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Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band at Stirling Castle ~ link   ~ Official site ~ link

Breaking News

Greek Protesters Blockade Parliament ~ link ~ Greek demonstrators prepared to cordon off parliament and unions to strike in protest at the Socialist government's efforts to approve a fresh round of austerity for the debt-stricken euro zone state.

Prime Minister George Papandreou must push through a new five-year campaign of tax hikes, spending cuts and selloffs of state property to continue receiving aid from the European Union and International Monetary Fund and avoid default.

Greek assembly faces protest cordon over austerity ~ link ~ This could go into a full revolution very easily.  The corrupt Greek Prime Minister, and much of the bought-and-paid-for political class, are nothing but puppets for the Global Banking Cartel.  They are NOT listening to the people at all.  They are determined to ruin the lives of the entire nation for their masters the satanic families that control the Cartel.  It would not take too much for the masses to storm the Parliament and lynch the MPs.   Stirling     

Greek debt crisis deepens ~ link ~ Tensions escalated as George Papandreou's socialist government confronted negative polls and a relentless stream of demonstrations initially inspired by Spain's peaceful indignados three weeks ago, but now showing signs of becoming increasingly explosive.

"All it will take is one mistake and the joviality that has marked the protests so far will end in a second," said veteran photographer Spyros Tsakiris, sitting in the heart of the tent city that has formed in central Syntagma Square, site of the Greek parliament.

"The mood has changed noticeably. I watch these people and honestly, I am afraid. At any moment things could go wrong and Greece could go up."

New Greek Strike Amid Brutal Budget Cuts ~ link ~ The Greek people are very close to all out revolution against the globalist imposed Austerity Fascism.

Crisis-hit Greece is braced for a 24-hour nationwide strike, in the latest sign of swelling social unrest against a new batch of brutal government budget cuts. 

Thousands of protesters in Athens plan to surround parliament, creating a human shield to prevent lawmakers from entering the building.

Protesters vow to besiege Parliament over austerity plan ~ link ~ Protesters said they would surround the Greek parliament on Wednesday to prevent debate, putting new pressure on the government to drop its austerity plan, and two ruling party lawmakers said they would vote against the measures.

Protesters, who have staged demonstrations in Syntagma Square in front of parliament every day for three weeks, said they would form a cordon round the building on Wednesday. “...we (will) encircle the parliament ... and stay at Syntagma,” the self-styled People’s Assembly of Syntagma Square said in a statement. “Our first stop is the general strike of June 15. We won’t stop until they withdraw it (the plan).”

EU holding talks on Greek Bailout ~ link ~ Euro zone finance ministers are meeting in Brussels to discuss a second bailout for Greece, with Germany demanding that private bondholders should contribute to a rescue.
Reuters cited euro zone sources as saying that no decisions were expected at the meeting, which will lay the groundwork for further discussions among finance ministers on June 20 ahead of a European Union leaders' summit on June 23-24. 

George Soros blames officials as Greek crisis escalates ~ link ~ How about blaming the people you serve, the Rothschilds and the rest of the satanic global banking trash for what is happening, George!  Stirling     

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