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Population Reduction After Economic Collapse - video ~ link ~ This is a video you should view.  New link.   Stirling   

Finding Order in the Orwellian Chaos ~ link ~ This is an excellent article that I strongly recommend.  Stirling    

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Revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East - Who Really Benefits?  
Will they continue to spread throughout the world in the wake of global food shortages, global depression, and Austerity Fascism?  by Lord Stirling ~ link 

Ancient Scottish Barony Title, Baron of Grenane, for sale.  The rare and highly important "Camelot Barony", the Barony of Grenane in the Ancient Baronage of the Isles has had only four families as owners for over half a millennium. The family of the MacDonald Lords of the Isles, the Davidsons, the Kennedys (the Marquess of Ailsa), and now the Alexanders (the Earl of Stirling). The only way to acquire by purchase a real recognized title of nobility in the world today, from a nation having an existing monarchy and system of noble titles, is to purchase a Scottish feudal barony (there are perhaps 200 or less still in existence and sales are very rare) For sale at UK60,000 Pounds (this is a price reduction of UK5,000 Pounds)  - contact Lord Stirling at For more information ~ link  

Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band at Stirling Castle ~ link   ~ Official site ~ link


What's behind the global bankers' austerity programs: Seizure of Public Property for Corporations ~ link ~ First they steal everything not nailed down.  Now they are stealing what's left including that which is nailed down.  Stirling     

What lies in store for Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy, and, in short order, the United States, is the wholesale sell-off of public property to private corporations at bargain basement prices. What the despots who gather in their secretive lairs at Davos, Cernobbio, Bilderberg, and G8/G20 are bringing about is a world where no property is owned by the state, which by default means the people. Total corporate control over every facet of life equals extreme fascism.

What is occurring in Greece is a bellwether for what will befall other nations in Europe, as well as the United States, if the bankers get their way. And in Greece, the people know how generations of investments by the taxpayers are being turned over to vampire capitalists who have the full backing of the International Monetary Fund, European Commission, and the European Central Bank.

The European and global bankers have demanded that the Greek government sell off entirely or assume a minority stake in a number of state enterprises and utilities.

Syria crisis: Troops move into towns in north ~ link ~ The Syrians are fighting NATO/Mossad proxies, and they know it!  Stirling      

State television showed pictures of troops moving into Maarat al-Numan, which is some 40km (25 miles) south-east of Jisr al-Shughour, the town overrun by tanks and troops on Sunday.

It said the army had also moved into Khan Sheikhoun, just south of Maarat al-Numan, to prevent what it called "armed terrorist organisations" from cutting off the highway. 

Greece: Merkel and Sarkozy urge bail-out ~ linkOh how the mainstream news media spins and distorts.  The real story here is that Germany has finally agreed to 'get with the globalist program' and continue to pump its billions and billions of Euros into the worst hit Eurozone countries, so that they can pay the global bankers for debts that were a scam to begin with.  About a couple of months ago, a new very expensive State Helicopter carrying Chancellor Merkel crashed.  Only due to luck and pilot skill, were the occupants not killed.   Then we had the very strange and very dangerous release of an Advanced Biowar agent based on E.coli released in Germany.  Now the German Chancellor has agreed, in spite of broad based opposition in the German political class as well as in the population, to 'get with the program' of the Global Banking Cartel.  Coincidence??? If you believe it is all simply a coincidence I have a 'bridge in Brooklyn' to sell you (for my non-American readers, this is a old American slang way to say it is a con job).  Stirling 

But the comments by Mrs Merkel and Mr Sarkozy were seen as a signal to banks and bondholders that they will not be made incur losses on Greek debt.

Mrs Merkel is facing a backlash domestically over Germany's huge financial contribution to European bail-outs.

Merkel softens stance on bailout ~ link ~ She was almost killed in the helicopter crash, along with some of her people, and 39 people are dead and hundreds critically ill from the Advanced Biowar E.coli attack.  Yep, she has 'softened her stance' and the globalist banksters win again.  However, there is still the matter of the 'mad as hell' Greek people and they have woken up to just who is behind this nightmare.   Stirling    

Germany has calmed fears that it wants to force losses on Greece's private creditors, agreeing with France that any private sector involvement should be voluntary as part of a new rescue plan.

Ms Merkel and her government had in recent months been pushing for private creditors to share a larger part of the burden, amid political pressure from German voters who complained about having to support last year's 110 billion euro (£68 billion) package.

Greek reshuffle, Berlin-Paris deal ease Euro fears ~ link ~ This is all about the banks, not about what the people of Greece want.  It is opposite of what the people are demanding and it will not settle anything but the stock markets for a short while.  I listened to the morning mainstream television news shows this morning, and they were shoving the same crap.  You would think that everything is now OK in reality things are very bad.  It is even doubtful if the Greek Government can push through the legislation, that the banksters require, by the end of this month/deadline.  In any case, the people have served notice that they are not going to stand for any more of this looting of their nation by the Global Banking Cartel and their bought-and-paid-for political class.  Stirling     
Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou sacrificed his finance minister on Friday and put his main socialist party rival into the job in a bid to force through an unpopular austerity plan and avert bankruptcy.

In Berlin, the leaders of Germany and France, long at odds over how to involve private holders of Greek bonds in a new rescue package for Athens, said they had united behind a mild solution favored by Paris and the European Central Bank.

"Leaders" call for quick fix on Greek debt - with video ~ link ~ As long as the "quick fix" gives the Global Banking Cartel families everything that they demand.  Stirling      

Without continued funding, Greece will default on its massive debts, which would have widespread ramifications for the global economy as well as the eurozone.

Meanwhile, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy is meeting Ireland's prime minister today to discuss how to contain the "risk of contagion" from the crisis.

