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Finding Order in the Orwellian Chaos ~ link ~ This is an excellent article that I strongly recommend.  Stirling    

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Will they continue to spread throughout the world in the wake of global food shortages, global depression, and Austerity Fascism?  by Lord Stirling ~ link 

Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band at Stirling Castle ~ link   ~ Official site ~ link

UK Home Secretary urged to order police probe ~ link ~ I am highlighting and headlineing this story because it is not only a major story that goes to the heart of globalist and Zionist control of global news media operations and national governments, but because that it is even happening is indicative of a massive behind-the-scenes battle going on among the elite and some Zionist elements as we approach a General Middle East War that will become WWIII. Several just retired most senior Israeli military and intelligence officials are firmly opposed to a war on Syria/Iran because they see that such a war could end the existence of the Israeli state.  They do not want to see their Israel destroyed as part of the End Game Strategy to bring about the globalists' New World Order.  I believe that Murdoch's destruction is because he had expressed opposition to the current strategy, as had the criminally framed former IMF chief.   Stirling       

Meanwhile, the Shadow Home Secretary called on Theresa May to take measures earlier than Tuesday's examination of Met Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson by the Home Affairs Committee and follow the revelations that he ordered the employment of Neil Wallis, the former Deputy Editor of News of the World.

Stephenson together with Deputy Assistant Commissioner John Yates is reportedly facing growing pressure to quit from some Metropolitan Police Authority members. 

Murdoch behind 9/11, Iraq, Afghan Wars and financial meltdown ~ link ~ He has been one of the key mainstream news media facilitators of the above.  Stirling    

“Murdoch is a close associate of a significant criminal conspiracy of industrialists, bankers and others. He is the front man for them… the person who gives them control of governments through bribery and blackmail,” Duff told Press TV’s U.S. Desk on Thursday.

“We have three presidents of the United States who have essentially been appointed to office and controlled entirely by Rupert Murdoch and the things that happened during their administrations,” he added.

James Murdoch to be grilled over payouts ~ link ~
British MPs are to question News International chief James Murdoch over payments to the public figures to cover up the hacking practices in its subsidiary News of the World.

Members of the Culture, Media and Sport committee are set to ask Murdoch next week about his hundreds of thousands of pounds in payments to public figures including public relations chief Max Clifford and Professional Footballers' Association's chief executive Gordon Taylor to allegedly persuade them to drop legal actions against the News of the World. 

After Murdoch made the comments, former Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson said that he could be charged under anti-snooping regulations that cover “criminal liability of director”.

James Murdoch will attend the grilling session alongside his father Rupert Murdoch and former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks, who resigned under pressure in connection with the News of the World hacking scandal.

Rupert Murdoch is under mounting pressure over the hacking scandal including from Labour Business Secretary Vince Cable who said Murdoch's eligibility for keeping his 39 percent share in BSkyB should be examined.

“There's certainly a big case to answer. I don't know whether they pass that or not, it's for Ofcom to decide,” Cable said.  

Murdoch's ally, Dow Jones CEO resigns over scandal ~ link ~Les Hinton-a longtime ally and confidante of Rupert Murdoch, the publisher of the Wall Street Journal and the CEO of Dow Jones- is resigning, the paper has reported.

His resignation is effective immediately. He becomes just the latest corporate casualty of the phone hacking crisis which has engulfed Murdoch's News Corp.

Prime Minister defended over Murdoch links ~ link ~ Foreign Secretary William Hague has defended David Cameron, saying he was "not embarrassed" by the extent of the PM's dealings with News International.

Mr Cameron has met its top executives 26 times in the 15 months since he became prime minister, it emerged.

US View: How a UK phone-hacking scandal could affect the US ~ link ~ Commentators look at what the News of the World phone-hacking scandal means for the US.

In the LA Times Timothy Garton Ash gives recap of how the scandal has spilled into the US:
"Hugh Grant appeals to Americans to wake up to Rupert Murdoch's pernicious influence on their own media. Sen John D Rockefeller IV calls for an inquiry into the activities of Murdoch's parent company, News Corp and whether Americans' phones were hacked. If it turns out that 9/11 victims were targeted, as suggested by the campaigning British MP Tom Watson, then this will no longer be just a foreign story. Only on Murdoch-owned Fox News is it as if none of this had happened. A clip from Fox News Watch, filmed during a commercial break, shows the panelists joking about the one story they are not going to discuss. News watch indeed."
Phone-hacking: The main players ~ link 

News Corp's Les Hinton resigns amid phone-hack scandal ~ link ~ Mr Hinton was chief executive of Dow Jones, publisher of the Wall Street Journal. Mr Murdoch said the resignation brought him "much sadness".

Rebekah Brooks - chief executive of the media group's UK newspaper arm, News International - also quit on Friday.

