoch will be lucky if he stays out of prison on both sides of the Atlantic.  Stirling     

News Corp hacking scandal continues to grow with high-level arrests and resignations ~ link ~ Two criminal investigations are at issue—one into the phone hacking itself, one into the related police corruption. Now, Jude Law is suing for hacking that happened in the United States, as he arrived in a New York airport.

News Corp hacked into the phones of victims of murder and terrorism, including giving terrified parents hope that their murdered child was still alive. They revealed the most personal details of people's lives after obtaining them illegally. They corrupted one of the most famous police agencies in the world. I'll cop to some schadenfreude, but the notion that that somehow minimalizes News Corp's rampant law-breaking, or is reason to have left it undiscovered, is absurd. No, rather it's reason to look more closely at the operation of all of Murdoch's outlets, given what we now know about their embrace of illegality and corruption at the highest levels.

Lord Ashcroft: The secret memo that reveals the Times's fears of being prosecuted in the United States ~ link ~ The entire Murdoch empire is in real trouble.  Stirling     

Murdoch Lawyers Up as FBI Investigates ~ link ~ Rupert Murdoch is assembling a team of US lawyers with expertise in fighting large federal criminal cases, suggesting he is readying himself for a bitter legal battle in America as a result of the phone-hacking scandal.

At the centre of the team is Brendan Sullivan, one of America's most experienced lawyers, who over 40 years in litigation has acquired a reputation for taking on difficult and sensitive cases. He represented Oliver North, the US marine corps officer, in congressional hearings over the Iran-Contra affair.

USS George H.W. Bush super-carrier battle group enters Persian Gulf as CIA veteran Robert Baer predicts September Israel-Iran War ~ link ~ At about the time the new Hollywood blockbuster about a "natural spreading (non-Advanced Biowar) contagion" is released (the movie's name is 'Contagion' and it is very scary).  However, as long time readers of this site know, the Iranians have a massive Advanced Biological Warfare program that they are apt to use against North America, Europe and Israel in event of a major war against them.  Stirling      

One look at the most recent naval update maps shows that in addition to global insolvency (courtesy of the broke European dominoes and a potentially technically broke US), a UK on the verge of a parliamentary scandal courtesy of a media baron whose empire is crumbling, and not to mention yet another downward inflection point in the global economic slowdown courtesy of the end of QE2 and no replacement yet, market watchers may have to start factoring in geopolitical risk yet again. While the fact that Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, and now Turkey, are ever more increasingly on edge is apparently something Mr. Market has managed to internalize, when it comes to geopolitics everyone stops to listen when renewed Iran-Israel rumblings reappear. Which may just be the case. As the most recently updated naval map from Stratfor demonstrates, the CVN 77 G.H.W. Bush has just entered the Persian Gulf, the first time a US aircraft carrier has passed through the Straits of Hormuz in months. What is also notable is that the LHD 5 Bataan amphibious warfare ship has just weighed anchor right next to Libya: this is odd since the coast of Tripoli had been left unattended for many weeks by US attack ships. And topping it all off is that a third aircraft carrier, the CVN 73, is sailing west from the South China seas, potentially with a target next to CVN 76 Ronald Reagan which is the second carrier in the Straits of Hormuz area. Three carriers in proximity to Iran would be extremely troubling, yet fit perfectly with the story of CIA veteran Robert Baer, the man played by George Clooney in Syriana, who as Al Jazeera reports, appeared on KPFK Los Angeles, warning that Israeli PM Netanyahu is "likely to ignite a war with Iran in the very near future." It gets worse: "Masters asked Baer why the US military is not mobilising to stop this war from happening. Baer responded that the military is opposed, as is former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who used his influence to thwart an Israeli attack during the Bush and Obama administrations. But he's gone now and "there is a warning order inside the Pentagon" to prepare for war." The punchline: "There is almost "near certainty" that Netanyahu is "planning an attack [on Iran] ... and it will probably be in September before the vote on a Palestinian state. And he's also hoping to draw the United States into the conflict", Baer explained." For the betting public out there, an September CL call may not be the dumbest trade possible... 

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