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Italian Senate passes austerity package ~ link ~ The bold faced audacity of the Global Banking Cartel is almost unbelievable.  They usurp government powers to create money from nothing and then loan it to governments at interest.  They use their massive network of bought-and-paid-for political whores in the parliaments and congresses of the nations to engage in unnecessary wars and other high expenditures of tax dollars, to increase the debts of the nations, then they organize another global depression and also a global currency shortage and demand that the victims (the public) suffer through Austerity Fascism "to reduce the debt" when in reality the austerity is simply another opportunity to loot the public all the more.  They engineer massive Disaster Warfare events (BP Oil Disaster; Japanese super-quake/nuclear disaster) and drive the world towards a Third World War with 21st Century weapons of mass destruction so they can hide in government funded underground bunker cities for the elite, and come out someday to a dramatically reduced population and world that they intend to rule as high-tech feudal overlords.  They are evil parasites of the worst type.  Stirling      

Italian MPs back austerity budget ~ linkItaly fast-tracked approval of the package, which is due for a final vote in the lower house of parliament on Friday, and increased its size after markets plummeted this week due to worries over the country's financial stability.

Is Italy next to plunge into the abyss? ~ link ~ Now that it has been caught in the struggle to prevent a cascade of nations defaulting across the euro area, with governments no longer able to pay the interest on their debt, rescuing the single currency becomes even harder, if not impossible.

Just how acute the crisis has become in Italy and beyond is symbolised by the decision of leading credit rating agency Moody's to classify Ireland's debt as 'junk'. This effectively means that no regulated financial institution anywhere in the world will be able to hold Irish debt.

Horn of Africa drought ~ link ~ Just one more horrific example of the climate crisis caused by the death of the Loop Current, a key goal of the deliberate BP Oil Disaster.  Stirling     

Phone hacking scandal: Rupert and James Murdoch to appear before UK House of Commons committee ~ link ~ The MPs should remember that there is space available in the Tower of London dungeon!  Stirling        

The Commons media committee had issued summons after the men initially declined to appear next week.
The Murdoch-owned News of the World (NoW) was shut down last week amid the mounting scandal over the alleged hacking of phones belonging to crime victims, politicians and celebrities.

Murdoch and Politicians: A Special, One-Way Relationship ~ link ~ Remember the James Bond movie about the super-powerful news media mongol.  I always felt that it was based on Murdoch.  Stirling     

Yet the solemn announcement that the News of the World is dead (long live the Sun on Sunday!) does not indicate the Murdoch-controlled culture that has debased this septic isle for decades has been dismantled. This week, people have beheld MPs saying what they actually think about Britain's most obscenely powerful unelected foreign tax exile, and marvelled as if they had seen unicorns. That gives you some idea of the scale of the clean-up, and unless all manner of establishment drones get brave and stay brave, revulsion over the corruption of public life by Murdoch and his soldiers will go the same way as that pertaining to bankers or MPs' expenses.   

The Media's Endless Propaganda for War - Murdoch Has Blood On His Hands ~ link ~ Nailing Rupert Murdoch for his employees' phone tapping or bribery would be a little like bringing down Al Capone for tax fraud, or George W. Bush for torture. I'd be glad to see it happen but there'd still be something perverse about it.

I remember how outraged Americans were in 2005 learning about our government's warrantless spying, or for that matter how furious some of my compatriots become when a census form expects them to reveal how many bathrooms are in their home.

I'm entirely supportive of outrage. I just have larger crimes in mind. Specifically this:
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights:
"Article 20
"1. Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law."

The Fox News Channel is endless propaganda for war, and various other deadly policies.

The Rampant Criminality of the Corporate and Political Elite - Murdoch and the Rule of the Oligarchy ~ link ~ Take the time to read this excellent article in its entirety at the link.  Stirling    

It was only last month that Miliband himself attended News International’s summer party in London, alongside shadow chancellor Ed Balls, two of his closest advisers, Tom Baldwin and Stewart Wood, shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper and shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander. The Guardian noted at the time that Labour luminaries outnumbered a Conservative delegation headed by Cameron and his wife, Samantha.

These relations underscore the travesty of the electoral process in Britain. State policy is determined not by the population’s choice to elect a Conservative or Labour government, but by a clique of billionaires that sets the agenda of all the major parties—of which Murdoch is a particularly influential member, thanks to his control of the media.

The official structures of politics and the media in Britain and internationally have become entirely divorced from and openly hostile to the interests of the general population. They have become the province of a plutocratic layer that acts without legal restraint.

Murdoch himself is widely acknowledged to be the most powerful man in Britain and one of the most powerful people in the world. He is the archetypal representative of a global financial oligarchy that has arisen on the basis of financial parasitism and an unprecedented growth of social inequality.

The Murdoch hacking scandal and class "justice" ~ link ~Below the article refers to Assistant Commissioner John Yates as  letting Murdoch off.  It was John Yates, then head of the Cash for Peerages Scandal investigation at 'Scotland Yard', who I went to with information that could have put Tony Blair and several top officials in prison.  They used this information to force Blair to agree to resign but would not use it to throw the bum, and his fellow criminals, into Her Majesty's prison system for a few years.  You can order a copy of my book on this (or a cheep electronic copy of same) at CASH FOR PEERAGES: THE SMOKING GUN ~ link

The promise of a parliamentary inquiry to report months, if not years, from now is being used for the primary purpose of enabling Murdoch’s media group to destroy evidence of illegal activity and buy time to organise a whitewash. The police have not even called in for questioning the figures at the centre of the allegations, such as the former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks, currently the chief executive of News International, Rupert Murdoch’s son James, chairman of News International, or the big boss himself.

It was John Yates, assistant commissioner at the Metropolitan police, who decided not to reopen the investigation into phone hacking in 2009 despite being in possession of evidence that a “vast number” of people were victims. Yates, it now transpires, was wining and dining with the very people he was meant to be investigating—enjoying five lunches with News International representatives between August 2008 and November 2009.

Murdoch and News Corp - The cancer eating the heart out of our democracy ~ link ~ Potter chose the Australian media mogul because "there is no one person more responsible for the pollution of what was already a fairly polluted press. And the pollution of the British press is an important part of the pollution of British political life and it's an important part of the cynicism and misperception of our own realities that is destroying so much of our political discourse'.

Murdoch's News Corps is now the world's second largest media conglomerate (in terms of revenue), behind only Walt Disney. Among its better-known US holdings are the New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, Harper Collins, Hulu, National Geographic Channel, Fox Channel & News, and 20th Century Fox film studios.

On both sides of the Atlantic corrupt politicians and their tame regulators have bent over double to ensure that Murdoch successfully flouts media ownership limits and shafts the concept of a free, responsible, and accountable press.

The latest revelations in the UK about phone hacking, bribing the police, and frightening political leaders are just the tip of a very toxic iceberg that had the likes of Tony Blair going cap in hand to Murdoch's corporate functions when he was still British Prime Minister.

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