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Get Ready: There Is Evidence That HAARP Has Been Turned Up Again And Its Target Is The New Madrid Fault Line ~ link ~ Disaster Warfare against the people of this planet continues.  I have been told that a major earthquake is coming and will be centered on Indianapolis.  Please read all of this article at the link.  Stirling     
If you are in the New Madrid fault line areas in Indiana, Illinois, Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, or Tennessee, be on the look out for glowing clouds, which are a signal of HAARP energy coming through the clouds and being directed into a particular location.
There is now strong evidence coming from the HAARP induction magnetometer that shows several distinct beams which are being transmitted into the region on full blast.
These signals were seen in the Haiti earthquake, and forty hours later there was a devastating earthquake. In Japan the induction magnetometer again showed a beam, and fifty-five hours later we saw the recent Japanese disaster. Now we are seeing these signals again, only now there are four distinct signals reading off the scale, all going off at once. Whatever it is they are doing, it should be huge.
If this attempt is successful, very soon we will see a tremendous earthquake, and it's self evident that it will be in the New Madrid fault line area.
You may be interested to know that FEMA is also conducting a large weeklong exercise in the New Madrid region that will simulate a catastrophic earthquake.

You may remember that just before 911, the government also just happened to be conducting exercises that simulated a similar attack on the area.   Also see:
Evidence that HAARP caused the Japan Earthquake says Benjamin Fulford and New Madrid Fault is next ~ link 
Officials Exploit Indy 500 to Roll Out 'New Alert System' ~ link ~ Indiana, the state now infamous for trashing the Fourth Amendment, has rolled out its own version of the Department of Homeland Security’s cell phone alert system.
“The Division of Homeland Security unveiled a new alert system Wednesday that sends text messages to users. The system will be used at this year’s Indianapolis 500 and other major events that take place in the city,” reports WISHTV 8 in Indianapolis.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling

The same Benjamin Fulford recently said that 3-11 earthquakes were cause by nuclear bombs unlike the video you run.Please look into this video from 3:02:

And if you were honest man, please at least consider more objectively the cause of 3-11. We know this man is not really reliable journalist, but he says something more convincible in 3-11 case. If you wanted, please add more objective article or video to explain the cause of 3-11. Otherwise you would senselessly complex this issue, and biring nothing for the peace of your country. HAARP must exsist, but in this case of 3-11 earthquakes, it is not the cause.

Sincerely Yours

from Japan

Anonymous said...

Lord Stirling,
I wanted to let you know about a drill that was done in April in the Metro Denver Area.
The drill included small municipal airports, ambulances & helicopters, and area hospitals.
It was a drill for victims of a New Madrid Earthquake. I was informed that it would be a drill for recieving victims from Arkansas, which I thought was odd, wouldn't they accept people from any area that had an earthquake along the fault line? I did a search to see if any other cities were having drill to recieve earthquake victims and couldn't find any press releases or news stories. I didn't find anything regarding the Denver Metro drill either.
The airports were practicing recieving multiple incoming flights. They had responders there both ambulances & helicopters ready to recieve victims off of the planes. Ambulances were to practice driving in rush hour, the drill started at 5am. The hospitals were practicing being prepared to recieve the patients in the ambulances and helicopters. It caused me to be concerned because it doesn't work out very well for areas who run drills. London for example. I just thought I would mention this to you as another example that they are planning something for New Madrid. Perhaps you may know something about Arkansas, why would the drill target victims from Arkansas? One thought was that they plan for it to epicenter in Arkansas or that other cities have run drills to recieve victims from other areas. Or do they plan for the earthquake to be so destructive that other areas won't have victims who will survive to need evacuation?
I've seen evil expose themselves and do things over the last decade that I can no longer count anything out. Nothing is off the table for these creatons.

Anonymous said...

In this video issued by B.Fulford, of course I don't agree with his statement on Pope as a criminal, and "White Dragon" staff which is like a film, etc. But he seems to speak a certain truth mixing it with his imaginations and false information. Now, normaly you would be led at least to consider the possibility of the use of nuclear bombs for 3-11, I hope. Otherwise, there must be some bad intention in your part, to lead your fellow countrymen and others to the neverending and neverresolving perplexity.
Your readers need the truth, not quasi-truth by your almost intentional neglect of our information. It is we who have experienced, by five senses, the earthquakes on 3-11, not you. And Japanese government is controled by USA. That's why you hear often about the slow measure against Fukushima nuclear plant's trouble in our part, which should probably fack, as I have informed you, i.d., the absence of all the nuclear fuel rods in all the reactors since February of this year. And in spite of the correction and denial of the flush of the polluted water by radiation under the request of USA, many internet readers think that this act must have been requested by USA in order to conceal the use of nuclear bombs at the trenches of Northern part of Japan and probably other places. On March 14, there was certainly the nuclear explosion (even Prof. Koide of Kyoto University admitted it as a fact) by other means than nuclear fuel rods. Many say it was by samll plutonium bombs, and not by the pure hydrogen bombs, becasue the latter produces only radiation which should remain for a few days (c.48h),and it doesn't produce any radioactivity (to which no expert refers). Again, HAARP must exist, but it must not have been used for the trench destructions for 3-11 earthquakes.

from Japan