Israeli Press Mum On Murdoch ~ link ~ They have so much to hide, so they remain silent.  Stirling     

On July 10, Anshel Pfeffer, a columnist for Israel’s reputedly most liberal news site,  Haaretz, wrote a straightforward, if scathing, news article about the accusations being levied against media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Pfeffer’s acerbic piece, aptly headlined “Shameful Journalism Puts Murdoch’s U.K. Empire at Risk,” like others making the front pages of newspapers and websites around the world, criticized the shady news gathering techniques engaged in by News of the World, a British division of Murdoch’s News International: 

Pfeffer’s piece was yanked off the Haaretz English website after less than 24 hours, where many older pieces often linger for days, even weeks. Equally noteworthy is that  the article is now very difficult  to locate in the Haaretz archives. Querying the Haaretz website search box for “Murdoch” or “Pfeffer,” the default “sort by relevance” results bury Pfeffer’s article about Murdoch, which can be located easily only if searching by date.  
Media Mogul's Sinister Links to September 11 ~ link ~ Yes dear old Rupert is one first class bastard.  However, this does not explain why others of his evil ilk have suddenly turned on him.  It certainly has nothing to do with right or wrong, for the rest of the globalists are just as rotten and evil to the core as he is.  I maintain that there is much much more to this story, and that 'more' is key to what is really going on from a global strategic direction.  Both the heads of News Corporation and the IMF were strong globalists, deeply involved with the Global Banking Cartel Families and their plans.  However, both were also very strong Zionists and I believe that both have opposed using a General Middle East War to begin the Third World War, as they feel that will sacrifice their much beloved Israel to the goals of the Banking Cartel.  Hence, some pre-WWIII house cleaning was 'necessary' by the global banksters, hence the heads of the IMF and News Corporation found themselves in deep shit.  Stirling    

Rupert Murdoch sits at the helm of News Corp. and is described as television’s “most powerful man in the world with the capacity to reach more than 110 million viewers across four continents.” Murdoch’s network owns more than 175 newspapers, journals and magazines on three continents, publishes 40 million papers a week and dominates the newspaper markets in Britain, Australia and New Zealand. In the United States, Murdoch owns, among other things, The New York Post and the Fox News network.

An old, close friend of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Murdoch openly supports the extremist Likud Party of Israel and the Anglo-American “war on terrorism.”

What is less well known, however, is Murdoch’s involvement in the production of a television program in 2000, which foreshadowed the attacks on the twin towers, and his personal connections to the key individuals who came into possession of the World Trade Center shortly before its destruction.

Having produced a film about a 9-11-like attack on the World Trade Center and being closely connected to the individuals who leased and insured the WTC against precisely such an attack is indicative of some prior knowledge.

Rupert you Israeli whore ~ link ~ link Check it out.  Stirling  

End of Murdoch dominance over the media - video ~ link

Gordon Duff De-Mystifies Murdoch - video ~ link ~ You should listen to this important video!  The print version is linked here ~ linkI still believe that there is more to this story than meets the eye (I don't mean this article but the overall story about the Murdoch news media phone hacking scandal).  Murdoch has always been a terrible bastard.  Why have very senior people in the United Kingdom, the EU, and the United States turned against him.  He was always 'their boy'.  Why turn against him and why now and why so across the board...with US Senator Jay Rockerfeller even calling for an American criminal investigation???  It my be related to the criminal framing of the IMF chief.  As the Global Banking Cartel Families push the World towards WWIII with an attack on Syria and through Syria's military alliance with Iran to Iran and a General Middle East War with Weapons of Mass Destruction, all to help bring about their long-sought global high-tech slave/police state the New World Order, it is starting to dawn on some powerful Zionists that their Israel is going to be sacrificed in the process.  And their private opposition to this in close-door meetings is what has triggered some 'house cleaning' on the Eve of WWIII.    Stirling     

Defense Against the Psychopath - video ~ link 

Why Americans can't afford to eat healthy ~ link ~ Interesting.  Stirling     

H.I.H., The Archduke Otto Von Habsburg, son and heir to the last Austrian Emperor and King of Hungry, laid to rest in Vienna ~ link Archduke Otto was a great man, one that would have led a large part of Europe but for the evil plans of the Global Banking Cartel that gave birth to the First World War.  Stirling   

The funeral of the last heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Otto von Habsburg, is taking place in the Austrian capital Vienna.

His body will be buried in the Imperial crypt amid pomp and ceremony associated with the former empire. His wife, who died last year, will also be buried. European royals and political leaders, many from nations that his family ruled over, are attending the ceremony.

Last Austrian Emperor's son to be buried in Vienna ~ link ~
His body will be buried in the crypt of his ancestors in the Austrian capital, but Habsburg's heart will find a separate resting place in the Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma in northwest Hungary in a private family ceremony on Sunday, in accordance with his last wishes.

