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The E.coli outbreak in Europe is BioWar by Lord Stirling ~ link

An interesting site that looks at Scalar Warfare and HAARP, as it relates to US weather disasters and also to earthquakes globally ~ link ~ The YouTube video collection from this site ~ link

Japan: Victim of Scalar Warfare Attack by Lord Stirling ~ link   

Population Reduction After Economic Collapse - video ~ link ~ This is a video you should view.  Stirling    

The Federal Reserve - THE EIGHT FAMILIES ~ link  

Finding Order in the Orwellian Chaos ~ link ~ This is an excellent article that I strongly recommend.  Stirling    

Latest Satellite Surface Current Forecast for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link

Latest Satellite Sea Surface Temperature for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link    

Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

General Middle East War Nears - Syrian events more dangerous than even nuclear nightmare in Japan ~ link 

What a War against Syria and Iran will be like - A collection of articles by Lord Stirling ~ link

Revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East - Who Really Benefits?  
Will they continue to spread throughout the world in the wake of global food shortages, global depression, and Austerity Fascism?  by Lord Stirling ~ link 

Ancient Scottish Barony Title, Baron of Grenane, for sale.  The rare and highly important "Camelot Barony", the Barony of Grenane in the Ancient Baronage of the Isles has had only four families as owners for over half a millennium. The family of the MacDonald Lords of the Isles, the Davidsons, the Kennedys (the Marquess of Ailsa), and now the Alexanders (the Earl of Stirling). The only way to acquire by purchase a real recognized title of nobility in the world today, from a nation having an existing monarchy and system of noble titles, is to purchase a Scottish feudal barony (there are perhaps 200 or less still in existence and sales are very rare) For sale at UK65,000 Pounds - contact Lord Stirling at For more information ~ link 

UK Crisis meeting is called as drought leaves crops dying in the fields ~ link ~ The Waterboarding of the World continues as planned (in the deepest bowels of Hell).  The current ever increasing global weather problems, with their horrific effect on the World's food supply, are part of the End Game Grand Strategy by the Global Banking Cartel.  This is one aspect of a broader Disaster Warfare program that is running.  The BP Oil Disaster, planned with full knowledge of what effect it would likely have the the planet's weather, has been the trigger mechanism for the droughts and flooding that we have been experiencing globally over the last 13 or so months.  Satan and his henchmen will do ANYTHING.  In the end, however, their End Game Grand Strategy will simply be the End Times that will usher in the Second Coming of Christ and a New Earth, a New Heaven under God not Satan!   Stirling    

Britain's second-driest spring in 100 years and the warmest since 1659 has left soil in parts of East Anglia and south-east England concrete-hard, with many rivers shrunk to trickles and crops withering at critical times in their growth.

Hunger is man-made ~ link ~ This is a man-made disaster: the result of an international food system which creates huge profits for a few while leaving millions hungry. Three US companies – Archer Daniels Midland, Bunge and Cargill – control nearly 90% of the world’s grain trade. In the first quarter of 2008, at the height of a global food price crisis, Cargill’s profits were up 86%, and the company is now heading for its most profitable year yet.

Food chain at risk of being poisoned by "terrorist groups"  ~ link ~  The evil bastards - Global Banking Cartel families/satanists - that are driving us all into Armageddon simply cannot resist using the lie about "terrorism" to create False Flag operations.  It was dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu that started this "terrorism" bullshit.  This article winds the not so coveted BS Flag Award.  Stirling 

E.coli Infection Swamps German Hospitals ~ linkEven as the insolvent EU scolded Russia for daring to ban imports of raw vegetables from EU countries 3 days ago releasing the following statement, "The European Commission protested to the Russian Federation this afternoon against the Russian ban imposed earlier today on all EU vegetable exports to Russia, and requested the immediate withdrawal of the measure" there is no chance that Russia will comply (adding insult to insolvency), following the latest report from Reuters that "German hospitals are struggling to cope with the flood of E.coli victims, Health Minister Daniel Bahr said on Sunday, as the death toll rose to 21 with more than 2,000 people infected across Europe....Hospitals in the northern port of Hamburg, epicenter of the outbreak that began three weeks ago, have been moving out patients with less serious illnesses to handle the surge of people stricken by a rare, highly toxic strain of the bacteria." Needless to say, this is good news for the Keynesians out there: in addition to earthquakes, volcanoes, rain, snow, floods, droughts, tsunamis and nuclear power plant explosions, worthless economists will now have viruses to blame for "one-time, non-recurring" misses to their latest set of expectations.

