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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

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Athens riots video: New round of clashes and tear gas in Greece - video ~ link ~ Interesting, more and more of the demonstrators are wearing gas masks.  There are reports that senior officers in the Greek Armed Forces are considering a military coup to stop the global bankers from looting Greece any more.  This will get interesting.  Stirling     

In pictures: Greeks strike over cuts ~ link  

Greek workers begin two-day General Strike - in pictures ~ link

Fierce battles break out amid mass Greek protests - with video ~ linkLawmakers are embarking on their second day of debate on austerity measures that must be passed in votes on Wednesday and Thursday if Greece is to receive another batch of bailout funds to see it beyond the middle of next month. If the votes don't pass, Greece could become the first eurozone nation to default on its debts, and that could send out huge shock waves through the global economy. .

The new austerity drive is proving hugely unpopular in Greece and a demonstration in central Athens soon descended into violence.

Protesters clash with riot police in Athens strike ~ link 

Police clash with rioters as General Strike turns violent ~ linkLabour unions have called a 48-hour strike to protest against the measures and more than 5,000 police were deployed to the centre of the capital to deal with expected trouble as a crowd officials estimated at some 20,000 rallied in Syntagma Square, in front of the parliament building.

The rally was initially peaceful but by early afternoon, smaller groups of youths numbering in the hundreds hurled rock chipped off buildings in the square at riot police who responded with tear gas.

Greek protests turn violent ~ link ~ YOUTHS hurled rocks and fire bombs at riot police in central Athens today as a general strike against new austerity measures brought the country to a standstill. 

Clashes erupt amid Greek protests ~ link ~ The clashes came at the start of a two-day general strike called by unions furious that the government's new austerity programme will slap taxes on minimum wage earners and other struggling Greeks. The measures come on top of other spending cuts and tax rises that have sent the Greek unemployment rate soaring to over 16%.

Hooded youths ripped up paving stones and set rubbish bins on fire in central Athens as police gave chase and fired tear gas and stun grenades. Earlier, about 20,000 people had marched peacefully in two separate demonstrations, while another 7,000 protested in the northern city of Thessaloniki without incident. Everyone from doctors and ambulance drivers to casino workers and even actors at a state-funded theatre were joining the strike or holding work stoppages for several hours.

Greece protests against austerity package turns violent - with video ~ linkTwo communications vans with mobile telecoms transmitters were daubed with graffiti condemning the media and banks before being set alight by protesters who had apparently mistaken them for satellite TV trucks.

There were also skirmishes as trade unionists tried to persuade anarchists to leave the square, saying their violent protests were only harming the aims of the demonstrations, says the BBC's Jon Sopel in Athens. 

Greek Anti-Cuts Rally Marred By Violence - with video ~ link ~  Reports said hooded youths also ripped up paving stones and set rubbish bins ablaze.

The skirmishes came as MPs were asked to help pass tough proposals demanded by the EU and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in order to receive another bailout.

Greek police clash with austerity protesters - with video ~ link ~ Greek riot police fought hooded youths with teargas and batons near parliament on Tuesday as violence broke out at a rally against anti-austerity measures international lenders have demanded from the Athens government.

With Greece on the edge of bankruptcy, parliament is due to vote this week on a package of spending cuts, tax increases and privatisations agreed as part of a massive bailout aimed at averting the euro zone's first default.

'Three injured' as Athens police clash with protesters ~ link But many Greeks feel the measures impose harsh and unjust penalties on ordinary pensioners and workers while sparing the wealthy.

Following weeks of protests and rolling strikes, ADEDY, the public sector union representing half a million civil servants, and GSEE, which represents two million private sector workers, are stepping up pressure on deputies before the votes. Transport and public services were hit, schools shut and many shops and businesses were closed, while the streets of central Athens were virtually deserted.

Greek General Strike and austerity debate - Tuesday 28 June ~ link ~ Tens of thousands of Greeks have taken to the streets to voice their opposition to a new wave of austerity measures which will be subject to a vote in parliament on Wednesday and Thursday. A two-day strike called by unions began today. Transport, schools and other services as well as many private businesses were shut as a result of the strike called by ADEDY, the union representing half a million civil servants and GSEE, which represents 2 million private sector workers. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled or rescheduled and protesters have blockaded the port of Piraeus.

Clashes erupt amid Greek protests ~ linkBut even MPs from the governing Socialists have been upset over the latest measures demanded by international creditors, and Prime Minister George Papandreou has struggled to contain an internal party revolt. He reshuffled his cabinet earlier this month to try to ensure his party's support for this vote, but the Socialists still only have a five-seat majority in the 300-member parliament.

European officials have also been pressuring the main conservative opposition party to back the austerity bill.  But leader Antonis Samaras has refused, arguing that while he backs some austerity measures, the overall thinking behind the package is flawed. 

No 'Bailout Plan B', EU warns Greece ~ link ~ The European Commission insisted today it isn't bluffing over the euro crisis - if Greece does not vote for more austerity tomorrow there is no more EU bailout money.

EU Economics Commissioner Olli Rehn said: "I trust that Greek political leaders are fully aware of the responsibility that lies on their shoulders to avoid default: the only way to avoid immediate default is for parliament to endorse the revised economic programme." 

Greece's crisis, Europe's nemesis ~ link ~ The very idea of European union, always a top-down project without popular assent, faces serious questions of legitimacy. With its language of budget cuts and bailouts, the sovereign debt crisis that is now engulfing Europe's economies appears to be a financial crisis. But it is also, and perhaps foremost, a grave political crisis about the postwar European project itself: the European Union. And just as a Greek default will echo globally, the EU's political crisis carries resonance beyond Europe's own unhappy shores.

The travails of the eurozone have revealed a fundamental, and for too many politicians, still inadmissible, flaw in the European Union. Europe's populations have been consulted too rarely in this project. And people feel little responsibility for decisions of which they are not part.

Greece grinds to a halt as General Strike gets underway ~ link ~ Europe's economic tsar Olli Rehn in Brussels warned that Greece faced "a critical juncture" and the austerity programme was the "only way to avoid immediate default."

But that view was not shared by protestors, determined to block passage of the package. "We don't want your money Europe," Iamando, 36, told AFP on the square where police were already out in force at 11:00 am (0800 GMT). "Leave us alone -- please, please, please."

Greek police fire tear gas on protesters - with video ~ link ~ As Greece teeters on the edge of bankruptcy, parliament is due to vote this week on a package of spending cuts, tax increases and privatisations agreed as part of a massive bail-out aimed at averting the euro zone's first default.

Following weeks of protests and rolling strikes, ADEDY, the public sector union representing half a million civil servants, and GSEE, which represents 2 million private sector workers, are stepping up pressure on deputies before the votes. 

Greece grinds to a halt as General Strike gets underway ~ link ~ Greece ground to a halt Tuesday as angry workers launched a 48-hour general strike against an austerity drive ordered by its bankruptcy-threatened government in exchange for a European bailout.

Crowds converged early on Syntagma Square, where parliament will vote on sweeping spending cuts as planes, ships and most public transport came to a halt.


Live Stream Greece Protests - TV Greek Riots Video Feed ~ link

Greek unions launch 48-hour strike against austerity measures ~ linkGovernment offices and banks were shut and ferries anchored at ports across Greece. The walkout also halted train services, closed schools and public services, and left hospitals and ambulances operating with emergency staff only.

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