Greek PM makes rival finance chief to shore up support ~ link ~ This is support in his party, not among the Greek masses.  Stirling     

"Orderly Default" - Liars lexicon ~ linkWhen the banks and pundits say orderly, they mean orderly for the banks. Not orderly for Greece or the Greeks or the Portuguese or Irish.

Greece is going to default. Everyone finally admits this after denying it vehemently. The simple fact is that the Greek economy is not growing fast enough to have any hope of even keeping pace with their debts and the interest on them. Their debts are accumulating faster than their economy is growing. In fact the Greek economy is hardly growing at all – less than 1% at best.

So the ‘orderly’ plan is to give Greece loans to extend the time before the mathematics of compound interest and a contracting economy catch up with them. In this time the plan is to pay off lumps of the principle by selling organs. Organs of the state; a port here, a phone system there. The fisherman sells his boat and his net to clear his debts. And then what? Well then he is fodder for the wage pool and the loan shark.

I think the answer is that for as long as the ‘orderly default’ plan can be enforced upon the Greeks it provides the banks with the delicious prospect of asset stripping an entire nation.
Because that is exaclty what is going on in Greece . What the ‘orderly’ default provides is a window of opportunity when predatory financial players can strip Greece and in future maybe Portugal and Ireland as well, of everything the banks could never get their hands on in any other circumstance.

BBC journalist makes astonishing admission that Greek people have lost faith in mainstream media ~ link ~ But a new situation is emerging: Greek people I have spoken to are beginning to express things in terms of nation and sovereignty – and this makes the Greek situation different, for now, to Ireland and Portugal.
And I will repeat the point about hostility to the media: it’s not a problem for me and my colleagues to be hounded off demos as “representatives of big capital”, “Zionists”, “scum and police informers” etc. But to get this reaction from almost every demographic – from balaclava kids to pensioners – should be a warning sign to the policymaking elite. The “mainstream” – whether it’s the media, politicians or business people – is beginning to seem illegitimate to large numbers of people.

Fatal floods hit China forcing over 500,000 to flee - with video ~ link ~ One more example of climate change caused by the BP Oil Disaster and the use of dispersants to sink the oil in the Gulf of Mexico.  Which killed and continues to kill the Loop Current which was in the Gulf and was a key part of the Thermohaline Circulation System in the Atlantic Ocean, which in turn acted to steer the atmospheric Jet Steam.  We know, from Goldman Sachs and key BP insiders stock trades, that this was not an accident.  It was deliberate Disaster Warfare by the globalists, as a part of their plan to create massive global chaos to usher in their New World Order.  Stirling      

China has raised the disaster alert to the highest level, as flooding spreads across central and southern provinces.

The floods come after months of crop-destroying drought in the centre and north of the country. Some areas along the Yangtze River have suffered their worst drought in half a century. Despite the rain, officials have warned that the crop shortages and dislocation caused by drought will remain severe. Analysts say crop shortages in China could affect prices around the world.

3,000 Spaniards hold demo in Barceloma ~ link ~ When the first European nation has a full revolution, several others are apt to follow.   Stirling    

About 3,000 Spaniards have held a demonstration against the government's budget cuts at the Catalan parliament in Barcelona, blocking the entrance of lawmakers.
Angry protesters, who were trying to prevent lawmakers of the autonomous community of Catalonia from voting on new austerity cuts, were met with a strong police cordon, the Press TV correspondent in Barcelona reported.  

Demonstrators are also protesting against political corruption and the country's soaring unemployment rate, which stood at 21 percent in the first quarter of 2011. Spain has the highest unemployment rate in the industrialized world.  And the unemployment rate for people under 25 years old was 43.5 percent in February -- the highest in the European Union. 

British PM lashes out at Royal Navy chief ~ link ~ The political class has stripped the Royal Navy of its fleet defense fighters, sold one of its carriers (it is being scrapped for scrap steel now), and is selling off its Harrier jets to the USMC for a token price.  The total number of Royal Navy ships has become a joke.  Yet, the political class continues to get the UK and its armed forces into foreign wars without the necessary equipment, because they really don't care about the men putting their lives on the line.   Stirling       

[From the 'comments' section on this article] Does Cameron really think that he knows better than the head of the royal navy? What an arrogant prick. Here is a jumped up little fart who hasn't ever done a days work in his life, telling our armed forces to risk their lives because of bunch of low life bankers/oil men who want to rape the country of its assets. Come the revolution eh. 

Unison chief warns UK government of massive strike ~ link ~ Over one million British public sector workers will go on strike in the autumn unless the government abandons its controversial pension changes, warns a union leader.

Prentis said there was a "perfect storm" of pension increases and pay freezes, which could lead to public sector workers having their earnings cut by 10 percent.  

Righthaven Copyright Troll Lawsuit Dismissed as Sham ~ link ~ Good.  This was nothing but a corrupt attempt to destroy Freedom of the Press on the Internet and to make money in the process.  Stirling     
In a decision with likely wide-ranging impact, a judge in Las Vegas today dismissed as a sham an infringement case filed by copyright troll Righthaven LLC. The judge ruled that Righthaven did not have the legal authorization to bring a copyright lawsuit against the political forum Democratic Underground, because it had never owned the copyright in the first place. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Fenwick & West LLP, and Las Vegas attorney Chad Bowers are defending Democratic Underground.

“We are pleased that the Court saw through Righthaven’s sham assignment of the copyright and dismissed its improper claim,” said EFF Senior Staff Attorney Kurt Opsahl. “Today’s decision shows that Righthaven’s copyright litigation business model is fatally flawed, and we expect the decision to have wide effect on the over 270 other cases Righthaven has brought.”


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