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Israel government 'reckless and irresponsible' says ex-Mossad chief ~ link ~ Folks pay attention to this.  Meir Dagan is one smart, tough, hard SOB.  He is both a strategist and a realist; he is also as pro-Israeli as they come.  He has seen what I have seen for some time.  That it is strongly in the interest of Israel not to create a war with Iran, either directly or via Syria or Lebanon.  He knows that the military alliance between Iran, Syria, Lebanon/Hezbollah, and Hamas has 60,000 or so rockets and missiles in southern Lebanon alone, plus maybe 10,000 in Gaza and the West Bank, and that Syria and Iran have many hundreds of larger and more dangerous IRBMs.  He knows that if they were simply to fire these with only "dumb warheads" (simple high explosive warheads) that the level of destruction in Israel would be beyond belief.  He also knows that his enemies have Advanced Conventional warheads such as Fuel Air Explosives (FAEs) that can deliver a truly massive level of firepower; that properly fired in a grid pattern, FAEs can lay down a sufficient FAE 'brew' over a large part of a major city to achieve a PSI level equal to that of tactical nuclear weapons without using nuclear material.  He also knows that his enemies have a vast Chemical Warfare arsenal and a Radiological (dirty bomb) arsenal of warheads for their massive number of rockets and missiles.  Moreover, he knows about and understands the Advanced Biological Warfare arsenal that Iran has been developing over the last 20 years using former Soviet scientists.  He knows that this arsenal is the "poor man's nukes" and is capable of destroying most of Israel's citizens.  He, unlike Netanyahu and his Cabinet, is no fool.  Unfortunately, dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu is just crazy enough to yell "damn the rockets and missiles" and launch a horrific regional war in the Middle East.  He also, no doubt knows that the Global Banking Cartel is counting on Bibi to launch his regional war with WMD and thereby kick off World War III, which they want to help bring about their long-sought New World Order.  Stirling       
One newspaper quotes him as saying that he, as head of Mossad, Yuval Diskin, the head of Sin Bet – the internal security agency, and Gabi Ashkenazi, the head of the army, could prevent Netanyahu and Barak from making mistakes but all three have left their positions and have been replaced by men chosen by the current government.

"I decided to speak because when I was in office, Diskin, Ashkenazi and I could block any dangerous adventure. Now I am afraid that there is no one to stop Bibi [Netanyahu] and Barak," said Dagan.
In his latest comments, he said that if Israel attacks Iran, it will find itself at the centre of a regional war that would endanger the state's existence. 
Ben Caspit of the Maariv newspaper wrote: "He is one of the most rightwing militant people ever born here ... who ate Arabs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. "When this man says that the leadership has no vision and is irresponsible, we should stop sleeping soundly at night."

Target Iran ~ link Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent and successful excoriation of the Palestinians before a receptive American audience made it easy to miss the subplot, which was the alleged threat posed by Iran.  Netanyahu took every opportunity to attack the Iranians, tying them into each hostile group in the Middle East and taking them to task for their presumed efforts to become the regional hegemon rather than his beloved Israel.  So it comes as no surprise that an Israeli Deputy Prime Minister has now called for war against Iran. Speaking at the end of May in an ‘interview’, Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon urged an attack on Iran, arguing that it is necessary to prevent Tehran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Ya’alon also called on the other countries, by which he meant the United States, to join in because Iran is “a threat to the entire civilized world.”
And it is not just an Israeli government official who would be expected to mouth the party line who is sending up red flags.  Respected journalist Amir Oren, writing for Haaretz‘opines’ that there is considerable danger that Iran will be surprise attacked between the June departure of Robert Gates from the office of Secretary of Defense and the retirement of Admiral Mike Mullen from the chairmanship of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in September.  The timing of the attack is intended to take advantage of the confusion inevitable when there is a change of command in Washington.  A regional war would also preempt any Palestinian attempts to declare statehood at the UN in September.  And there are many in Washington who would welcome such an enterprise.  Sources ‘report’ that the Pentagon is carrying out contingency planning based exercises in which US forces follow-on to the first Israel strikes against Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.  It is being presumed that President Obama would find it difficult not to do so, in support of “friend and close ally” Israel.

Iran and the issue of nuclear weapons ~ link ~ What happens when a well-armed individual cannot tell the difference between reality and unreality? What happens when a well-armed individual just knows, in his gut, that the other guy is plotting to destroy him? Chances are good that something horrible will happen. And the American public ought to know that this is so, because collectively we have already lived out this tragedy in 2003. In that year we had leadership which was much more influenced by its guts, by religious imagery, by duplicitous Iraqi conmen, by scheming Zionists and ideologically driven neo-cons, than anything vaguely resembling hard evidence. That "something horrible" cost the lives of over a million human beings.

So let us get this straight. It seems there are two worlds. The real world of facts and evidence and the unreal world of political fantasy. Our political leaders and their advisers are, apparently, stuck in the unreal one. Their words, and their policies, are built on the assumptions of this fantasy world. They go to war and kill people based on beliefs that are demonstrably false. And the rest of us? Most of us are stuck in our own local niches and beyond them we do not know what is real or unreal. So we rely on others to tell us what is allegedly real beyond our local sphere. Who are the others? They just happen to be our political leaders and their advisers. Well, that makes a nice little circle. And, a predictably fatal one at that.

