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Crowds in Syria attack US and French Embassies ~ link ~ I suspect that Assad gave the green light to this and the masses enthusiastically attacked the embassies because they see the so-called "Arab Spring" as formulated by globalists and Israeli forces and directed against their nation.   However, it plays into a scenario that ends up with NATO powers closing their embassies (and getting key people out of Syria) as the coming General Middle East War on Syria/Iran/Lebanon/etc. nears.   Stirling         

Pro-government demonstrators attacked the American and French embassy compounds in Damascus on Monday and tried to break into their buildings. The crowd expressed anger over visits by the French and American ambassadors to a central Syrian city that has emerged as a flashpoint of the popular uprising against the Syrian government, now nearly four months old.

The demonstrators threw rocks, eggs and tomatoes at the two buildings and tried to storm both compounds. But American Marine guards blocked their way at the United States embassy, and French guards at one point fired live ammunition in the air to drive the attackers away, according to witnesses and activists. A few injuries were reported in the incidents, but no deaths. 

Mobs storm US, French embassies in Syria ~ link ~
Angry mobs stormed the American and French embassies in Syria on Monday, after the two Western envoys visited the city of Hama, a flashpoint for protests against President Bashar al-Assad's regime.

The foreign ministry in Paris said three French staff were wounded in the embassy attack, while a US official said "no staff were injured."

Syrian protesters attack US Embassy ~ link Syrian government supporters smashed windows at the US Embassy in Damascus, raised a Syrian flag and scrawled graffiti calling the American ambassador a "dog" in anger over the envoy's visit last week to an opposition stronghold, witnesses said.

French Embassy security guards in the capital fired in the air to hold back supporters of President Bashar Assad's regime who were also protesting the French ambassador's visit to the same city, Hama, in central Syria. Protesters smashed embassy windows and shattered the windshield of a diplomatic SUV outside the compound. The French flag was removed and replaced with a Syrian one. 

Syria, Egypt and Middle East unrest - 11 July 2011 ~ link ~ Here's a summary of today's developments:

Top Retail Analyst: "I think what's going on is that we are in a Depression for 80% of Americans" ~ link ~ Yep!

Navy chief and base commander among 12 killed at Cyprus naval base explosion ~ link ~ A Cypriot official said right after the blast that a brush fire had ignited more than 90 containers confiscated in 2009 from a ship heading from Iran to Syria. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter, later said that the fire may have started inside one of the containers.

The gunpowder was confiscated after the United Nations said that the Cypriot-flagged M/V Monchegorsk was breaching a ban on Iranian arms exports. Iran has frequently been accused of smuggling arms and munitions through Syria to anti-Israeli militants in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. 

Pakistan defiant, says it is capable of operations without US aid ~ link ~ The White House Chief of Staff, Bill Daley admitted on Sunday that the relationship between the two countries was experiencing difficulties and that some of the aid flow would now be stopped. "It's a complicated relationship in a very difficult, complicated part of the world," he told ABC's This Week programme.

The $800 million in military aid and equipment is almost one-third of the total US aid of over $2 billion. The New York Times said some of the curtailed aid is equipment that the US wants to send but which Pakistan now refuses to accept, like rifles, ammunition, body armor and bomb-disposal gear that were withdrawn or held up after Pakistan ordered more than 100 Army Special Forces trainers to leave the country in recent weeks.

Gordon Brown was 'targeted by Murdoch's Sunday Times ~ link ~ The jackals seem to be moving in for the kill on nasty old Murdoch.  Stirling      

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince in coma - Saudi throne struggle likely to cause chaos - with video ~ link ~  The male members of the Royal House of Saud determine who will be King and Crown Prince.  There are over 1,000 H.R.H. princes in Saudi Arabia and much of the struggle has to do with polities and also with full brothers vs. their half brothers and the next generation of cousins.  Stirling      

Saudi Arabia might see a power struggle for the throne if the country's Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz dies, says a political analyst.

“You will see a competition, you will see a struggle between members and brothers and cousins in the family,” Ali Al-Ahmed, director of Institute for [Persian] Gulf Affairs (IGA) in Washington, told Press TV.  They will “clamber [over each other] for positions in the administration,” he added.  

Bond Vigilantes Strike: Crisis in Italy...Portugal...Greece...Ireland ~ link 

Next UP: Pakistan ~ linkShorn of its obstreperous military leaders, who entertain delusions of autonomy, Pakistan will be fully integrated into the American orbit – and Iran will be surrounded on all sides.

While keeping the heat on for a direct attack on Iran, the powerful pro-Israel lobby – the driving force behind the anti-Iran crowd – is biding its time, confident they’ll win in the end. In the meantime, they are carefully building up momentum for the final push toward war, and a key part of that is agitating for a complete break in US-Pakistan relations.

Mubarak battles death in Egypt hospital ~ link ~ At a time when masses of Egyptians are in the streets calling for his trial, this strikes me as a little too convenient.  It is likely that his death will be faked and he will move to Saudi Arabia, or some other friendly spot, and live out his retirement on his vast wealth.  Of course, it could be some forces have arranged a real health problem/coming death to get rid of him, but I suspect the first scenario as most likely.   This type of thing has happened before, keep in mind, that the real Saddam was not killed by hanging and that he most likely left on a Russian military aircraft the night before the invasion started.  Stirling        

US drone attack kills 10 in Pakistan ~ link ~ Even though the Pakistanis have demanded the end to such attacks, they continue.  Stirling      

France says NATO bombing has failed in Libya ~ link ~ On Sunday 7/10/11 France seemingly allied itself with Russia and China in calling on NATO to immediately stop its counterproductive and counterintuitive bombing, as more countries witness public demonstrations against NATO’s actions in Libya.  French Defense Minister Gerard Longuet said in Paris that it was time for Qaddafi loyalists, which France acknowledges have been rapidly increasing in number, and Libyan rebels “to sit around a table to reach a political compromise” because, he said, “there was no solution with force."

NATO and the Obama administration can have no part of a dialogue because they will be the major losers if peace comes to Libya without Qadaffi leaving power.

Obama is establishing an Executive Dictatorship - with video ~ link ~ President Barack Obama is rapidly advancing an executive dictatorship that threatens to completely nullify the US Constitution if left unchecked, with his administration hastily eroding every other branch of government as the White House crosses the rubicon to push through its political agenda on every front, from the war in Libya to domestic gun control.

Solar System Weather Report: Super Storm on Saturn - Connected to Elenin? ~ link 

The Big Banks are waging warfare against the People of the World ~ link ~ The Big Banks are simply one of many arms of the Global Banking Cartel families.  They are satanic to the core and are heading the world towards the greatest bloody nightmare in human history.  Stirling       

The size of Greece's debt - video ~ link ~ You should see this!  Stirling       


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