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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVA MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

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The E.coli outbreak in Europe is BioWar by Lord Stirling ~ link

The Federal Reserve - THE EIGHT FAMILIES ~ link

Japan: Victim of Scalar Warfare Attack by Lord Stirling ~ link   

Population Reduction After Economic Collapse - video ~ link ~ This is a video you should view.  New link.   Stirling   

Finding Order in the Orwellian Chaos ~ link ~ This is an excellent article that I strongly recommend.  Stirling    

Latest Satellite Surface Current Forecast for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link

Latest Satellite Sea Surface Temperature for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link    

Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

General Middle East War Nears - Syrian events more dangerous than even nuclear nightmare in Japan ~ link 

What a War against Syria and Iran will be like - A collection of articles by Lord Stirling ~ link

Revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East - Who Really Benefits?  
Will they continue to spread throughout the world in the wake of global food shortages, global depression, and Austerity Fascism?  by Lord Stirling ~ link 

Ancient Scottish Barony Title, Baron of Grenane, for sale.  The rare and highly important "Camelot Barony", the Barony of Grenane in the Ancient Baronage of the Isles has had only four families as owners for over half a millennium. The family of the MacDonald Lords of the Isles, the Davidsons, the Kennedys (the Marquess of Ailsa), and now the Alexanders (the Earl of Stirling). The only way to acquire by purchase a real recognized title of nobility in the world today, from a nation having an existing monarchy and system of noble titles, is to purchase a Scottish feudal barony (there are perhaps 200 or less still in existence and sales are very rare) For sale at UK50,000 Pounds  - contact Lord Stirling at earlofstirling@yahoo.com. For more information ~ link  

Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band at Stirling Castle ~ link   ~ Official site ~ link

Watch Live Video: Spanish Revolution (Madrid Protests) ~ link 

Tonight midnight: Greek government faces Confidence Vote in Parliament ~ link ~ It is likely to be passed by the bought-and-paid-for political whores in Parliament but that will only further enrage the population.  Stirling     

However, anti-austerity protesters plan to mass outside parliament ahead of the vote, scheduled for Tuesday midnight.

The recent request for tougher austerity follows massive nationwide protests and three general strikes against Greece's current austerity cuts.

Protesters believe the new bailout deal will affect the working class and increase poverty.

The country has a debt of over EUR 300 billion, which is worth more than 150 percent of its annual economic output.

Debtocracy - The video that has helped to empower the People of Greece (with English subtitles) ~ link

Greek Film Shows Way Out Of Debt Bind ~ link ~ Another great article by Henry.  The link to the film is the one just above this story, or can be linked from this story.  Stirling        

Defined by Russian economist Alexander Sacks in the 1920's, "odious debt" is incurred by a despotic power, "not for the needs or in the interest of the State, but to strengthen its despotic regime, to repress the population that fights against it, etc., this debt is odious for the population of all the State."

He went on. "This debt is not an obligation for the nation; it is a regime's debt." Sack called it "a personal debt of the power that has incurred it." When this power falls, that debt "consequently . . . falls with the fall of this power.
Sack also considered a debt odious when, "the loans incurred by members of the government or by persons or groups associated with the government to serve interests manifestly personal - interests that are unrelated to the interests of the State." A bribe is an example of a manifestly personal interest.

Now, in order for a debt to be deemed "odious," Sack said that the lender must also be aware that the loan is "contrary to the interests of the nation."

In this case, Professor Sack said, "the creditors have committed a hostile act" against the people. They can't therefore expect that a nation freed from a despotic power will assume the 'odious' debts, which he called "personal debts of that power."


Israeli Navy commander: "Hate flotilla" to Gaza must be stopped ~ link ~ Fact: The mass of civilians, men, women, and children, living in Gaza are in effect living in a ghetto prison of Israel's making.  A ghetto based on their ethnicity and religion.  That is wrong.  It was wrong when the Germans under Hitler forced the Jews to live in ghetto prisons, and it is wrong in Palestine/Gaza.  It is wrong because treating any class of humans as subhumans is evil and wrong.  It is not excusable that your extremist religion beliefs (as in the case of some Israelis) that all gentiles are but two-legged soulless animals allow this type of behavior.  Israel must change its actions against its neighbors or the judgement of God will fall on them.   Stirling         

