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Breaking News ~ Greek Revolution 
BREAKING NEWS: Talks fail - Greek Prime Minister to reshuffle Cabinet ~ link ~ The 'shit will hit the fan' now!  Parliament has until the end of this month to pass the necessary legislation.   Stirling     
Greece's prime minister says he will reshuffle his Cabinet on Thursday and seek a vote of confidence for his new government in Parliament, after coalition talks with opposition parties failed.

The discussions came as anti-austerity riots hit central Athens. Prime Minister George Papandreou has struggled against falling approval ratings and an internal party revolt among the governing Socialists over a new package of austerity measures.
In Pictures - Revolution unfolding in Greece, home of democracy ~ link ~ Check it out!  Stirling     
Greek state starting to lose grip on functions of state - with video ~ link
Greeks rage on austerity, Prime Minister offers to quit ~ link ~ Notice that the corrupt bastard PM Papandreou is not offering to do what the people of Greece are demanding.  No he is offering to quit and form a "unity government" to push through the Austerity Fascism that his bosses, the Global Banking Cartel, demands.  He is more afraid of the Cartel families than the hundreds of thousands of his countrymen rioting in the streets.  I think that the Greek people just might stand up fully to the globalists and overthrow their rotten political class in the coming days.  Stirling       
Greece's prime minister offered to quit and make way for a national unity government after mass protests against a new austerity plan turned violent on Wednesday, with the country teetering on the brink of default.

Senior government sources said Socialist Prime Minister George Papandreou told the leader of the conservative opposition he would be willing to step aside if a unity cabinet agreed on a clear plan to meet the terms of an IMF/EU bailout.

Greek Government in power-sharing talks amid riots - with video ~ link ~ Notice from the video that the people are really beginning to fight back against the police.  Stirling    

Thousands of activists and unionists converged on the central Syntagma square on the parliament's front steps to try to stop lawmakers from entering to debate the bill in committee that they hope to pass by the end of the month.

Stun grenades boomed around the square and plumes of smoke rose from burning garbage bins as police fired tear gas and fought running skirmishes with scores of youths who fought back with rocks and long clubs, Reuters witnesses reported.

"We want them out. Obviously these measures are not going to get us out of the crisis," Antony Vatselas, a 28-year-old mechanical engineer, crying from tear gas. "They want only us to pay for it. And they are doing nothing. I want the debt to be erased. If this doesn't happen, there is no exit for Greece." 

"Hundreds" riot as Greece's Government hold power-sharing talks ~ link ~ Murdock's FOX news, ever the globalist and Zionist mouthpiece, is underestimating the numbers by a truly massive amount.  That is one way the corrupt and evil mainstream news media "spins" stories.  Stirling      

Greek protesters clash with police as government pushes for new austerity ~ linkGreece’s beleaguered Socialist government was in power-sharing talks Wednesday with the main opposition conservatives, who were negotiating for the resignation of Prime Minister George Papandreou.

Wednesday’s chaos triggered a sell-off in global financial markets as investors worried that a default in Greece could hurt banks in other countries in a chain reaction experts predicted would be catastrophic.

Tens of Thousands of protesters cross police lines outside of Parliament ~ link ~ The falsification of the Greek financial position was an insider's deal with the global banks.  This amounted to a massive rip-off of the Greek people so that the Global Banking Cartel could make billions off of Greece and set Greece and Europe up for the current nightmare.  This is all part of the standard method of operation of the Cartel families - the Hegelican Dialetic (Problem - Reaction - Solution).  This is also a very high stakes crap shoot by these families.  They are gambling that they can force Europe and the world into such a economic mess that people will demand that their governments "do something", and the globalists will be ready with their one-world currency "solution" and their New World Order.  However, if the people go all the way to total revolution and hang their traitorous political class and end the grip of the globalists, that will change everything.  To counter this, the Cartel families will use World War III and Advanced Biowar and Disaster Warfare to divert attention and to herd the sheeple.  But it may still not work.  Stirling      

The some 20,000 protesters – many of whom refer to themselves as "indignants" – crossed police lines, angry about what they perceive as a future riddled with debt and high unemployment.