Vienna's archbishop Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn will preside over a funeral mass at St. Stephen's Cathedral on Saturday afternoon, expected to be attended by Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein, as well as former monarchs and representatives of the British, Spanish and Belgian royal families.

In pictures: Funeral of Archduke Otto Von Habsburg ~ link 

The Revolution Has Begun In Europe ~ link“Today we have left behind our own symbols, our particular concerns because we want to demonstrate that what links us together is indignation against government abuses, against big corporations and financial entities” We demand a democracy that shows zero tolerance against corruption.

Stealing the World...Country By Country ~ link
'... the banker Edmond de Rothschild was at the meeting for six days. Edmond de Rothschild was personally conducting the monetary matters and creation of this World Conservation Bank, in the company of Michael Sweatman of the Royal Bank of Canada. Those two were like Siamese twins, and that's why I say that it appears they were running at least the money side of this conference and I would say the conference was primarily to get money. Also, David Rockefeller (of Chase Manhattan Bank) was there and gave a speech on Sunday ...'
The scam was to transfer the debts from the Third World countries to the World Conservation Bank and, in return, those countries would hand over land. Any other organisation that took over the WCB would inherit ownership of vast tracts of the Earth. A fact sheet published by the Secretariat of the Wilderness Conference said:
No Obama, we don't need Free Trade Agreements with Panama, Colombia and South Korea ~ link ~ Obama won't be happy as long as even one American worker can make a livable wage manufacturing things of value in America factories.  Stirling     

You think America has learned its lesson from NAFTA, which the Labor Department has estimated cost us 525,000 jobs? Think again. Take the Korea agreement, for example. President Obama and the Republican leadership want it despite the fact that the Economic Policy Institute has estimated it will cost us 159,000 more jobs over the next five years. Yes, you read that correctly. At a time when the president says that his number one economic priority is job creation, and has created an entire commission for that purpose, they’re going ahead with it anyway.

Full Spectrum Decay ~ link ~ Having a military that mindlessly embarks on a “full spectrum dominance” doctine is the surest route to bankruptcy. It also sidesteps the key issue:

What is this awesome—literally “awe-inspiring”—military supposed to be protecting?

Campaign seeks arrest of ex-CIA legal chief, who authorized drone attacks in Pakistan, for murder ~ linkA group of human rights lawyers working in cooperation with relatives of the victims of US drone attacks in Pakistan is calling for an international arrest warrant to be served on former CIA legal counsel John A. Rizzo on charges of murder.

The first step in their effort will be the filing of an information report next week at a police station in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad on behalf of relatives of two people killed in drone strikes in 2009. According to the Guardian, the report will "allege Rizzo should be charged with conspiracy to murder a large number of Pakistani citizens."

Ten years ago Portugal legalized all drugs - What Happened Next?  ~ link ~ The illegal drug trade is one of the main cash inflows into the hands of organized crime...and guess which group controls organized crime...the Global Banking Cartel...the same as they control the global energy business and the global pharmaceutical industry, and many others.  Stirling      

Diet is Key to Spiritual Advancement ~ link 

Why banks aren't lending: The Silent Liquidity Squeeze ~ link ~ You create a recession or a depression by cutting off the flow of money.  This is what has created the current Global Depression.  Stirling     

Why aren’t banks lending to local businesses? The Fed’s decision to pay interest on $1.6 trillion in “excess” reserves is a chief suspect.

Where did all the jobs go? Small and medium-sized businesses are the major source of new job creation, and they are not hiring. Startup businesses, which contribute a fifth of the nation’s new jobs, often can’t even get off the ground. Why?

In a June 30 article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Smaller Businesses Seeking Loans Still Come Up Empty,” Emily Maltby reported that business owners rank access to capital as the most important issue facing them today; and only 17% of smaller businesses said they were able to land needed bank financing. Businesses have to pay for workers and materials before they can get paid for the products they produce, and for that they need bank credit; but they are reporting that their credit lines are being cut. They are being pushed instead into credit card accounts that average 16 percent interest, more than double the rate of the average business loan. It is one of many changes in banking trends that have been very lucrative for Wall Street banks but are killing local businesses.

Problem Reaction Solution - video ~ link ~ This is the way the Global Banking Cartel Families work.  Take the time to view this important video.  Stirling   

Should we bother to vote when revolution is inevitable? ~ link ~ "The United States has only one party - the property party. It's the party of big corporations, the party of money. It has two right wings; one is Democrat and the other is Republican." -- Gore Vidal

The entire menagerie of the political, with a couple of impotent exceptions, is a zoo of corporatist oligarchs. Their only real interest is self.

The Republicans are brutal, violent and cruel. They'll cut us up with a chain saw.

The Democrats are utterly corrupt, duplicitous and cynical. They'll use a scalpel.

The Democrats; Jim Jones.

The Republicans; Vlad the Impaler.

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