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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE
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Tornadoes, floods and blizzards...US is hit by a record FIVE Billion-dollars disasters in 2011 (and it's only May) ~ link ~ You will not find the mainstream news media making the link to 2010-2011 global weather changes and the BP Oil Disaster caused death of the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico.  Of course, like so much in today's world, the absence of news coverage does not mean that it does not exist, just that the globalist controlled mainstream news media/propaganda does not intend to tell the sheeple about it. Or the link between the weather crisis and the growing global food shortage and the coming New World Order "solution" that they have in mind.  Stirling      
NATO airstrike damages North Korean Embassy ~ link ~ It was an accident...really...just like the "accidental" bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade a few years ago...really...NOT.   Stirling    
Molten radioactive fuel caused new water leakage at Fukushima - with video ~ link ~  
The operator of the troubled Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan revealed the damage to one of the reactors is worse than had previously been thought.
Tokyo Electric Power Co., which operates the Fukushima-1 power plant, said it discovered that molten nuclear fuel burned through the walls of reactor No. 1 early on in the crisis.

AIPAC 101 - What Every American Should Know ~ link ~ AIPAC is all about 'bribing' Congress to act in the interest of tiny Israel, no matter how extremist its policies are and no matter how dangerous to World peace they are, instead of acting in the interests of America.  Stirling     
No. 1 reactor is in a 'meltdown state' ~ link ~ Bad News, really bad news!   Stirling     
Fukushima - One Step Forward and Four Steps Back as Each Unit Challenged by New Problems - video ~ link  
Nuclear fuel at Fukushima #1 unit melted after full exposure ~ linkTokyo Electric Power Co., the operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, revealed Thursday that holes had been created by melted nuclear fuel at the bottom of the No. 1 reactor's pressure vessel.

The company said it has found multiple holes adding up to several centimeters in welded piping. Earlier in the day, it said the amount of water inside the troubled reactor was unexpectedly low -- not enough to cover the nuclear fuel -- hinting that a large part of the fuel melted after being fully exposed.

Its Official: Fukushima was hit with a nuclear meltdown ~ link ~ It has not yet become a full 'China Syndrome', when it does it will become MUCH MUCH WORSE!   Stirling     

The flow of bad news (and radiation) out of Fukushima's reactors has diminished to a trickle over the past several weeks, as rescue work has proceeded. Not today. TEPCO's admitted for the first time that Fukushima experienced a grave meltdown.

What exactly is a meltdown, you might ask? There's a lot of confusion as to what constitutes a "full" or "partial" meltdown—neither is a strictly technical term, though in the popular usage of the word, today's revelation leans more towards the former.
Netanyahu waited too long to strike Iran ~ link ~ Right, don't expect this or anything to stop crazy Bibi from lighting the fuse on WWIII.  Stirling      
A dispute at the top: Over the past 10 days, a serious disagreement has emerged among Israel's leadership over the need for and wisdom of attacking Iran. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who promised upon returning to power that he would do everything to prevent the Iranians from gaining nuclear weapons, is sticking to the view that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is Hitler. In his speech on Holocaust Memorial Day, he once again termed Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas "new villains working to destroy the Jewish state" and warned, "The entire world will learn that when Israel and the IDF say never again, we mean every word."

Former Mossad head Meir Dagan was, as usual, much blunter, asserting that an air strike against Iran would be "stupid." Dagan speaks as one who knows: He was responsible for the Iranian file until recently, and his operational recommendations in the Second Lebanon War proved to be more accurate than anyone else's. 

America Is Rapidly Bleeding Wealth And Jobs: 28 Statistics About The Gutting Of The US Economy That Will Blow Your Mind ~ link ~ All planned, yet far too many Americans are acting like mindless sheeple; they are helping to facilitate a great horror that is approaching fast.  Stirling     

Red alert! Over 40 billion dollars of America's national wealth is being shipped out of the country every single month.  Our economy is being gutted and we are bleeding wealth and we are bleeding jobs.  This is a distress call.  Is anyone listening?  Thousands of our factories and millions of our jobs are being shipped overseas.  Over the past decade over 6 trillion dollars have been transferred into the hands of foreigners.  Our national government is so broke that they constantly have to go and beg those foreigners to lend us back some of that money in order to finance our exploding debt. The number of good jobs continues to decline and there are millions upon millions of my countrymen that are unemployed.  Can anybody help us? Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

Sadly, the vast majority of Americans really are dead asleep on this issue.  They just continue to run out to the big retail stores and fill their carts with products made in China and yet they seem completely bewildered by the fact that the number of good jobs continues to decline.

Irish, Greek, Portuguese debts bigger than expected ~ link ~ The people of the European Union are being slowly destroyed by the ever growing Global Depression and EU/IMF/Rothschild inspired Austerity Fascism.  Stirling     

The European Union has said the debt loads of Greece, Ireland and Portugal will be much bigger than previously forecast, adding to fears that international bailouts are failing to solve the region's crisis.

IMF: Debt crisis may still spread to core ~ link ~ Taking Europe down to help bring on the high-tech slave state, the New World Order.  Stirling       
Despite bailouts for Greece, Ireland and Portugal, Europe’s debt crisis may yet spread to core eurozone countries and emerging Eastern Europe, the International Monetary Fund said on Thursday.

The stark warning came as government sources in Athens said international inspectors checking on Greece’s compliance with its EU/IMF rescue package had found problems and were pressing for deeper spending cuts to cover a likely revenue shortfall.

Ron Paul announces 2012 run for President ~ link ~ He is a good man, which is why they will never allow him in the White House.  Stirling    
Irish house prices plummet by 40% since peak of the boom ~ link ~ As planned!  Stirling     
Patent granted for the energy catalyzer ~ link ~ Many free or low-cost energy technologies have been suppressed by the global elite.  Same with cancer cures.  Stirling      
The Italian energy catalyzer that seems to be based on an unknown nuclear reaction is now patented in Italy. The examination continues regarding protection in the rest of the world.

Charlie Chaplin Time Travel Clip - video ~ link ~ I am relinking this from some time back.  Some say the lady is holding an old fashioned 'ear horn' to her ear to hear with, but I don't see it.  Strange.  Stirling    

Rich Russians buy bunkers on Apocalypse Angst ~ link ~ WWIII and Armageddon is coming!   Stirling    

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A worker at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant fell unconscious at work on Saturday and later died.
...The cause of his death is unknown.

Tokyo Electric says ...
The company says the worker had put on a full protective suit and

was not exposed to radioactive substances.
was not exposed to radioactive substances.
was not exposed to radioactive substances.



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