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Japan: Victim of Scalar Warfare Attack by Lord Stirling ~ link   
Population Reduction After Economic Collapse - video ~ link ~ This is a video you should view.  Stirling    

Finding Order in the Orwellian Chaos ~ link ~ This is an excellent article that I strongly recommend.  Stirling    

Latest Satellite Surface Current Forecast for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link

Latest Satellite Sea Surface Temperature for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link    

Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

General Middle East War Nears - Syrian events more dangerous than even nuclear nightmare in Japan ~ link 
What a War against Syria and Iran will be like - A collection of articles by Lord Stirling ~ link

Revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East - Who Really Benefits?  
Will they continue to spread throughout the world in the wake of global food shortages, global depression, and Austerity Fascism?  by Lord Stirling ~ link 

Ancient Scottish Barony Title, Baron of Grenane, for sale.  The rare and highly important "Camelot Barony", the Barony of Grenane in the Ancient Baronage of the Isles has had only four families as owners for over half a millennium. The family of the MacDonald Lords of the Isles, the Davidsons, the Kennedys (the Marquess of Ailsa), and now the Alexanders (the Earl of Stirling). The only way to acquire by purchase a real recognized title of nobility in the world today, from a nation having an existing monarchy and system of noble titles, is to purchase a Scottish feudal barony (there are perhaps 200 or less still in existence and sales are very rare) For sale at UK65,000 Pounds - contact Lord Stirling at For more information ~ link 

Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band at Stirling Castle ~ link   ~ Official site ~ link

Happy Memorial Day

The Reinvention of Historical Memory ~ link As Americans take to the roads for a long Memorial Day weekend, eager to get out of the cities and out of their routines — and more than ready for a little rest and relaxation — the origins and meaning of this holiday are lost – or, at least, hardly anyone thinks of them anymore. Formally, it is a day reserved for the remembrance of our war dead: historically, it was meant as a day of reconciliation in the wake of the Civil War. In reality, however, it is just another excuse for Americans to get out their barbecues, invite the neighbors over for a party, and forget about their troubles.

With three wars going simultaneously, and a few more in the hopper, Americans are sick and tired of war: they don’t want to remember it – and who can blame them? Indeed, Americans don’t care to remember much of anything, these days, least of all the disastrous wars that have plagued us in recent years. Inundated with problems that seem insoluble, convinced they can have no effect on the course of events in any case, most Americans have acquired a case of advanced historical Alzheimer’s out of sheer self-protection. 

Novo Ordo Seclorum - NeoCon Hell on Earth ~ link ~ The 20th Century was the most destructive era in history. Deaths from all the wars and the genocides estimated at 160 million may seem small if the planet descends into the approaching holocaust.  Globalization is the catchword of the ruling class. Sovereign nations are obsolete to the corporatists. Militarization for suppressing conflicts is the mission, since warfare among nations are passé. The old alliances based upon ethnic composition or ideology has vanished. Only dissenters against the New World Order pose a threat to the Novo Ordo Seclorum.  This New Order of the Ages has been in the works for over a millennium. Lest you forget the horrors of man’s inhumanity to man, a short vignette looks back at some of the worst practices of Totalitarian Collectivism

Statism is the common thread that links all totalitarian regimes. Most living souls do not believe that the Soviet, Lenin and Stalin gulag, is possible today. A diluted revulsion level of atrocities is characteristic of the media script of current events. Disconnect between what really happens and what is reported is so dramatic that reality is unknown to most people. 

50 Things Every American Should Know About The Collapse Of The Economy ~ link ~ Take the time to read this one at the link!  Stirling     

Right now, we are witnessing a truly historic collapse of the economy, and yet most Americans do not understand what is going on.  One of the biggest reasons why the American people do not understand what is happening to the economy is because our politicians and the mainstream media are not telling the truth.  Barack Obama and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke keep repeating the phrase "economic recovery" over and over, and this is really confusing for most Americans because things sure don't seem to be getting much better where they live.  There are millions upon millions of Americans that are sitting at home on their couches right now wondering why they lost their jobs and why nobody will hire them.  Millions of others are wondering why the only jobs they can get are jobs that a high school student could do.  Families all across America are wondering why it seems like their wages never go up but the price of food and the price of gas continue to skyrocket.  We are facing some very serious long-term economic problems in this country, and we need to educate the American people about why the collapse of the economy is happening.  If the American people don't understand why they are losing their jobs, why they are losing their homes and why they are drowning in debt then they are going to keep on doing all of the same things that they have been doing.  They will also keep sending the same idiot politicians back to Washington to represent us.  There are some fundamental things about the economy that every American should know.  The American people need to be shocked out of their entertainment-induced stupor long enough to understand what is really going on and what needs to be done to solve our nightmarish economic problems.  If we do not wake up enough Americans in time, the economic collapse that is coming could tear this nation to shreds.

The U.S. economy was once the greatest economic machine in modern world history.  It was truly a wonder to behold.  It worked so well that entire generations of Americans came to believe that America would enjoy boundless prosperity indefinitely. 

Why The Rich Love High Unemployment ~ linkChristina Romer, former member of President Obama's Council of Economic Advisors, accuses the administration of "shamefully ignoring" the unemployed. Paul Krugman echoes her concerns, observing that Washington has lost interest in "the forgotten millions." America's unemployed have been ignored and forgotten, but they are far from superfluous. Over the last two years, out-of-work Americans have played a critical role in helping the richest one percent recover trillions in financial wealth.

Imperial Eye on Pakistan ~ link ~ As the purported assassination of Osama bin Laden has placed the focus on Pakistan, it is vital to assess the changing role of Pakistan in broad geostrategic terms, and in particular, of the changing American strategy toward Pakistan. The recently reported assassination was a propaganda ploy aimed at targeting Pakistan. To understand this, it is necessary to examine how America has, in recent years, altered its strategy in Pakistan in the direction of destabilization. In short, Pakistan is an American target. The reason: Pakistan’s growing military and strategic ties to China, America’s primary global strategic rival. In the ‘Great Game’ for global hegemony, any country that impedes America’s world primacy – even one as historically significant to America as Pakistan – may be sacrificed upon the altar of war.

Part 1 of ‘Pakistan in Pieces’ examines the changing views of the American strategic community – particularly the military and intelligence circles – towards Pakistan. In particular, there is a general acknowledgement that Pakistan will very likely continue to be destabilized and ultimately collapse. What is not mentioned in these assessments, however, is the role of the military and intelligence communities in making this a reality; a veritable self-fulfilling prophecy. This part also examines the active on the ground changes in American strategy in Pakistan, with increasing military incursions into the country.

The Libyan War Sets Deadly Precedents ~ link Obama’s military action (war) against Libya sets dangerous precedent with each passing day that increases tyranny in America and abroad.

These abominable acts set the stage for more criminal activity and tyranny: UN authorized wars for oil and resources, expansion of presidential power caused by the impotency of Congress, the death of the Constitution, runaway “defense” spending that bankrupts taxpayers, and the outright theft of nations’ assets for use against them.

Fortress America ~ link ~ All of this is now in service to the shutdown of this country supposedly in the name of 'national-security.' The USA is an international joke; we have become the most cowardly nation on the face of the planet because we are officially afraid of every single thing in the world that might cause harm to our precious "selves." Our children must wear helmets and protective gear of all types just to ride a bicycle. Adults are nothing but Lysol-driven manikins that fear every possible germ, including the ones that are beneficial: So that now ordinary Amerrikans grow up without having an immune system at all. All of this serves only the self-interest of the herds of shadows that are masquerading as real people but who are nothing more than a waste of air and space, in a world that they have allowed to be poisoned and corrupted, beyond repair, because on one level or another this devastation fits in with their personal greed and their failure to consider the damages, the torture, the death and the massive destruction which our CHOICES have caused 'To the Entire World.' 
Detroit was home to the American Automotive Industry; something that no longer exists; along with the entire manufacturing base which the USA was once internationally known for. Detroit is now a war-zone, an empty place that officially still exists but is in reality just a preview of "What's To Come" to cities throughout the USA once TSA succeeds in forcing us to SURRENDER-UNCONDITIONALLY to TSA!
Extreme Paranoia ~ link ~ Created by the mainstream news media and the political class, both of which are whores to their owners, the Global Banking Cartel Families.  Stirling      
Have you noticed that our entire society operates on fear now? Everyone is afraid of everybody else. We are taught not to trust anyone that we do not know and that we should literally spy on our neighbors because they might be a threat. If you do not participate in all of the extreme paranoia that is going on then supposedly something is wrong with you. In fact, if you are not paranoid like everyone else is then you might be a threat.  After all, according to FBI Director Robert Mueller, "homegrown terrorists" represent as big a threat to American national security as al-Qaeda does.  But in the midst of all of this extreme paranoia, we have thrown common sense out the window.  We are told that it is Islamic extremists that want to attack us, and yet we are so obsessed with being politically correct that the TSA will grope grandma, grandpa and all the little children they can get their hands on but they will allow men in full Islamic dress to walk right through airport security without even being checked.  We will put up video cameras to watch schoolchildren eat their lunches and yet we are leaving our borders completely wide open.  Thousands of real terrorists could be crossing our borders each day and we would never even know it.  But this is what happens when extreme paranoia sets in - people (and governments) start behaving very irrationally.

