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The E.coli outbreak in Europe is BioWar by Lord Stirling ~ link

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Japan: Victim of Scalar Warfare Attack by Lord Stirling ~ link   

Finding Order in the Orwellian Chaos ~ link ~ This is an excellent article that I strongly recommend.  Stirling    

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General Middle East War Nears - Syrian events more dangerous than even nuclear nightmare in Japan ~ link 

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Revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East - Who Really Benefits?  
Will they continue to spread throughout the world in the wake of global food shortages, global depression, and Austerity Fascism?  by Lord Stirling ~ link 

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Former CIA officer questions EU motives in Syria ~ link ~ EU and US intervention in Syria is designed to harm Iran and to protect Israel and Lebanese Christians, not Syrian people, according to Robert Baer, a retired CIA officer with experience of the region.

Speaking in an interview with EUobserver, Baer, a senior CIA field officer in Lebanon and Syria in the 1980s and 1990s and a writer on international security affairs, said EU and US sanctions might weaken the Syrian regime but will not stop it from killing people in the current crisis. "It will make Syria more isolated and economically unstable. But the Alawites [the ruling Muslim sect in Syria] are not going to succumb to outside pressure for democratic reform because they think this would lead to a sectarian civil war [with the Sunni Muslim majority] ... [Syrian President] Bashar Assad thinks that if he shows weakness, if he loses control of any city for any length of time, then it's the end of his regime."

US State Department threatens prison for US citizens participating in Gaza Aid Flotilla ~ link ~ This shows the level of fascist domination of America by the globalists and by the Zionists.  They trash the traditional constitutional rights of Americans for their hyper-racist mini-state of Israel.  That is totally wrong and unacceptable.  Stirling  

Israeli officials have been ratcheting up their rhetoric in demanding that the world unite to stop humanitarian aid from being delivered to the people of the Gaza Strip, calling such attempts an existential threat to Israel and a “deliberate provocation” by the world. While this hasn’t resulted in European nations or others stopping humanitarian groups from moving forward with the aid, it has shifted the Obama Administration’s position from opposition to open threats.

Now, the US State Department is not only railing against the flotilla as “irresponsible” but is threatening criminal charges against American participants, claiming that the attempt to deliver aid to Gaza amounts to “conspiring to deliver material support” to Hamas and could lead to lengthy prison sentences.

Military tensions between China and USA heat up in Dispute over South China Sea Islands ~ link ~ China is beginning to act as a bully in its backyard, and of course the globalists want a truly global war, so watch this area.  Stirling      

Tensions are heating up between the US and China over disputed islands in the South China Sea as China warns the US to stay out of the dispute. The US has responded by launching a joint military exercise aimed at pushing back against the growing control China has in the area.

While this story is not even being mentioned in the US corporate media, it is currently the top story on Asian news sites.

Greece: Why are the Elites So Out Of Touch? - video ~ link  ~ I disagree with part of this video.  I believe that the EU was always a design of the Rothschild Empire for Europe.  Stirling    

Martial law provisions secretly passed in Congress Committee ~ link ~ Hitler and Stalin would be proud.  Stirling    

A noted human rights group spokesperson has stated that the mandatory military detention provision that the Senate Armed Services Committee secretly discussed and passed this week, is what martial-law states, not democracies do.

The Senate Armed Services Committee's vote this week redefined rules for detaining terrorism suspects, including giving power to military judges to review cases of prisoners in Afghanistan and mandating military detention for important Qaeda suspects even captured on United States soil.

Concerns continue to mount on US bioweapons violations ~ link ~ If you believe in the Bible, the Last Book of the Bible says that in the final battle one-third of the world will die of "plague"...that is advanced biowar; and another third will die of "wormwood"....that is the translation of Chernobyl.  Stirling    

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: "Libya didn't attack us, they don't have any intention of attacking us" - video ~ link  

PNAC - Reborn:  Calling for Greater Libyan War ~ link ~ Same neocon trash that got us into several wars wants more of our blood and our money.  Tell them to Go To Hell!  Stirling     


Anonymous said...

What about the RFID chip implant under the skin becomming compulsory in the US ??

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

World war III is getting closer and closer:

Analysis - Turkey loses patience over Syria

ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkey faces a growing danger Syrian economic and social disruption could spill onto its soil, with some fearing an influx of refugees could draw its troops into border operations uncomfortably close to Syrian forces.

President Bashar al-Assad's crackdown on opposition has pushed once-warm ties with Syria close to breaking point. Assad's increasingly bloody repression of protests has driven 12,000 Syrian refugees to move north and take shelter in camps in Turkey, while Syrian troops move up to seal the area.

Ankara has sharpened its rhetoric against Damascus -- publicly nudging Assad to pass reforms and calling his crackdown "savagery" -- but analysts say Turkey is still holding out hope for a change of heart in Assad.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Friday a speech by Assad contained "positive elements in it as signals of reform," but said it was important that action followed.

"The Turks seem to be quite worried about a lack of alternatives to a stable regime other than a cruel tyrannical succession," said a Western diplomat with knowledge of the Turkish perspective.

"Their last best hope -- although they are not naive -- is that somehow Assad, out of desperation to save his own skin, will undertake meaningful reforms."

Syria, an ally of Iran, sits at the heart of numerous conflicts in the Middle East. An unstable Syria would have repercussions for Turkey, which also borders Iran and Iraq.

"The fear of the unknown is a major factor," said Gareth Jenkins, an Istanbul-based security analyst.

"AK is very conservative. It prefers to deal with the devil it knows and Assad is the devil it knows," Jenkins said, referring to Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's ruling AK Party, which has improved ties with Syria and other Muslim countries.

But Turkey could decide to ditch Assad should Syria descend into a civil war between religious and ethnic groupings.

Though non-Arab, Turkey's demographics have similarities with Syria's. Both have a Sunni majority with Kurdish and Alawite minorities, although Assad's ruling family are Alawites.

"The strategic, political dimension says that the stability of Syria is vital for the fragile stability of the Middle East," Murat Yetkin, editor of the Hurriyet daily, wrote recently.

"But that doesn't mean that the current regime will be supported at any cost, because the Baath rule cannot produce stability anymore, as it insists on the current policies."


With refugees pouring across the border, media have reported that Turkish political and military leaders are considering setting up a buffer zone inside Syria in case the number of refugees increases sharply.

Officials say they are not aware of such plans.

Turkey's 2nd Army Commander visited the Guvecci border post this week to take stock of Syrian troop deployments near the border and to see the situation of the refugees for himself.

Turkey was caught off guard when 500,000 people flooded across the border from Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War, many of them staying for some time after the war. The years that followed saw small contingents of Turkish troops policing what was an effective 'buffer zone' in the north of Iraq.

Having almost gone to war in the late 1990s because of Turkish Kurdish militants using Syria as a sanctuary, Damascus would not welcome the prospect of Turkish boots on Syrian soil.


Well, I´ve got fresh water for about 3 weeks and canned food for about 2 month (500 kcal per day, which is not enough)
I also have got vitamine pills and of course my mediaments.

I pray every day, but I think it is too late.

WWIII will/is going to start this summer.

Yours, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany