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 UPDATED: 6am 11 May 2011 London Time
Japan confirms Fukushima nuclear Reactor #4 leaning and in danger of complete collapse ~ link ~ I am amazed that we have not experienced a full and total melt down/'China Syndrome' yet, but I suspect that events are headed in that direction.  When even one reactor undergoes a 'China Syndrome' full meltdown, the entire plant site (and a much larger area) is apt to be so contaminated as to preclude any additional work on-site (expect by remote controled robots) and we would then expect to see 3 to 5 additional full meltdowns happen within days to weeks or so.  Stirling     

Shadow Government Bunkers: Security Heightened at Underground Storage Facilities ~ link ~ Sound like they know something big is coming soon.  Stirling    

Scottish First Minister supports sanctions against Israel ~ link ~ Showing that Alex Salmond has more morality and courage than 95% of the politicians in the United Kingdom.  Good for him!  Stirling  

First Minister Alex Salmond supported economic sanctions against Israel. He described Israel’s massacre of nine Mavi Marmara passengers as an “atrocity on the high seas” and put Israel firmly beyond the pale. “This has implications for example in trading relationships—you can’t have normal relationships if you believe another country has been involved in what Israel has been involved in.”

Scotland’s elections shattered political mould – SNP triumphant. The pro-war and pro-Israel Labour, Tory and Lib Dem parties punished    SNP Leader Alex Salmond tried to impeach Tony Blair for war crimes in Iraq.  Scottish Government offered open access to Scottish hospitals for Palestinian victims of Operation Cast Lead. Nationalist government must be pressured to match deeds with words.
Circumcising the Truth in the Valley of the Shadow of Death - Dog Poet Transmitting ~ link ~ Great One!
I asked him how it felt to be herding large Palestinians families into buildings and then dropping bombs on them. He told me that, logistically, it played hell with their white phosphorus stockpiles and that it wasn’t like Lebanon, where they could drop half a million cluster bomb party favors for the children, because they’d already turned Gaza into the most populous place on Earth and there wasn’t anywhere to drop them without hurting their own people, given what they were using for human shields at the time.

“Binnie”, I said, “you’ve got to take some time for yourself and your family. Have Uncle Satan in for some consomm√© or cousin Abadon over for some human skeet shooting. He said the launcher was broken and nothing seems to be working. He murmured something about that Samson option and all the nukes they’ve got stashed around the world, along with that collection of blackmail material on world leaders, but what a drag it was to have to play your hole card too early.
America faces massive unemployment - video ~ link 
Mississippi flood may inundate 3 MILLION ACRES in Louisiana, Governor says ~ link ~   This is spring planting time across the Midwest and South.  Large parts of the American nation will see crops go out late, if at all.  It is apt to be sometime in June before the Mississippi goes back into its banks.  This is one more 'slice' out of the total global food supply.  One more that is the result of climate changes caused by the death of the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current, itself caused by the planned and executed BP Oil Disaster and the follow-on use of massive amounts of dispersants to prevent a real clean up of the oil in the Gulf.  Stirling    
Three million acres, an area almost the size of Connecticut, may go under water as the Mississippi River flooding moves south and threatens Louisiana. 

TSA agents search BABY as possible terrorist - video ~ link ~ You simply cannot make this stuff up.  It is a real shame that the American people do not have the courage to put a stop to this madness.  History tells us that when a nation's people fail to stand up to government fascism they are setting themselves up for real horrors.  Stirling     
Mobile phone terrorist alert system to launch in US ~ link ~ Keeping the sheeple scared of the wrong people all the time.   Stirling      
A new mobile telephone emergency alert system will be launched in New York City and Washington DC by the end of the year, US officials have said.

The system will allow the federal government and local authorities to reach people on their mobile phones to warn them of imminent danger.

