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Brooks arrested in hacking scandal ~ link ~ I am doing this in red because of its importance, and that there is much more to this scandal than meets the eye.  Stirling    

Rebekah Brooks, the former head of Rupert Murdoch's UK newspaper business, was arrested on Sunday in the latest twist of a phone-hacking scandal that has tainted police and politicians and shaken the tycoon's global media empire.

Several sources familiar with the situation said Brooks, 43, was being questioned as part of an investigation into allegations of illegal voicemail interception and police bribery at the News of the World tabloid she once edited.

The intriguing timing of Rebekah Brooks arrest ~ link The ex-NI executive is arrested two days after she resigned - and two days before she is scheduled to be questioned by MPs.

According to the BBC's Robert Peston, the arrest of Brooks is a "big deal". He adds: "News Int sources say they had no inkling Rebekah Brooks would be arrested when discussing her resignation last week".

Phone hacking scandal: The People Arrested So Far ~ link ~ The ten people arrested so far are:

Rebekah Brooks, Murdoch's fiery favorite ~ link

She became a favorite of Rupert, who put his arm around her and told reporters she was his top priority when he flew into London a week ago to take charge of the crisis shaking his global media empire News Corp

She counts Prime Minister David Cameron as a friend -- a fact that has added to his discomfort since the hacking scandal erupted and provided ammunition to the opposition Labor party.

Brooks arrested by hacking police - with video ~ link ~ BBC Business Editor Robert Peston said News International was not aware that Mrs Brooks would be arrested when her resignation was being discussed at the company on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week. She eventually resigned on Friday.

Mr Peston added: "It's certainly the most extraordinary development. Rebekah Brooks is incredibly close to the most powerful people in the UK - the current prime minister, the previous prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. More or less every senior person of influence within Britain."
He said it could now potentially jeopardise her appearance at the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee on Tuesday, where she is due to answer MPs questions on the hacking scandal. "I would assume having been arrested it's now almost impossible for her to appear. It's very difficult for MPs to ask her questions that wouldn't be seen to be impinging on the police investigation," Peston said.

Rebekah Brooks arrested in phone hacking scandal ~ link London police arrested Rebekah Brooks, Rupert Murdoch's former British CEO, in the phone hacking and police bribery scandal Sunday, bringing the U.K. investigation into Murdoch's inner circle for the first time. 

Economic Crisis and Collapse Unfortunate but Inevitable ~ link ~ As we have said for many years crime on Wall Street, in banking and in corporate America pays. One just neither admits or denies and lets the corporate shareholders pay the fines. These are today’s untouchable, who steal billions and get away with it. Financial institutions are too big to fail, as are their key employees. To a great extent fraud and other criminal behavior caused the credit crisis and lack of recovery that we have witnessed over the last 5 years. We have had top officers of firms see their companies headed for trouble and with this inside knowledge they have cashed out their share holdings. Then there were the predatory lenders, syndicators of bonds, which contained mortgages, now known as toxic waste, that were criminally given AAA ratings when they deserved BBB. We had some 1,000 corporate officers who backdated their options. Only one was criminally prosecuted when they all should have been. Prosecutions have come few and for between, because the SEC, CFTC and the Justice Department aid and abet these crooks in order to keep harmony in the system, which is coming unglued. They have always done this, but over the past 5 years even the uneducated can see what has and is taking place. In fact the more outrageous the crime, the less it is liable to be pursued. This non-pursuit of crime needless to say encourages more crime and further damages overall corporate and financial sectors. There is no accountability and we see none in the future. Let there be no mistake this financial crisis is worse than the last depression. This continuing degenerative process can only assist in a further degeneration of the system.

Predictive Programming: Illuminati Prictures Presents "Contagion" - with video ~ link ~ I first saw the trailer yesterday.  It is a very scary description of Advanced Biowar spun as a natural outbreak.  They intend for this to happen when they begin the war with Iran and this movie is part of the psych ops for how they intend to handle it.  Get ready for Advanced Biowar Hell on Earth.  Stirling    

Free Energy Home Generator Zero Point Energy - video ~ link ~ Everyone, so far, that tries to promote this type of free energy or some other low cost or free energy is either paid off, or sent to a mental hospital, or killed.  Stirling    


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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

I´d like to comment the article:

"Free Energy Home Generator Zero Point Energy"

I think we should look at the laws of thermodynamics.

The laws of thermodynamics are still valid.

Engineers at power stations are happy if they can increase the efficiancy of the process by one or even two percentage points.

Well, a very sophisticated (coal) power plant in Germany has an efficiency of 40 %, which is very good.

Have a look at the Carnot cycle and other thermodynamic cycles.

You should also study the properties of materials at hight temperatures (580 C and more) and the necessary the investments that are necessary at temeratures as high as that.

Which means, there is a break- even point, when you run a power plant.

Well, this video has been spread by:

Sky News!!!

Who runs

Sky News???

Is his name Murdoch???

What are his intentions spreading such a stupid and weird nonsense???

I think his empire has only one purpose:

Nebulising the minds of people all over the western/eastern/southern world.

Anyway, thank you for publishing this story which shows us how much Murdoch and his mercenaries dispise all decent people in the world.

Yours, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany