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Mitch Daniels Presidential Bid Is Toast, He Just Doesn't Know It Yet ~ link


Syria: US sanctions target President Bashar al-Assad ~ link ~ It is so sad to the superpower America being ordered about by the Global Banking Cartel Families and tiny Israel.  Especially, as they are heading us into the Third World War/Armageddon.  Stirling    

Russia expels Israeli military attache for spying ~ linkThe officials said air force Colonel Vadim Leiderman returned to Israel several days ago after being questioned by Russian authorities over espionage allegations and then told to leave the country immediately.

Israel's state-run Channel One television said the Russians released him without charges owing to his diplomatic immunity.

Syria and Lebanon: Tied by blood ~ link ~ Sounds like, since the First Phase of the 'Domino Revolutions' attack on Assad has mostly failed, there may be a Second Phase planned by US/Israel in Lebanon.  They just can't leave things alone.  Working overtime to start a General Middle East War and with it WWIII.  Stirling    

The northern regions of Lebanon have also in the recent past been the scene of clashes between Alawites and Sunnis, and there are fears that if more Syrian Sunnis continue to arrive, tensions between the two denominations could explode once more.

Furthermore, if this does happen, the potential for large-scale pro- and anti-Syrian clashes across Lebanon looms, as well as Syrian military intervention to quell displaced opposition to its regime. In 2008, as fighting between Alawites and Sunnis reached a peak, the Syrian army actually mobilised along the border.

Madrid Awakens: Aerial view of Spanish youth protesting 21% unemployment - with video ~ link ~ Short but powerful video.  This could be the beginning of the 'Domino Revolutions' spreading to Europe/North America and other First World Nations, and that will be a Earth Shaker!  No doubt the global banksters have figured in an expectation that riots and demonstrations will begin to break out all over the world.  WWIII will end all of that!  Stirling       

Spain's 21.3% unemployment rate is the highest in the EU - a record 4.9 million are jobless, many of them young people.

Spanish media say the protesters are attacking the country's political establishment with slogans such as "violence is earning 600 euros", "if you don't let us dream we won't let you sleep" and "the guilty ones should pay for the crisis".

Spain's Tahrir Square ~ link ~ Take time to read all of this at the link.  Stirling 

Spain's people's movement has finally awoken, la Puerta del Sol in Madrid is now the country's Tahrir Square, and the "Arab Spring' has been joined by what is now bracing to become a long "European Summer'. As people across the Arab world continue their popular struggle for justice, peace and democracy, Spain's disillusioned citizens have finally caught on with full force. Slow at first, hopeful that Spain's dire economic conditions would magically correct themselves, the Spanish street has finally understood that democratic and economic justice and peace will not come from the pulpits of the country's corrupt political elite.

Amidst local and regional election campaigns, with the banners of the different political parties plastered across the country's streets, people are saying "enough!' Disillusioned youth, unemployed, pensioners, students, immigrants and other disenfranchised groups have emulated their brothers in the Arab world and are now demanding a voice -- demanding an opportunity to live with dignity.     

As the country continues to explode economically, with unemployment growing incessantly -- one in two young people unemployed across many of the country's regions. With many in the crumbling middle class on the verge of losing their homes while bankers profit from their loss and the government uses citizen taxes to expand the military industrial complex by going off to war; the people have grasped that they only have each other if they are to rise from the debris of the militarized political and economic nightmare in which they have found themselves.     

First Egypt...Now Spain ~ link ~ Gerald Celente predicted in February that the Middle Eastern and North African protests would spread to Europe:

Growing Unemployment, Rising Poverty - Spain's People's Movement ~ link ~ The scenarios that economic/political/food/disaster events are unleashing could be fatal for the Global Banking Cartel Families, however, they have WWIII planned to overtake all events that could turn on themselves and their power.  Stirling       

Could Greece be the next Lehman Brothers?  Yes - and potentially even worse ~ link ~ Look folks, the super-crash is programmed and coming!  Wither or not it is Greece or something else that is the trigger, the event is part of the End Game Strategy for bringing about the New World Order.  Only thing, the real final word is that Satan, who is the ultimate puppet string puller, knows that his time on this planet is almost up.   And he intends to kill us all!  Only the intervention of Jesus Christ Himself will save us and give us the New Heaven/New Earth/New Jerusalem.  You see their NWO End Game is really the End Times.  Stirling        

It was less than three years ago that the failure of Lehman Brothers sent tremors through the global financial system, threatening the existence of every major bank and triggering the most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression. As Europe's policy elite met for fresh crisis talks today, the dark fear that haunted everyone around the table was this: if the bankruptcy of a middling-sized Wall Street investment bank with no retail customers could have such dire consequences, what would happen if the Greeks decide they have had enough and renege on their debts?

Could Greece, in other words, be the new Lehmans? Given the structure of modern financial markets, with their chains of derivative trades and their pyramids of debt, there is only one answer. Greece could certainly be the next Lehmans. The likelihood that a Greek default would pose a threat to the future of the eurozone as well as to the health of the world economy means it has the potential to be worse than Lehmans. Much worse.

Queen offers sympathy to Irish victims of troubles - with videos ~ link 

The Strauss-Kahn Frame-Up: The Amerikan Police State Strides Froward by Paul Craig Roberts (former Assistant US Secretary of the Treasury) ~ linkStrauss-Kahn was the first IMF director in my lifetime, if memory serves, who disavowed the traditional IMF policy of imposing on the poor and ordinary people the cost of bailing out Wall Street and the Western banks. Strauss-Kahn said that regulation had to be reimposed on the greed-driven, fraud-prone financial sector, which, unregulated, destroyed the lives of ordinary people. Strauss-Kahn listened to Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz, one of a handful of economists who has a social conscience.

Perhaps the most dangerous black mark in Strauss-Kahn’s book is that he was far ahead of America’s French puppet, President Sarkozy, in the upcoming French elections. Strauss-Kahn simply had to be eliminated.

Don't Tell Them And They Won't Know ~ link ~  Disaster Warfare is underway against the people of planet Earth on several fronts now with more to come.  Stirling     

40,000 units of Geiger counters and dosimeters donated by the United States, France, and Canada after the Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident still sit in a warehouse at Narita International Airport, according to a Japanese blogger (yougen). 

Watch this: Video shows Tennessee police offering truckers freedom for cash ~ link ~ This is what happens when the super-criminals take over the nation.  Stirling      

'Free-floating' planets found with no star in sight - with video ~ linkJapanese astronomers claim to have found free-floating "planets" which do not seem to orbit a star.

Writing in Nature, they say they have found 10 Jupiter-sized objects which they could not connect to any solar system. They also believe such objects could be as common as stars are throughout the Milky Way. 

Spy Drones Becoming Pervasive INSIDE America ~ link ~ We are witnessing the creation of a high-tech American police state, and the same thing in a number of other advanced First World nations.  Stirling       

Alarming Number of Disasters Striking World 'Food Baskets' ~ link ~ I have been saying this for some time.  However, many of these disasters stem from man-created events such as the BP Oil Disaster.  Stirling      

More than 800 new record US temperature lows for May ~ link ~   The effects on the Global Climate from the BP Oil Disaster caused death of the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current have not disappeared just because the mainstream news media does not cover the story.  Stirling     

Haaretz: Netanyahu is preparing for battle ~ link ~ Get ready, World War III is coming!   Stirling      

YNet: Netanyahu doesn't want peace ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu is in Washington laying the groundwork for American support for his coming General Middle East War/attack on Iran and with it the beginning of World War III.  He is the man most likely to start the greatest war in human history.  Stirling     

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