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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

European food contamination kills 16, sickens 1150 ~ link ~ Readers have asked me if I think that this is a case of biowar, or something similar.  I am not sure, what is happening here.  It many simply be a case of someone using the wrong stuff (like raw sewerage) on a large farm or cooperative, however, the fact that there are at least two strains involved and two widely separate origins in Europe does raise questions.  This is something to watch; we may later be able to plug this into the larger picture or maybe not.  Stirling      
The highly politicized mystery over the source of the E. coli contamination deepened in the light of new evidence that two strains of the bacterium may be involved. German officials said they were still looking at Spanish produce but Spain said the discovery was proof its farms were not the source.
E. coli is found in large quantities in the digestive systems of humans, cows and other mammals. It has been responsible for a large number of food contamination outbreaks in a wide variety of countries. In most cases, it causes non-lethal stomach ailments.

But enterohaemorrhagic E.coli, or EHEC, causes more severe symptoms, ranging from bloody diarrhea to the rare hemolytic uremic syndrome. In Germany, at least 373 people have come down with the syndrome, or HUS, in which E. coli infection attacks the kidneys, sometimes causing seizures, strokes and comas.
“The idea of an outbreak of over 300 hemolytic uremic syndrome cases is absolutely extraordinary,” said Dr. Robert Tauxe, deputy director of foodborne, waterborne and environmental diseases at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control  “There has not been such an outbreak before that we know of in the history of public health,” Tauxe said, adding that the German strain of E. coli has not been seen in the United States.

Offshoring has destroyed the American economy ~ link ~ Of course it has, it was suppose to!  This is all a part of the End Game Grand Strategy for the New World Order.  The Global Banking Cartel intends to 'slash and burn' economies and lives globally, and to create massive amounts of chaos so that, in the end, the public (those still alive) demand ORDER and they plan to give it to us in the form of their high-tech slave/police state, the satanic New World Order.  However, the coming Third World War is apt to be TOO MUCH and push the entire planet towards total destruction.  Which is what Satan wants, but we Christians know that such events will actually trigger the Return of Christ.  Stirling       

Israel prepping to block next Gaza Flotilla ~ linklink ~ Total evil insanity!  The sane and good people in Israel should demand that Israel simply allow the Flotilla to  do it job in peace.  This could be a trigger for the coming Middle East Regional War, which will likely trigger WWIII.  Stirling      

Political theater clouds US Debt Ceiling vote ~ link ~ If you were to take away the bullshit, the lying, the hot air from most of the political class, there would be nothing left.  Stirling    

June 2 protest planned for USDA $90K rabbit fine ~ link ~ Once again, this is a case of unconstitutional federal laws and actions.  The rabbits were being sold intra-state not inter-state which means that the Federal Government lacks all jurisdiction under the US Constitution.  Stirling     

A Missouri group has vowed to continue protesting the USDA’s outrageous $90,000 fine on Missouri rabbit breeders engaged strictly in intrastate commerce. Their “crime” was selling without a license over $500 worth of rabbits in a single year to a reseller, which invoked federal statute, according to the April 19 USDA letter and attachment.

Cell phones may cause brain cancer ~ link ~ This was a major win for the truth, kind of.  We will see, someday, that many people were killed by brain cancer from their cell phone use and that industry money fought long and hard to prevent any official statement linking their use to cancer.  Stirling      

The World Health Organization's cancer research agency says mobile phones are "possibly carcinogenic".

A review of evidence suggests an increased risk of a malignant type of brain cancer cannot be ruled out.

Upcoming US Nuclear Event? ~ link ~ Is a major nuclear False Flag attack planned for America?  There has been a number of mainstream news stories linked to 9/11 and related stories as of late.  Are they setting us up for the 'big one'???  Who knows.  But be ready for anything for the evil ones in control will do anything!  Stirling      

General Hermid Gul: USA will start WWIII if war expands to Pakistan - video ~ link ~ Take this man's warning very seriously!  He is a top insider and his words are being said to try to wake up people as to the grave dangers on the horizon.  Stirling      


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