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Holy Shroud of Turin
Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVA MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

Israel: No comments on Iran attack reports ~ link ~ It's coming in days or weeks, but it is coming and with it the beginning of World War III/Armageddon.  Stirling     

The False Death of Osama bin Laden - A Perfect Psyop Propaganda to promote the Gullibility of American Idiots ~ link ~ If, after the thousands of pages of scientific evidence proving that 9/11 could not have happened as the official conspiracy says it did, you still believe that bin Laden "did 9/11" you are either very stupid or willfully ignorant!  Stirling    
What happens this week is pitiful and laughably absurd.
The reasons for the fabled "War on Terror" is many.

War profiteering. Oil and natural gas theft with the grand plan yet to be implemented. Opium production for heroin trade. Buffer of security for State of Israel by overcoming the neighboring "enemies." Personal vendetta. Bestial jingoism. Perpetual fraud in excess and ceaseless taxation on the American and the citizens and people of the other "coalition" nations to profit the few, the true plutocrat-oligarchs, namely "Zio-Elite".

Interesting short notice and fortuitous timing on disposing "alleged" Osama's body in a sea burial, which is criticized by Islamic scholars and adherents.

Emotion erupts as fatal chapter closed ~ link ~ Stupid fools like the ones celebrating the "news" of bin Laden's "death" are an embarrassment to America and to the human race.  They are part of the masses that you can always fool, as Abe Lincoln said: "You can fool all of the people some of the time; and some of the people all of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time".   Stirling    

Bin Laden's "Assassination" an Occult Ritual on May Day ~ link ~ Actually, the event of his "death" was announced on May Day, just as was Hitler's.  In any case, bin Laden had been dead for years, but served as a useful boogie man for the globalists/NeoCons/Zionists as they gave their true master, Satan, yet another blood orgy/war.  Stirling     

When the announcement of bin Laden’s “death” was made late in the night of May 1st, (a timely revelation if one’s purpose was to produce a multitude of people outside at night) the reaction from many Americans was one of spontaneous celebration. Thousands poured out in the streets to celebrate the death/sacrifice of bin Laden with dancing and drunken revelry. The scene in Washington D.C. was telling as thousands danced under the glow of the giant phallic symbol of the Washington monument in what was possibly the biggest Occultic May Day celebration of all time.

Although it is almost certain that virtually none of the participants were capable of understanding what they were participating in (after all they believed the bin Laden fairy tale), I must confess a feeling of deep unease about what I witnessed on Sunday night. The
crowds in the street could have taken off all of their clothes and painted themselves in animal blood and only seemed slightly more savage than they already did. I could not help but feel that a line had been crossed from which there may be no turning back. Yet I did not merely witness a nation’s loss of innocence (if there was any left to lose), or even a momentary loss of self-control.  I witnessed a nation who had openly embraced both devilry and decadence.

US to Take 'Extraordinary' Steps as It Nears Debt Ceiling ~ link ~ Geithner early last month told lawmakers that the U.S. would hit the debt ceiling by May 16 and could default as soon as July 8.

The latest steps will buy politicians more time than initially anticipated. Instead of running out of room July 8, Geithner said the Treasury Department now expects to be able to continue borrowing funds until Aug. 2.

Syria: Army 'surrounds Baniyas' days after Deraa siege ~ link ~ As the world keeps it eyes on the bin Laden death fraud, the Obama long form birth certificate fraud, and other events, things continue to move towards the Chaos of 21st Century world war in Syria and in Iraq where Israeli warplanes are massing for a strike on Iran.  Stirling     

Canadian Liberal leader Ignatieff quits after election disaster ~ linkPM Stephen Harper's Conservative Party took 167 seats to win a majority government in Monday's election.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) became the official opposition by claiming 102 seats, while the Liberals took 34.

Heatwave sees warmest UK April for over 100 years ~ link ~ Yet no one in the mainstream news media will dare to make the connection of the global climate changes over the last year to the death of the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico from the BP Oil Disaster, and the weakening of the Gulf Stream and its effect on the Jet Stream.  Stirling     

A BBC Weather Centre spokesman said: "The UK-wide records began in 1910, but the central England temperature series goes back to 1659, making it the warmest April here for over 350 years."

He added: "The reason for the warm spring sunshine has been the persistence of high pressure systems dominating the weather pattern.

FBI using surveillance software to track suspects online ~ link ~ The trouble is, it is not just crooks that are under such surveillance but ordinary people who oppose the slide into fascism and the ever growing state corruption in America.  Stirling    

For the First Time Humans See Quantum Entanglement with the Naked Eye ~ link ~ link ~ The Super-Holographic Universe model makes the most sense to me, only I see God as Center of it and "it" being the creative thought of God.  Stirling    

Osama's Last Message - video ~ link ~ Funny.  Stirling    

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