Fear that US could grab nuclear arsenal heightens Pakistani anger ~ link ~ All this screwing around with Pakistan is actually apt to cause them to sell a hand full of H-Bombs to their neighbor Iran!  The Pakistanis have a new plant that is producing about 50 large Hydrogen Warheads per year; they can spare a few for some serious cash, especially if they feel really seriously threatened by America and Israel and begin to see themselves as allies of Iran.  Stirling      

Gen. Ashfaq Kayani, the head of Pakistan's armed forces, released a blistering public statement late last week condemning the U.S. assault and warning that he would order his troops to use armed force against any American troops who entered Pakistan in the future in pursuit of other wanted militants.

"As regards the possibility of similar hostile action against our strategic assets, the [Pakistani military] reaffirmed that, unlike an undefended civilian compound, our strategic assets are well protected and an elaborate defensive mechanism is in place," Kayani said in a statement put out by the military's official press office.

Low-Budget movie companies using Bit Torrent Lawsuits as a Business Strategy ~ link 

Sick fish in Gulf of Mexico are alarming scientists ~ link Scientists are alarmed by the discovery of unusual numbers of fish in the Gulf of Mexico and inland waterways with skin lesions, fin rot, spots, liver blood clots and other health problems."It's a huge red flag," said Richard Snyder, director of the University of West Florida Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation. "It seems abnormal, and anything we see out of the ordinary we'll try to investigate."
China to USA: 'If you mess with Pakistan you will be messing with China' - video ~ link ~ That is TWO NUCLEAR POWERS that we seem intent on 'messing' with.  Stirling     
Microsoft confirms takeover of Skype ~ link  
Spying on US citizens - Uncle Sam turns his multi-billion dollar espionage network on US citizens ~ link ~ The American people have lost all control over "their" government.  Stirling      
Scottish Labour MP David Cairns dies ~ link  
Israel's blockade of Gaza is cracking ~ link ~ If any nation, other than Israel, had undertaken such a blockade of such vast numbers of civilians there would have been a massive outcry.  Israel needs to grow up and act responsibly before it starts a war that could get itself destroyed.  Stirling     
Egypt has announced that it will open its border crossing with Gaza on a permanent basis, thereby reversing Egypt's collusion with Israel's blockade regime. The interim Foreign Minister, Nabil al-Arabi, has described support for the blockade by the previous Egyptian regime as "disgraceful". While Israeli officials have responded to this announcement with alarm, they have limited capacity to undermine the new Egyptian government's prerogative.

Since the capture of Israeli soldier Corporal Gilad Shalit in June 2006, the Rafah crossing has been closed to Palestinians in Gaza, except for "extraordinary humanitarian cases". In June 2007, after Hamas' ousting of Fatah, Israel imposed a naval blockade on Gaza and sealed its five border crossings with the territory. Egypt's closure of Rafah made the siege comprehensive, and effectively cut off the 360sq mile Strip from the rest of the world.
Internal Passport: Terror Alert Overload Leads To Call For "No Ride List" ~ link ~ The globalists and their Zionists puppets want to impose a high-tech police state on America and then the rest of the World.  They will get by with it if the sheeple don't find some balls soon.  Stirling      
Psychological resurrection of Osama sees Israeli-style security coming to the streets of America in move towards internal passports and pervasive security checkpoints.
An internal passport for Americans is codified under the December 2004 Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, which Congressman Ron Paul warned at the time would, “Allow the government to establish a Soviet-style internal passport system” that would subject “every citizen to surveillance and screening points”. 
US withdraws all Pakistan Embassy Staff ~ linkApparently Rothschilds plan is to now instructing it's state of Israel and it's U.S. corporate military intelligence (sock puppets) to begin the attack on Iran in this immediate future.

That these Elitists are now beginning their last desperate move to create their (illegal and unwarranted) military actions that surely, will now quickly lead to a confrontation with China and Russia who are in place to counter act this unwarranted attack for the Rothschild global banking crime syndicate. As that they have planned for this global conflict and that they are now getting their way(s) once again and with once again, their mass profiteering at the cost of this time many hundreds of millions of unsuspecting and innocent peoples live worldwide. 

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