Biggest Protest in Athens Under Way As Tens of Thousands Ask "Where Did Our Money Go" and Demand NO MORE AUSTERITY ~ link ~ The Greek people have courage and know that they have been screwed royally by the global banksters.  The people are digging their heels in because the evil banksters want even fact THEY WANT IT ALL! Stirling     
After 12 consecutive days of protests, the biggest gathering in Athens' parliamentary Syntagma square is currently underway. The FT reports: "Thousands of Greeks protested outside parliament on Sunday against a fresh austerity package agreed in return for the country’s second bail-out in 13 months by the European Union and International Monetary Fund. “Thieves, thieves….Where did our money go?” the protestors shouted, blowing whistles and waving Greek flags as riot police thickened ranks around the parliament building on Syntagma square in the centre of the capital...Frustration over the socialist government’s half-hearted reform effort has united diverse activists –from unemployed graduates to environmentalists and pensioners – under the umbrella of the new movement. George Papaconstantinou, finance minister, is due to unveil on Monday a €6.4bn emergency package of tax increases and cuts in allowances aimed at putting this year’s budget back on track....“What went wrong? We need answers right now,” said Rovertos, a volunteer computer technician helping provide wi-fi services at the protest camp. “The government promised there wouldn’t be any more tough measures but they’re about to announce new taxes and thousands of job cuts,” said Stefanos, a retired civil servant sitting outside a tent." What went wrong is that Greece is in the process of being colonized by the global banker certal. But with summer season in swing, and most Greeks hitting the beach, we doubt many will notice until it is too late. As for those who may have noticed, below is a webstream of the biggest protest before the Greek parliament in 2011. It is sure to provide some entertainment for when the EUR opens up in 3 hours, if not much else.

The Big Fat Greek Sell-Off ~ link ~ The Global Banking Cartel Families WANT IT ALL!   Stirling    

Under pressure to raise €50bn as the quid pro quo for its massive €110bn (£98bn) bail-out, Greece is being forced to hawk its industrial and commercial backbone to the highest bidder.

On the block, alongside the Government's 74pc stake in Piraeus, is a similar-sized holding in the country's other main gateway port – Thessaloniki. Then there are the government's stakes in a host of public and private companies – as well as tracts of land. Corporate assets include OTE, the largest telecommunications company in the Balkans; PPC, the country's biggest electricity producer; horse-racing organisation ODIE; the state's 34pc stake in Europe's biggest betting company OPAP; another 34pc stake in Hellenic Postbank and train operator TrainOSE.

It is a gut-wrenching moment for a nation, whose heavily unionised workers are unlikely to be forced into accepting such privatisations without a fight. 

Swiss Banker Unmasks Bilderberg Criminals ~ link ~  Take the time to read all of this article at the link. Stirling     
Its much more, its trillions, completely unaudited, illegal and besides the tax system. Basically it's a robbery of everybody. I mean most normal people are paying taxes and abiding by the laws. What is happening here is complete against our Swiss values, like neutrality, honesty and good faith. In the meetings I was involved in, the discussions where completely against our democratic principles. You see, most of the directors of Swiss banks are not locals anymore, they are foreigners, mostly Anglo-Saxon, either American or British, they don't respect our neutrality, they don't respect our values, they are against our direct democracy, they
just use the Swiss banks for their illegal means. They use huge amounts of money created out of nothing and they destroy our society and destroy the people world wide just for greed. They seek power and destroy whole countries, like Greece, Spain, Portugal or Ireland and Switzerland
will be one of the last in line. And they use China as working slaves. 

They have huge amounts of money available and use it to destroy whole countries. They destroy our industry and build it up in China. On the other hand they opened up the gates in Europe for all Chinese products. The working population of Europe is earning less and less. The real aim is to destroy Europe.

I think the Strauss-Kahn case is a good chance for us, because it shows these people are corrupt, sick in their minds, so sick they are full of vices and those vices are kept under wraps on their orders. Some of them like Strauss-Kahn rape women, others are sado maso, or paedophile and many are into Satanism. When you go in some banks you see these satanistic symbols, like in the Rothschild Bank in Zurich. These people are controlled by black-mail because of the weaknesses they have. They have to follow orders or they will be exposed, they will be destroyed or even killed. The reputation of Strauss-Kahn is not only killed in the mass media, he could be killed also literally. 

They have a new plan to censor the internet, because the internet is still free. They want to control it and use terrorism or what ever as a reason. They could even plan something horrible so that they have an excuse. 

