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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE
Breaking News - Greek Revolution - Early Stages

Millions strike in Greece over austerity plans ~ link ~ This is NOT going away.  Either the political class agrees to follow the will of the people or there is highly likely to be a full revolution in Greece.  That could well spread throughout Europe and elsewhere!  It could be like the year 1848 or worse.  Stirling      
Greece, the sickest patient in the ailing eurozone, was rocked yesterday by a nationwide strike of millions of workers and hours of rioting in street protests against the government's austerity plans. The day ended with an announcement by its embattled Prime Minister, George Papandreou, that he would reshuffle his Cabinet in an attempt to push through measures to alleviate the country's crippling debt crisis.  

For the past three weeks, protesters have camped out in a square facing parliament, calling on the government to withdraw its plans. They had called for a human chain to encircle parliament, but the blockade was broken by hundreds of police officers who held back crowds to allow official cars to drive up to the building. Street battles spilled into the main shopping area of the capital as store owners hurriedly rolled down metal shutters.  

Greek Prime Minister to form new government amid riots - with video ~ link ~ The people are calling the government and MPs thieves and are demanding to know 'where the money went'.  They are calling the Prime Minister and the MPs traitors.  This is a sign that things are going from bad to worst.  Soon, the impact on Europe, the EU and Eurozone, and the World from Greece will not be the currency/debt impact but that from the revolution!  Stirling       

The Greek Prime Minister has announced he will reshuffle his cabinet amid violent and chaotic protests against his austerity plans in Athens.


Photos - Greek riots over austerity measures ~ link ~ A modern 21st Century European revolution in the making!  Stirling     


Greek PM to reshuffle government to advance austerity plan ~ link ~ Rather like reshuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic to prevent sinking!  Stirling     

Stun grenades boomed around the square and plumes of smoke rose from burning garbage bins as police fired tear gas and fought running skirmishes with scores of youths who fought back with rocks and long clubs.

"We want them out. Obviously these measures are not going to get us out of the crisis," Antony Vatselas, a 28-year-old mechanical engineer, crying from tear gas. "They want only us to pay for it. And they are doing nothing. I want the debt to be erased. If this doesn't happen, there is no exit for Greece."

"Thieves, traitors!" many chanted. "Where did the money go?"

Greek PM George Popandreou to form new government - with video ~ link ~ His failure to form a "unity" government and now this in the same day, will only empower the people against him.  Stirling     

Greek Prime Minister to reshuffle government for austerity plan ~ linkThe health ministry said 33 people were injured. Fifteen people were arrested, police said. Police officials said the crowd reached around 30,000 but they often underestimate numbers.

The new austerity package foresees 6.5 billion euros ($9.4 billion) in tax rises and spending cuts this year, doubling the effect of measures agreed with bailout lenders that have jacked unemployment up to a record 16.2 percent and extended a deep recession into its third year.

Greek riots, political chaos hammer markets ~ link Greece's prime minister, struggling to ensure Parliamentary approval for a crucial austerity bill, said Wednesday he would reshuffle his Cabinet and seek a vote of confidence for his new government after coalition talks with opposition parties failed.

Global stocks were closing sharply lower as the events in Greece - which has the worst sovereign credit rating in the world - further destabilized markets. Major indexes had their biggest drop on Wednesday since June 1 and the euro slid more than 1 percent against the dollar.

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