German tests link bean spouts to deadly E.coli ~ link ~ WRONG!  Read the details in this article....they have NO PROOF of this!  This is all globalist news media bullshit.  In fact, this story has earned the not so coveted Five BS Flag Award.  Someone sent a waring message to the Germans to get in line fully with the globalist plans OR ELSE!   Stirling 
Mr Burger, who heads the Robert Koch Institute, told reporters on Friday that even though no tests of the sprouts from a farm in Lower Saxony had come back positive, the epidemiological investigation of the pattern of the outbreak had produced enough evidence to draw the conclusion.
Lower Saxony agriculture minister Gert Lindemann said earlier this week that experts had found no traces of the E. coli bacterium strain at the Bienenbuettel farm but he did not rule it out as the source of the contamination.

In an interview to be published in next week's edition of Focus magazine, Mr Lindemann said some 60 of the people taken ill had eaten sprouts from the farm, which employs about 15 people.  [NOTE: There were over 3,000 people who became very ill from this Advanced Biowar release, not 60! Stirling]

German claims bean sprouts likely E.coli source ~ link ~ "Nothing to look at here folks, move one and don't think about this, put it out of your minds". NOT!  This is clearly a case of cover-up, of treating the public like farmers raise mushrooms, in the dark and feeding them manure!  Stirling      

Officials acknowledged, however, that laboratory tests to confirm the findings had produced only negative results and that questions remained about how the sprouts had been contaminated in the first place

Coldest May on Record for Northern Australia ~ link ~  The global pattern of strange abnormal weather since the deliberate BP Oil Disaster (and the use of dispersants to sink and keep the oil in the Gulf of Mexico) continues.  Stirling     

Darwin and other parts of Northern Australia have just had their coldest May on record.

"The cold has affected every district in the Northern Territory”, Weatherzone meteorologist Brett Dutschke told The Age.
Rare African Snow Events ~ link ~ Light snow fell in areas close to Johannesburg, South Africa, on Thursday morning as temperatures dipped across much of south and south-western Africa.

Cold rain, sleet and light snow was recorded in the vicinity of Johannesburg, which has only recorded five snowfall events since 1956.

Namibian snow record ~ link ~ Reports and photographs of the snowfall circulated rapidly and widely across the Internet and inboxes bulged with rare images depicting snow in areas usually associated with heat and dust, not biting cold and white blankets of snow.
Forecaster Olga Tjiueza said that while “very cold conditions” will persist across most parts of Namibia in the next few days, the rain and snow will subside.

Top Post-Collapse Barter Items And Trade Skills ~ link ~  Get a couple cases of Jack Daniels, a bottle of good whiskey is a good barter item, it is small, and keeps.  Stirling      

The concept of private barter and alternative economies has been so far removed from our daily existence here in America that the very idea of participating in commerce without the use of dollars or without the inclusion of corporate chains seems almost outlandish to many people. However, the fact remains that up until very recently (perhaps the last three to four decades) barter and independent trade was commonplace in this country. Without it, many families could not have survived.

Whether we like it or not, such economic methods will be making a return very soon, especially in the face of a plunging dollar, inflating wholesale prices, erratic investment markets, and unsustainable national debts. It is inevitable; financial collapse of the mainstream system ALWAYS leads to secondary markets and individual barter. We can wait until we are already in the midst of collapse and weighted with desperation before we take action to better our circumstances, or, we can prepare now for what we already know is coming.

How to Survive Total Economic Collapse - video ~ link

Syria unrest: Renewed clashes leave 28 dead - with video ~ link ~ The globalists/Israeli "take out Assad" operation is still running.  Stirling       

Max Keiser: Global Financial War Hotspots - video ~ link ~ Good one!   Stirling      

Autism linked to toxic chemicals found in everyday items FOR BABIES - video ~ link ~ The level of raw evil in today's world is almost unbelievable!  Stirling     

This is how the Dollar Dies ~ link ~ Interesting!  Stirling      
Currently, those bonds yield only about 3%.
This implies a huge collapse of bond prices – a collapse of more than 50%.
A collapse of that magnitude would completely wipe out the stock market. It would be a massacre.
No one is expecting any of this. Everyone believes something like this could never happen. Yet this rise in interest rates would only carry us to the average return bond investors have earned over the last several decades. It doesn't even consider the kind of panic selling that would ensue.


Michael Cecil said...

You mention a world of political fantasy; and with good reason.

But there is also a world of religious fantasy...

In which a religious elite sits around and talks about "interfaith dialogue" between Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Buddhist religious 'authorities'...

But those discussions are not in ANY way involved in the REAL world; not in ANY way interfering with the approaching military conflict over Jerusalem based upon the LIES and ERRORS of these very same religious 'authorities'.

But the religious elite do not care about the real world. All they care about is the PRETENSE of interfaith agreement among exclusively the religious elites themselves.

Anonymous said...

A new and dramatic turn in the Syrian crisis;: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Friday night, June 10, ordered his army to move into northern Syria.