Victory for Social Democrats - Follow Portugal's Irrelevant Election Results ~ link ~ The Global Banking Cartel Families have UNLIMITED MONEY available to them.  They control the world's central banks, they create money out of thin air.  They have made elections, in most nations, irrelevant in two main ways.  Firstly, they have a death grip on the political classes in most nations.  They bribe and blackmail everyone possible, and considering the moral nature of most politicians, it is not too difficult of a task.  Secondly, in many nations regions or localities, computer voting takes place.  "He who controls the source code, controls the outcome of the election".  So the election itself is a scam.  The danger to the globalists is that the masses will really rise up and target them before they can institute their satanic New World Order.  In which case, they will simply make the coming Third World War happen sooner and be even worst than expected.  Stirling  

Portuguese voters braced for austerity measures as Socialists admit defeat ~ linkThe election ends a period of uncertainty that started with the collapse of the Socialist government in March and led Lisbon to become the third country in the eurozone to seek a bailout, after Greece and Ireland.

Social Democrat leader Pedro Passos Coelho is now expected to form a government together with the rightist CDS party. The Social Democrats will inherit a record jobless rate of 12.6 per cent and an expected economic contraction of 4 per cent over the next two years. Welfare and pay cuts, tax rises and threats of strikes will also present challenges. Portugal is locked into debt-reduction targets established as part of the bailout, limiting its room for manoeuvre. 

Portuguese opposition wins election victory ~ link ~ The new Prime Minister/puppet for the Global Banking Cartel makes sure that the first thing out of his mouth is a very public signal that he serves the banksters not the people.  This increases the likelihood of a real revolution in Portugal.   Stirling       
Prime minister-in-waiting Pedro Passos Coelho vowed to honor Lisbon's 78-billion-euro bailout deal with the EU and International Monetary Fund (IMF) after his Social Democrats (PSD) won the poll.

"I want to guarantee to those who are watching us from abroad that Portugal does not intend to be a burden for the future to other countries that lent us the means that we needed today to face up to our responsibilities," Passos Coelho told supporters. "We will do everything possible to honor the agreement established between the Portuguese state, the EU and the IMF to regain the confidence of markets," he added.

Portugal swings "right" in election taken after bailout ~ link ~ Right - left, conservative - liberal, this party - that is all bullshit if the same hidden forces control things behind the scenes.  Stirling   

Investors have kept Portugal's borrowing costs close to record levels even after the bailout agreement was reached on fears that the government that emerged after the election would lack a strong enough mandate to make parliament pass the austerity measures and reforms called for in the deal.

Among the measures called for in the three-year bailout deal are tax hikes, a freeze on state pensions and salaries and a reduction in jobless benefits as well as their duration.

Pedro Passos Coelho set for big election win as Portugal swings right ~ link ~ Voting took place against a background of economic misery, with unemployment rising to over 12% – the worst in three decades – and spending cuts in education, health and pensions seen as inevitable. Portugal's economy is expected to contract by 2% both this year and next as spending cuts bite and tax hikes are also used to bring down the budget deficit.

The election follows months of political squabbling over how to cut the debt burden. Opposition parties refused to accept the outgoing Sócrates government's last austerity plan, prompting him to resign and a snap election to be called.

Portugal elections: Socialists admit defeat ~ link ~ The election in Portugal shows just how corrupted and largely worthless "democracy" has become in most nations.  The public is strongly against Austerity Fascism and all it entails but that matters not a tinker's damn, all the major political parties take the opposite view and get by with it (with the support of the banksters' owned news media).  Stirling    

All the main parties are backing the 78bn euro ($116bn; £70bn) bail-out, which requires tough austerity measures amid a faltering economy and a debt crisis. 

NINE TRILLION DOLLARS MISSING from US Federal Reserve ~ link ~ Believe it or not, this amount is just "pocket change" to these crooks!  Stirling     

Boy of 12 among dozens of protesters killed by Israelis ~ link ~ You can count on the fact that NATO will NOT be calling for a No-Fly Zone or a bombing campaign or invasion of they have for Libya and Syria!   Stirling    

Twenty-THREE protesters, including a 12-year-old boy, have been shot dead by Israeli forces near the border fence on Golan Heights and a further 325 people injured, according to reports last night.
The violence happened as a large crowd of pro-Palestinian demonstrators approached the border to mark the anniversary of the 1967 Six-Day War. 


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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Spiegel online says that Germany was ill-prepared for an outbreak of such a magnitude.

Can a people be prepared if the enemy uses sleepers to spread the deadly sperms?

Yesterday it was tomatoes and cucumbers, today it´s Asian sprouts.

Tomorrow it will be aplles and peaches.
In fall we´ll have problems with grapes and after that with potatoes and in winter with oranges and cucumbers again.

The main problem is:

Western countries´ illegal war against the Islamic world to get control of the energy and metal resources of our beloved??? planet.

Al quaida is like the Italian mafia. They are everywhere and have the power to even destroy Europe and the US with/by biowar if they want to.

Western arrogance has to fight its final war.

Them or us.

Jesus Christ, our Saviour


Allah uh akbar.

Yours, in Jesus Christ, our Saviour

Joaquin, Germany