Max Keiser At Syntagma Square: 'The tear gas didn't do jack shit; Greece is under financial occupation' - video ~ linkGood short clip; I would have liked to have hear more of it.  Stirling       

How Goldman Sachs turned a $1.3 billion investment from Libya into $25 million in less than a year (a 98% LOSS) ~ link ~ Which I suspect was behind Gaddafi beginning to push the Golden Dinar.  Which in turn was the 'kiss of death' for him from the Global Banking Cartel, and got him second place priority (with Syria as first place) in the bogus "Arab Spring"/Domino Revolutions that were organized by the globalists/CIA/Mossad.  Stirling     

Eisenhower's worst fears came true: We invent enemies to buy the bombs. ~ link ~ It is a historical fact that the Global Banking Cartel families have been behind most wars, often financing both sides, over the last 200 years.  They have manipulated governments and events to cause war after war after war for profit and power.  They are totally immoral and satanic in nature and are the greatest blight on humanity, other than their true leader Lucifer.  Stirling    

Large pro-Assad rallies held across Syria ~ link ~ Make no mistake about it, Assad will not go quietly. He knows fully well that he is involved in an attack on Syria by outside forces.   Stirling       

Malaysian, French ships join 'Freedom Flotilla' to Gaza ~ link ~  The Israelis will continue to act as super-racists and bullies in the case of this international flotilla.  Stirling     

The Prime Minister of Malaysia voiced his support for the upcoming 'Freedom Flotilla' of aid ships and 500 supporters from around the world who plan to enter Gaza by sea on June 27th. A ship from Malaysia joins two new French ships added to the roster of a dozen ships set to sail to Gaza next week.

Israeli commandoes have been preparing for the flotilla with war games and new weaponry, including a high-powered water cannon which they plan to fire at the aid ships to prevent them from entering Gaza. Although Israel faced criticism worldwide for its attack on the aid flotilla last year which killed nine aid workers, no changes have been made in Israeli policy and no one has faced charges for the killings.

The two French boats, announced on Sunday, will carry around 40 passengers, including legislators, entertainers and sports stars from France. The flotilla will include ships from the US, England, Estonia, Sweden, Latvia, Portugal, Australia, Kuwait and Portugal, in addition to the French and Malaysian ships.

Preventing radiation contamination more important than TEPCOs stock price ~ link ~ To sane rational people, yes, but to some whose god is money, no.  Stirling      

In a TV Asahi program on June 16, Koide made the following comment:
"As far as I can tell from the announcements made by Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), the nuclear fuel that has melted down inside reactors at the Fukushima nuclear plant has gone through the bottom of the containers, which are like pressure cookers, and is lying on the concrete foundations, sinking into the ground below. We have to install a barrier deep in the soil and build a subterranean dam as soon as possible to prevent groundwater contaminated with radioactive materials from leaking into the ocean."

His comment captured public interest and when I asked a high-ranking government official about it, the official said that construction of an underground dam was indeed being prepared. But when I probed further, I found that the project was in limbo due to opposition from TEPCO.

The reason is funding. It would cost about 100 billion yen to build such a dam, but there is no guarantee that the government would cover the amount. If an announcement were made and TEPCO were seen as incurring more liabilities, then its shares would fall once again, and the company might not be able to make it through its next general shareholders' meeting.

'Obama's lawyers worst than Bush's' ~ link ~ Well it is "change", just not for the better!  Stirling      

TSA Now Storming Public Places 8,000 Times a Year ~ link ~  Two things are really shameful about this: (1) That it is happening; (2) That the American people are allowing it to happen.   Stirling      

Americans must decide if, in the name of homeland security, they are willing to allow TSA operatives to storm public places in their communities with no warning, pat them down, and search their bags.  And they better decide quickly.

9/11 And The Orwellian Redefinition Of Conspiracy Theory ~ link ~ Good one!   Stirling     

A "conspiracy theory" no longer means an event explained by a conspiracy. Instead, it now means any explanation, or even a fact, that is out of step with the government's explanation and that of its media pimps.  
For example, online news broadcasts of RT have been equated with conspiracy theories by the New York Times simply because RT reports news and opinions that the New York Times does not report and the US government does not endorse.

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