The American people are constantly whipped into a state of fear by the mainstream media and so there is a never ending call for even more "security" so that we can all feel safe.
Meanwhile, the most basic things that need to be done for our security, such as securing our borders, are totally ignored because they are not politically correct.

Obama tours twister-ravaged neighborhood ~ link ~ But nobody in the mainstream news media makes the connection between the freak weather patterns that caused the tornado and the BP Oil Disaster and the Obama approved use of dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico.  Which caused the death of the Loop Current, which in turn caused the freak global weather conditions.  Stirling    

E.coli cucumber scare: Germany seeks source of outbreak ~ linkGermans have been warned not to eat cucumbers until tests identify the source of a deadly E.coli outbreak that has killed 11 and spread across Europe. It is thought contaminated cucumbers were imported from Spain, but further tests are being carried out.

Germany has registered 1,200 confirmed or suspected cases in the E.coli outbreak so far.

Spain: Protesters vote to stay in Madrid tent city ~ link ~ The Spanish have had it with Rothschild imposed Austerity Fascism, and they have the guts to fight for their future.  Stirling     

Thousands of protesters in central Madrid have voted to continue their mass sit-in against the government's economic austerity measures.

The protesters, calling themselves "los indignados" [the indignant] and "15-M", are demanding jobs, better living standards, a fairer system of democracy and changes to the centre-left Socialist government's austerity plans. 

Protesters vow to stay in Madrid Square - Austerity Fascism Protests Spreading Throughout Europe ~ link ~ The Government's oppression in Barcelona did NOT cool things off, it had the opposite result, which is what I said it would.   Stirling      

Some 20,000 people assembled in Athens' central Syntagma Square on Sunday, police estimated, responding to calls on social networking sites for gatherings across Europe to demand "real democracy".

Another 1,000 gathered the same day in Paris, unfurling a giant banner on the steps of the opera house that read: "Real democracy now", and another nearby that said: "Paris, wake up!"

Spain: "We are not going" ~ link ~Thousands of people protesting political corruption, welfare cuts and soaring unemployment crowded the square and threw their hands up to agree overwhelmingly with the motion to stay and decide later on the duration. After the vote they chanted: "We are not going! We are not going!"

Spain's government said last week it would decide with police whether to clear the protesters in response to demands from the Madrid regional authorities and from local businesses.

"We Are NOT Going" ~ link ~ An estimated 20 000 people assembled in the Greek capital's central Syntagma Square on Sunday, police estimated, responding to calls on social networking sites for gatherings across Europe to demand "real democracy".

Greece is struggling to build consensus over an unpopular austerity programme agreed with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund in return for a huge bailout loan.

About 1000 people gathered the same day in Paris, unfurling a giant banner on the steps of the opera house that read: "Real democracy now", and another nearby that said: "Paris, wake up!"

Germany: Nuclear power plants to close by 2022 ~ link Germany's coalition government has announced a reversal of policy that will see all the country's nuclear power plants phased out by 2022. 

The decision makes Germany the biggest industrial power to announce plans to give up nuclear energy. 

'Spider trees' - the ghosts of flooded Pakistan ~ link ~ You should view the photos.  Remember, a year ago, the flooding in parts of Europe and Asia, especially in Pakistan; and the high heat and droughts in Russia, the Ukraine, and other places?  That was the beginning of the global climate crisis and the growing food shortage problem.  It was caused by the death of the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico.  Something that the mainstream news media will NEVER tell you.  Stirling     

Inflation 2011: Honey - They Shrunk Our Paychecks ~ link ~ Fractional Reserve Banking is designed for the top .00001% and screws the rest of us.  Stirling 

Do you ever have the feeling that there are holes in your pockets?  These days our money seems to slip through our hands faster than ever.  The Federal Reserve keeps telling us that the rate of inflation in 2011 is "close to zero", and this is causing confusion for many Americans because they are making just as much money as they did in previous years but it doesn't seem to go nearly as far.  So what in the world is going on out there?  Well, sadly, the truth is that we really don't even know what the government considers "inflation" to be anymore.  The way that the U.S. government calculates inflation has changed an astounding 24 times since 1978.  You see, it is always politically beneficial to have a low inflation rate, so recent administrations have been changing the formula constantly in an attempt to look good.  But these days most Americans know something is up.  All they have to do is stop at a gas station, go shopping for food or open up their bills. The reality is that inflation in 2011 is about as bad as we saw back in the 1970s, it is just that the government is much less honest about it now.

Empower Yourself to Fight the Power ~ link The institutional structures of power, whether local, national or global, are effective mechanisms through which the ruling groups of society establish and entrench their influence, build consensus among each other, brainwash and expand their control over the masses and society as a whole. Whether they take the form of think tanks, universities, governments, corporations, militaries, intelligence agencies, NGOs, media conglomerates, international organizations, philanthropic foundations, they are institutions of control and conquest.

Whether that conquest is ideological or physical, the effect is the same: the conquered are oppressed and repressed.

These institutions are financed through the global banking system of collusion between the private banks and quasi-governmental central banks, who control the money supply and value of the change in your pocket, which are in fact a highly concentrated group of institutions and individuals. Never in all of human history have so few controlled so much on such a global scale, nor have so many had so little on an equally global scale.

'Big Sis' Pre-Crime System To Scan American For "Malintent" ~ link ~ Until the American people grow some balls and brains and put a stop to this fascist crap, the government will continue to make out lives hell.  Stirling  

Chilling technology straight out of Minority Report that would subject Americans to pre-crime interrogations and physiological scans to detect “malintent” at sports stadiums, malls, airports and other public places has moved closer to being implemented after Homeland Security’s FAST program passed its first round of testing.      

The Secret Wars of the Saudi - Israeli Alliance ~ link The ties of the Al-Sauds to Tel Aviv have in recent years become increasingly visible and pervasive. This secret Israeli-Saudi alliance exists within the context of a broader Khaliji-Israeli alliance. The alliance with Israel is formed through strategic cooperation between the ruling families of Saudi Arabia and the Arab sheikhdoms in the Persian Gulf.

Together Israel and the Khaliji ruling families form a frontline for Washington and NATO against Iran and its regional allies. The alliance also acts on behalf of Washington to destabilize the region. The roots of chaos in Southwest Asia and North Africa are this Khaliji-Israeli alliance.

Imperial Takeover: Libya is Now an Humanitarian Disaster ~ link ~ In the words of Former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney:

"The sad fact, however, is that it is the Libyans themselves, who have been insulted, terrorized, lynched, and murdered as a result of the press reports that hyper-sensationalized this base ignorance. Who will be held accountable for the lives lost in the bloodletting frenzy unleashed as a result of these lies?


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Spreading engineered bacteria and viruses among the enemies has had a long tradition in the modern warfare.

A few centuries ago they shot corpses which were infected with diseases with catapults into the beleaguered cities.

Nowadays they use infected sprays to kill the enemies.

The Islamic djihad has plans to do this, there is no doubt about that.

E. coli in Germany and the EU is an attack by djihadists, but the mainstream media wont admit that.

Yours, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany

Anonymous said...

About the E.coli outbreak in Germany: do you reckon this could be a bio terror attack?

Anonymous said...

a reading hint. For you with safari and "reader function" located at the update arrow. Use this reader function when viewing these pages. Way easier to read and it looks very nice without the colors and the mixture of small and big fonts.

So if you have the browser safari use the reader function. it looks nice.way easier to read.

Anonymous said...

Below is the latest communiqué from the Spirit of Rachel Corrie, stranded in Egyptian territorial waters since May 16th.
Washington and Tel Aviv have instructed the Cairo military government to maintain the blockade and prevent the humanitarian cargo of the Spirit of Rachel Corrie to proceed through the Rafah land crossing.
Egypt has not allowed the Spirit of Rachel Corrie to berth and unload its cargo in the Port of Al-Arish. The Spirit of Rachel Corrie has become a "floating Prison"
Who is calling the shots in Cairo? Israel and Egypt collaborate in policing the Gaza border in the context of a bilateral agreement. According to confirmed sources, Military Intelligence, no doubt in consultation with Tel Aviv and Washington, has prevented the implementation of the decision by Egypt's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Military Intelligence is attached to the Ministry of Defense headed by Mohamed Hussein Tantawi Soliman who is the commander-in-chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces and de facto head of State.
In turn, Hussein Tantawi is a permanent liaison with his counterpart in Tel Aviv, Ehud Barak, as well as with Defense Secretary Robert Gates in Washington.

The Spirit of Rachel Corrie is the Test case.