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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE
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Osama bin Laden is Dead (2007) - who murdered Benazir Bhutto? The two issues may be related - video ~ link
Beyond the Bin Laden Stunt: The Dire Implications of This Latest Surreal Ploy ~ link ~   World War III nears!  Most of us will die in it!  Stirling    
It has already been illustrated that the corporate-financier oligarchs have committed themselves to an irreversible global confrontation by planning and executing the "Arab Spring" which is now quickly escalating into a regional military campaign. Concurrently, the West is stabbing at both Russia's peripheries in Eastern Europe as well as China's "String of Pearls" resting along Southeast Asia, Central Asia and into the Middle East.

While the focus of the world is myopically fixated on Northern Africa and the Middle East, with the immediate goal being the collapse of Syria and Iran, more astute observers have noted the building pressure on Belarus, Pakistan, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, and even Beijing itself.
Largest Earthquake Drill In American History As Great Central US Shake Out Begins Along New Madrid Seismic Fault Zone ~ link ~ The globalist banking cartel families have decided that it is necessary to kill off America.  Americans have a pan-European culture, a moderately well-educated population that is expert at using the Internet to obtain news from other then the six globalist controlled companies that own over 90% of America's mainstream news media, and we have a frontier pro-gun mentality.  They want us mostly dead so that we will not get in the way of their long-sought New World Order global slave state.  I have been told, from high sources, that we will soon have terrible earthquakes, one near Indianapolis, the other on the West Coast.   This is part of the Disaster Warfare planned to take down America and the entire World.  Remember, there are lots of nuclear power plants that will be destroyed in the two coming super-quakes in America.  The last book of the Bible talks of a third dying of Wormwood and the waters being made bitter - Wormwood/Bitterwood is the translation of the word 'Chernobyl'.  Get ready folks we are in the End Times now, deep in it.  Stirling       
This comes as many in the alternative media believe that a major earthquake along this zone is imminent and will possibly bring about a martial law type scenario in America. 
US and NATO Allies Initiate Libyan Scenario for Syria ~ link ~  Hellbent for the Apocalypse! Stirling    
On April 29 the White House issued an executive order to enforce new and more stringent sanctions against Syria and appealed to European North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies to follow suit.

In a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives President Barack Obama wrote, “I have determined that the Government of Syria’s human rights abuses….constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, and warrant the imposition of additional sanctions.” 

Libya: Terrorist Are Us? ~ link ~ The US., the other G-8 countries, the World Bank ... and multinational corporations do not look kindly on leaders who threaten their dominance over world currency markets or who appear to be moving away from the international banking system that favors the corporatocracy. 

Syria: Army in Deraa arrests 500 men ~ link ~ Syrian security forces killed 10 people and arrested 499 others in house-to-house raids in Deraa on Sunday, an army spokesman has said.

US, Russian and Chinese Weapons: Both of Libya's camps are taking delivery of weapons shipments ~ link ~ Building to a bigger war and to the biggest war in human history.  Stirling     

All 9/11 Airports Serviced By One Israeli Company ~ link ~ Old bin Laden did NOT do 9/11, only fools think otherwise!  Stirling       

Syria Attempts To Break Free ~ link As the media circus over Bin Laden's latest reported death just begins to set up camp, Syria is still fighting desperately against an admittedly foreign-funded campaign of sedition and unrest. Meanwhile, the West is attempting to increase pressure on Syria via sanctions and by expanding support for further intervention.

Syrian security forces have recently overrun the city of Deraa claimed to be the "cradle" of the "pro-democracy" protests. The operation coincides with widespread arrests and an amnesty offer by the Assad government for protest leaders to turn themselves in to avoid prosecution. Perhaps fearing order will ultimately be restored, the West has increased pressure on the Arab League to "take a stance" against Syria's crackdown.


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