Friday, May 13, 2011

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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE
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Why Nobody Can Trust The Mainstream Media - video ~ link ~ Take the time to view this video if you can.  Stirling      
David Picture Exclusive...The Navy Seals That Shot Bin Laden ~ link ~ You should see this...David has a good sense of humor.  Stirling    
Dr. Meyer Eisenstein's HCG Weight Loss Breakthrough ~ link ~ I hosted all three hours of the NutriMedical Report Show yesterday, and my guest for the first hour was Dr. Eisenstein.  He has a most interesting breakthrough on weight loss...not that I would ever need anything like that...right.  Check this site out.  Stirling      
Indiana Supreme Court: No Right to Resist Unlawful Police Entry ~ link ~ Pure fascism!  In Indiana we have the right to vote on Supreme Court Justices, those jerks who voted to end a right going back centuries should be defeated at the polls the next time....oh, I forgot, we also vote on computers, so that is not apt to work.  Welcome to the 21st Century, when fascism takes over everywhere.  Stirling      
People have no right to resist if police officers illegally enter their home, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled in a decision that overturns centuries of common law.

The court issued its 3-2 ruling on Thursday, contending that allowing residents to resist officers who enter their homes without any right would increase the risk of violent confrontation. If police enter a home illegally, the courts are the proper place to protest it, Justice Steven David said.

It Begins: US Starting the Baluchi Insurrection ~ link ~ Pakistan does have a large number of nuclear weapons.  It might not be such a good idea to set up a war and US invasion there!  Stirling     

In the shadow of the “Bin Laden” media circus and increasingly aggressive rhetoric between Washington and Islamabad, the corporate-financier funded NGOs that fomented the “Arab Spring” are now cultivating a united Baluchi front ahead of a proposed US-funded Baluchistan insurrection. As early as 2006, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace identified Pakistan’s Baluchistan province as a potential point of leverage against Islamabad and an opportunity to assert foreign intervention.

In a 2006 report by the corporate-financier funded think tank titled, “Pakistan: The Resurgence of Baluch Nationalism,” violence starting as early as 2004-2005 is described. According to the report, 20% of Pakistan’s mineral and energy resources reside in the sparsely populated province. On page 4 of the report, the prospect of using the Baluchi rebels against both Islamabad and Tehran is proposed. In Seymour Hersh’s 2008 article, “Preparing the Battlefield,” US support of Baluchi groups operating against Tehran is reported as already a reality. In Brookings Institution’s “Which Path to Persia?” the subject of arming and sending Baluchi insurgents against Tehran is also discussed at great depth.

Pakistan Army Chief Balks at US Demands to Cooperate ~ linkBut those who have spoken with General Kayani recently said that demands to break with top militant leaders were likely to be too much for the military chief, who is scheduled to address an unusual, closed-door joint session of Parliament on Friday to salvage his reputation and explain the military’s lapses surrounding the American raid.

The American wish list is tantamount to an overnight transformation of Pakistan’s long held strategic posture that calls for using the militant groups as proxies against Pakistan’s neighbors, they said. It comes as General Kayani faces mounting anti-American pressure from hard-line generals in his top command, two of the people who met with him said. 

Irish banks are 'hounding borrowers to suicide' ~ link ~ Criminal charges should be filed and large lawsuits by next of kin.  Hit the bloody bastards where they live, in their pocketbooks.  Stirling      

BANKS are driving some borrowers who can not pay their debts to suicide, the Master of the High Court warned last night.

Ed Honohan, brother of Central Bank Governor Patrick Honohan, told the Irish Independent he decided to speak out against the banks and other creditors because he had dealt with several debt cases where the borrowers had subsequently taken their own lives.

Wanted: Chair fit for an Irish President as old throne takes a back seat ~ link ~ It is one of a pair of chairs called the Viceregal Thrones, which were made in the late 19th Century for the British crown's representative in Ireland, the Viceroy or Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

In 1938, a Viceregal Throne -- minus the crown which used to adorn its top and with the Irish harp stitched into the fabric -- was used in the inauguration of Douglas Hyde.

Ben 'Lucifer' Bernenke Confronted by We Are Change - video ~ link ~ Good One!  He does not deny that at a 2008 meeting, he and others, planned to destroy the American economy in order to bring about the New World Order.  Stirling      

IMF Suggests Greece Sell the Parthenon? ~ link ~ Somehow I suspect that the Greek people, who repeatedly have shown that they have real courage, will NOT go along with additional Austerity Fascism measures for the IMF/EU/Rothschilds.   Stirling     

Why Don't We Hear About Soros' Ties to Over 30 Major News Organizations? ~ link ~  Soros is a senior Rothschild operative.  Stirling    

Are the financial links to Soros and other bankers the real reason why so much of the mainstream media lies to the general public day in, day out, giving false information about issues like the swine flu pandemic, the vaccines causing autism, the true origians of the financial crisis and the war on terror? 

The social counterrevolution in America and the tasks of the working class ~ link ~ Two and a half years after the Wall Street collapse and multi-trillion dollar bail-out of corporate swindlers, the ruling class is carrying out a savage and unprecedented assault on the living standards and basic social rights of tens of millions of working class families in the United States. Against the backdrop of an intractable recession, with long term unemployment at its highest level since the 1930s, the political elite—Democrats and Republicans alike—are engaged in a bipartisan campaign to destroy crucial social programs upon which the working class depends.

What is unfolding in the United States is a social counter-revolution—the ruthless and systematic destruction of the fundamental gains and social rights won by the working class over a century of struggle.


Anonymous said...

American people!!!

Why do you complain?

Hegel (German philosopher) said:

" Every people has the government/rulers it deserves".

You, the American people have the fascist leaders you deserve.

You did not fight back, when McCarthy hunted everybody who had a cat called Karl or Vladimir.

They (your leaders) told you that communists eat small children and rape your spouse and you believed it.

You kept on listening to Elvis the pelvis although your GIs slaughtered innocent human beings in Vietnam.

You, the American working class !!! have no right to experience mercy from workers of other enslaved countries.

You felt good being fooled by your fascist governments, sure, your way of living was quite good.

If your government had told you to eat shit, you would have eaten shit.

I hope that you will experience the pain and sorrow of all human beings that your leaders have killed.

Anonymous said...

Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control

Shocking stuff.