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Just days before Norway welcomes Palestine President over Palestine State, bombs explode ~ link ~ I am convinced that the horrific attacks in Norway were a False Flag attack to (1) warn other world leaders not to support the issue of Palestine statehood in the coming (this September) vote in the UN General Assembly, and (2) to a much less extent as a type of punishment to the governing political party in Norway for their positions on Palestine statehood and their position on withdrawing all military support to the War on Libya by August.  I suspect that certain Norwegian intelligence/police/military 'contacts' were used to facilitate the operation and perhaps to arrange things to delay any police response to the Island camp.  Once again, the Zionist extremists and globalists are causing mass deaths (of children in this case) far outside of the Middle East to promote their political and strategic agendas.   That is shameful and I would argue that it is also long-term strategic suicide for the Israeli state.   Stirling        

Norway Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store was to welcome Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Monday to show that Norway was ready to recognise a Palestinian state and sign an agreement that leads to the Palestinians' representative in Norway upgraded to ambassador.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas arrived in Norway on Sunday evening where Minister and Abbas had planned to meet Monday morning with several topics on the agenda. During the meetings Monday to Abbas and Minister also sign the agreement giving the Palestinian representative in Norway, the status of ambassador.

Breaking Story: The Second Tragedy is the Lies ~ link ~ This is an excellent overview of the Norway False Flag terror attacks.  Take the time to read it if you can.  Stirling     

Veterans Today has received reports from sources in Oslo indicating that the bomb, now believed to be equal to more than 10 tons of TNT, was not a car bomb.  Reports indicate that “sewer workers” had been accessing the site during the days prior to the explosion, which is now estimated, were conventional explosives to have been used, to have required enough “fertilizer slurry” explosive to have filled a rail car.

The explosion is estimated to resemble that of the Marine Barracks in Beirut in 1983, killing over 200 or the Oklahoma City bombing.  There is considerable controversy in both of these attacks as to the explosives described and the results which far exceed the capabilities of the materials claim to have been used, in both cases by a degree of magnitude.
20 tons of fertilizer and fuel oil are unlikely to have fit into the boot of a typical European rental car, even with a “midsize upgrade.”

Car bombs use military grade explosives, not fertilizer bombs.  Real car bomb video below.  Explosion isn’t 1% of the Oslo blast:

New Norway shooting critically injures man, a day after island shooting ~ link ~  Norway has little in the way of shootings and this one smacks of a "clean-up operation" by the forces involved in the terror bombings/shootings.  Stirling      

The 27-year-old victim was the target of a headshot in Sandnes on Sunday, Xinhua reported. He has been placed under medical care, but his condition is reportedly unstable.

Reports say two men in military fatigues knocked on his door, broke into the house and carried out the shooting. Police are looking for the two suspects.

Staged Terror Attack on Norway - videos Part I & II ~ link ~  Good videos!  One also needs to look on the attacks from the spiritual and psychological viewpoints.  The attacks on innocent civilians, including the point-blank killings of large numbers of young people at a summer camp, is both terribly EVIL, totally satanic in nature, and psychopathic in nature as well.  The people behind this are totally evil and totally sick in the head!   Stirling       

Norway Terror Attacks a False Flag: More than one shooter on island; Oslo Police drilled bomb blasts; Was it NATO's revenge for Norway's decision to stop bombing Libya?  ~ linkIf you believe that this was a 'lone gunman' ... you are really DUMB!  Stirling     

Second gunman witnessed ~ link ~ Many of the survivors have clearly stated that there were at least two gunmen involved; some saw the different men; most heard gunfire from two different sides of the island camp at the same time.  However, most mainstream news media is focused on there being 'one lone gunman', who is some crazy right winger.  They intend to push the narrative that if you are opposed to what the global banksters are doing, or opposed to whatever Israel does or wants, or anything else that proves you actually have a thinking human brain and a good moral set of values, that you are terrorist material and need to be locked up or eliminated.   Stirling       

Norway gunman has "two more cells" working with him ~ link ~ Notice how BBC does not say that there were other gunmen involved, or even that there were others that set the bombs in Oslo, just that he has 'cells' working with him.  This coverage of the horrific events in Norway, by the mainstream news media, really stinks! BAD!  Also see ~ linkStirling     

Israeli Gilad Atzmon: Massacre in Norway - More About The Jewish Right Wing Connection ~ link ~  For the last 65 or so years most major terrorist events have been False Flag operations that can be traced back to Israel.  Sorry, but that is the truth.  Stirling      

Poles arrested in connection with the attacks on Norway ~ link ~ This could all be a part of the made up narrative.  Stirling     

Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit's stepbrother killed in massacre ~ linkNorway’s royal court says Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s stepbrother, an off-duty police officer, was among the 86 people killed when a gunman opened fire at a youth camp.

Court spokeswoman Marianne Hagen says the victim was Trond Berntsen, the son of Mette-Marit’s stepfather, who died in 2008.

Predictive Programming: Captain America Blockbuster scripts attack on Norway by Nazi sympathizers before it happens ~ link ~ Sure it was just a coincidence, sure is was, really...NOT!  Stirling     

Norway shooting: Killer confirms former Prime Minister was main target on island ~ link ~ This is all part of the 'lone gunman' narrative that is being crafted and pushed by the mainstream news media...rather like the assassinations of JFK and RFK and MLK Jr.   Lies then and lies now.  And of course the 'shooter' is not allowed to appear in open court and may only speak to his attorney.  Stirling   

Brundtland, who led three Labour Party governments in the 1980s and 1990s and is often called "mother of the nation", gave a speech on the island the day of the slaughter and left before Anders Behring Breivik arrived.

"Anders Behring Breivik had plans to come to Utoeya (island) while Gro Harlem Brundtland was visiting on Friday, but claims under interrogation that he was delayed," Aftenposten reported on Monday, citing unnamed sources. 

Judge orders court hearing of Norway suspect closed to the media and public ~ link ~ They have their 'Manchurian Candidate' patsy and they don't want the world to see anything outside of the official narrative of what happened.  It may well be that senior government officials had had the crap scared out of them and have been warned to go along with the narrative or face further attacks, with the next ones taking them or their families out.  Stirling     

Police Knew Gunmans Name Before Arrest ~ link ~ Man this is really beginning to stink badly!  It reminds me of the lies about the JFK, RFK and MLK Jr. murders.  Take the time to read the entire article at the link.  Stirling      

Despite being portrayed by the media as inept due to the length of time it took them to reach the island of Utoeya, it has now emerged that police knew the name of gunman Anders Behring Breivik before they even arrested him, a startling admission that prompted one of Britain’s top news anchors to question how authorities were aware of the gunman’s identity in advance.

During his Channel 4 News broadcast on Friday evening, host Jon Snow asked “why police knew the killer’s name by the time they had arrived on the island,” reported the Telegraph live blog. “He surrendered the moment police called his name 3 minutes after they arrived. What we don’t know is how the police knew the terrorist’s name before they arrested him,” said Snow, who is recognized as one of Britain’s most trusted news anchors, and cannot be dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist”.

'War on Terror' Is A $6 TRILLION RACKET Exceeding The Total Cost Of World War II ~ link ~  These events in Norway will allow a new twist to the bogus global 'war on terror'.  Now we can go after conservative people opposed to the Federal Reserve, the banksters, and to Israeli aggression.  This is a 'side benefit' to the Norway terror attacks as a global warning to national leaders not to support the bid in the coming UN General Assembly for Palestinian statehood and the warning to NATO leaders not to back down from enforcing the dictates of the Global Banking Cartel in Libya and elsewhere.  Stirling     

Norway government-run pension fund drops Africa Israel groups shares ~ link 

Possible Israeli Connection To Oslo Attacks ~ linkOn March 29, 2011, EuropeNews headlined, "Norway: Socialist Left Party to Vote on Motion Calling for Bombing Israel if it Acts against Hamas in Gaza," saying:
Former Finance Minister, now Education Minister Kristin Halvorsen's Socialist Left Party (SV), (part of Norway's three party ruling coalition with the Centre Party and the Labour Party) supports a measure supporting military action against Israel if it attacks Hamas. Part of its statement said:
"The credibility of the world community in its confrontation with (Gaddafi) is undermined when there is no reaction against other states in the region (that) commit injustices against (their) civil population. The greater world community must therefore also react against Israeli air attacks on the Gaza strip."


Anonymous said...

about the norway 27 year old shooting. That reporting is dodgy at best. At xinhua it never mentions the military attire and in norwegian news this just out-

(In norwegian but basically says they (the police) have arrested a man and is looking for the second one. The first one turned him self in.)

So that news need to be changed or removed from being a clear connection to a falseflag in norway. It lessens the credibility in the repeater of links even if it's only links.

Less reporting is still reporting. The truth is not greater then it's parts.

Keep up the good work Lord Sterling. said...

Hi Sterling.

The report above regarding it not being a car bomb is incorrect from my own research. It was a car which exploded and it's not in the 'sewers' either. The car was front wheel drive as shown by the close ups of the engine block and transmission left on the surface to the left of the hole. The rest of the car fell into the hole. Under there is a car parking garage and you will see the entrance to the right of the building on Google Maps...

I have no idea what Gordon Duff is trying to do, but I'm going to call him out on this point as the evidence states otherwise.