Protestors want to stop an austerity package of $40 billion in cuts whose approval is required for the next installment of last year's 160 billion bailout. Greece slipped toward bankruptcy in spring 2010 after revealing it had falsified its financial position. Athens has since received $53 billion in bailout funds, following a contentious debate in Europe, particularly in Germany, which initially opposed a bailout.

Papandreou proposes unity government for Greece ~ link ~ Greece's prime minister offered to quit and make way for a national unity government after mass protests against a new austerity plan turned violent today, with the country teetering on the brink of default.
Senior government sources said Socialist prime minister George Papandreou told the leader of the conservative opposition he would be willing to step aside if a unity cabinet agreed on a clear plan to meet the terms of an EU-IMF bailout.
Greek police clash with protesters opposing Austerity Plans ~ linkPolice fired the teargas at demonstrators who threw fire bombs and rocks at the Finance Ministry and banged on hotel shutters. Earlier, protesters rushed police guarding the parliament as union supporters joined up with demonstrators who have been camped out in front of the building for almost three weeks. Ports, banks, hospitals and state-run companies ground to a halt today as the two biggest unions went on strike.

Papandreou offered to step aside to permit the formation of a unity government, as long as all opposition parties agreed to the cuts, said a person with direct knowledge of the matter. That countered a demand by the New Democracy opposition party that he quit and allow a so-called technical government to renegotiate the terms of the rescue.

Greece crippled by strikes, protests over austerity ~ link ~ A general strike against new austerity measures crippled Greece on Wednesday and thousands of protesters gathered outside Parliament, where the struggling government sought to push through the cutbacks needed to secure international rescue loans.

Greek Unions stage 24-hour strike against austerity and asset sales ~ link ~ Greece’s ports, banks, hospitals and state-run companies grind to a halt today as the two biggest labor unions strike to oppose Prime Minister George Papandreou’s additional budget cuts and asset sales.

ADEDY, the largest public-sector union, and the General Confederation of Labor, or GSEE, the biggest private-sector union, called the third general strike of the year to protest the government’s five-year fiscal plan and program of state asset sales, according to e-mailed statements.

Greek debt crisis hits markets ~ link ~ Those with money at stake are betting that all hell will break lose at worst, and at best, things will not be getting any better.  Stirling     
Greece debt worries send US stock prices down sharply ~ link ~ This will get worse, not better in the days ahead!  Stirling    
French banks in firing line over Greek debt crisis ~ link ~ The large Global Banking Cartel connected banks need to be allowed to fail and need to be broken up.  Stirling   
European shares drop amid Greek stalemate ~ linkLacking positive catalysts and reflecting concerns that Greece will default on its sovereign debt obligations, European stocks fell sharply on Wednesday.

The retreat reversed significant gains from the previous session, as banking shares slumped after Moody's Investors Service said it may cut the credit ratings of French lenders Credit Agricole, BNP Paribas, and Societe Generale SA over their investment in Greece.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Whenever peoples in Europe need a scapegoat, Germany and the Germans are a suitable victim.

In Greece, the mob shouts and shows the Swastica.

They curse Dr. Merkel and the Germans.

They ask for reparations and forget that the German proles have already paid these reparations by visiting Greece for decades during their holidays.

A Greek innkeeper asked me in 1987:

How much do you pay for this bottle of beer in Germany?

I said: 1.50 German Marks.

He smiled.

He just wanted to know how much he and his greedy colleagues could get for a bottle of beer from tourists in Greece.

They are greedy and lazy in Greece.

We have to work until we are 67 years old, they retire at the age of 60, only to mention one example.

What do they produce?

Bad wine, no cars, illusions and revolts.

They should work harder to stem this self-inflicted crisis.

They became a member of the EU by deception, because they didnt tell the other members of the EU the correct amount of their deficits!!!

Yours, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany