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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

"Arab Awaking" Pretext for Wider War? ~ link ~ Do take the time to read all of this most interesting article at the link.  Stirling     
We have tried in numerous ways to explain the Arab Awakening and why Western elites were (almost self-admittedly) behind at least the beginnings of it. We have pointed out that the CIA-sponsored AYM was behind the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings. We've also tried to analyze both sides of the results of such uprisings, which may include either the establishment of Western-style regulatory democracies or Islamic Republics.

But what if the "Awakening" in all of its chaos was meant to set up a more polarized Middle East that would confront Israel in an regional war? We know the elites like to follow the road map of religious texts (which predict this sort of thing) because it provides a kind of cover. (Religious texts in this regard may act as a kind of predictive programming.)

The theory that the "City of London" and its banking elites are actively planning a regional war that may go nuclear is from our humble point of view a horrible one. But it explains why Mubarak – who had kept the peace between Israel and Egypt – had to go. And Ben Ali in Tunisia; he was also far too pro-Western and anti-Islam.

It also explains why the Israelis are being so inexplicably brutal. According to news 'Net reports, including Newser: "Israeli troops on Sunday battled hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters who tried to burst across Syria's frontier with the Golan Heights, killing a reported 20 people and wounding scores more in the second outbreak of deadly violence in the border area in less than a month."

80 Syrian police killed in clashes ~ link ~ This continues to get most serious.  The most important goal of the "Arab Spring"/"Arab Awaking"/"Domino Revolutions" is Syria.  Israel wants to end Assad's rule and break up the Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Hezbollah/Hamas alliance prior to a war on Iran and a General Middle East War.  The alliance knows that and will not allow Assad to fall.  In the end it may not matter as the battle to "save" Assad may trigger the regional war.  The regional war will become a war with weapons of mass destruction most likely from day one, and is apt to be Armageddon.  Stirling       
Israeli Defense Minister Barak: Syrian regime doomed ~ link ~ And with it all of the Middle East including Israel and the world.  Stirling     

Skin cancer treatment breakthrough ~ link ~ If you or someone you know has cancer, research Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and Rife machines.  Stirling     

Ex-Mossad chief grilled over Iran remark ~ link ~ Meir Dagan is no "Sunday School teacher", he is one hard tough SOB and he knows that an attack on Iran would prove suicidal in the end for Israel.  That many in the current government of Bibi Netanyahu do not take his warning seriously is highly indicative that they are satanically blinded as they head into an insane war.  Stirling        

Israeli officials have roundly criticized ex-Mossad chief Meir Dagan for calling a possible attack on Iran "a stupid idea," saying such remarks undermine Israel's ability of prowess. 

Analysts say the remarks signal growing Internal rifts in Israel over its confrontation with Iran. 

He described the possibility of a future Israeli airstrike on Iran's nuclear facilities as “the stupidest thing I have ever heard.”

Dagan noted that any military strike may prompt a regional war and missile attacks from several fronts on Israel, adding that any attack on Iran would have no advantage for Tel Aviv. 

If Yemen Falls, so Does the Dollar Reserve? ~ link ~ An interesting article! Stirling    

9/11 Truthers can be locked up for life without trial under new law - video ~ link ~  Fascism continues to expand rapidly in America as the sheeple watch 'Dancing with the Stars'/etc.  Stirling     

Greece Austerity Protests Grow ~ link ~ This is heading towards revolution in Greece and throughout a large part of Europe and perhaps elsewhere.  The global banksters have "an ace up their sleeves" however, World War III.  This is going to be one hell of a year!  Stirling     

Chronic US unemployment now worst than Great Depression ~ link ~ As planned!  Stirling     

Plutonium found in soil at Okuma ~ link ~ There is NO SAFE LEVEL OF EXPOSURE TO PLUTONIUM!  Stirling    

Bloodbath: 20 Palestinians killed - 325 wounded by Israeli troops ~ link     

Casus Belli ~ link

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