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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

No proof has been offered suggesting that the official Bin Laden Death Narrative is even remotely true ~ link ~ NO KIDDING!  It is all 'smoke and mirrors'.  The Obama Administration must have used 'made for TV' script writers, it definitely is not even a good 'B Grade' movie level narrative.  Which, all the more, makes me think that they know something really big is about to go down that will completely overshadow both the fake Obama 'long form birth certificate' and the fake 'Bin Laden death story'.  Stirling      
Police State: Rent-to-buy company 'Aaron's' spies on PC users ~ link ~ A lawsuit has been filed but what I want to know is why the local and state police have not filed criminal charges against officials of the company.  What they did is far worst than what a 'peeping tom' does, and I helped to arrest one of those scum bags once.   Stirling     
A lawsuit filed on Tuesday alleges that Aaron’s, a huge furniture rent to buy company, used software and a special device on their computers that enabled them to spy on PC renters.

According to the lawsuit, the company is able to track keystrokes and snap webcam pictures in the home of their customers.

Bad News from NASA: Proof that Comet Elenin is affecting Earth ~ link ~ This is more than a bit 'over the top', but I link it here for my viewers to decide what value it has.  Stirling     See also: Comet Elenin ~ link

Giant asteroid heading close to Earth ~ linkThe rock, which is quarter of a mile across, will pass between our planet and the moon in November and will be visible with small telescopes. Robin Scagell of the Society for Popular Astronomy said: “It’s rare we get the chance to see an asteroid up close.”

If it were to hit the earth, the asteroid, named YU55, would have an impact equivalent to 65,000 atom bombs and would leave a crater more than six miles wide and 2,000ft deep.

US - Pakistani - Chinese Tensions Growing ~ link ~  There are, by design, several coming war theaters to WWIII.  Pakistan-China-Afghanistan-India will almost certainly be one of them.  Stirling     
Staged: White House "Situation Room" photos part of Bin Laden Fable ~ link ~ All 'smoke and mirrors'.  Stirling    
Texas to make TSA pat-downs felony crimes ~ link ~ Sounds like good news, but I expect a major drawn out Federal court case over this.  Stirling      
Americans, Everything you do is monitored ~ link ~  We are getting to the point where there is little real privacy, just falsely perceived privacy.  Stirling     
A "Really Fun" Semi-Automatic Shotgun ~ link ~ Home defense?  Stirling    
Libya: Contact group creates fund for rebels ~ link ~ Proving once again the lie about NATO being involved just "to defend civilians".  Stirling      
The rebels' Transitional National Council says it needs $2bn-$3bn (£1.2bn-£1.8bn) in the coming months for military salaries, food, medicine and other basic supplies.

FDA claims power to seize food without evidence of contamination ~ link ~ A few hours ago, the Food and Drug Administration declared it no longer needs credible evidence to seize food that may be contaminated. Ignoring the Fourth Amendment entirely, the FDA claims that based on mere suspicion that a food product has been contaminated or mislabeled, and that serious illness or death will result, it can hold the food for 30 days while it then looks for evidence. It claims this power under the Food Safety Modernization Act, which President Monsanto, I mean, Obama, signed in January.

Syria: Raid in Damascus suburb as crackdown defied ~ link ~ Assad will NOT go down like any of the other Arab leaders in the series of what I call the 'Domino Revolutions'.  He will fight and fight hard and if he thinks he will go down, he is apt to take the battle to Israel.  Stirling     
Poortugal: 'If 78 billion Euro bailout works, Eurocrats will own country' - video ~ link ~ And the Rothschilds, who organized and run (behind the scenes) the EU 'own' the Eurocrats.  Stirling    
UK election count gets underway ~ link
If recent surveys are borne out, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats look set to be the big losers of the night, while Labour leader Ed Miliband will be hoping to win hundreds of new councillors and David Cameron's Conservatives are expected to suffer some setbacks.

The Lib Dems are braced for heavy losses across a swathe of elections for English local authorities and the devolved legislatures for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Lord Ashdown accuses Cameron of breach of faith ~ link ~ Lib Dem grandee and Nick Clegg ally calls PM 'grave disappointment' and says no campaign has told 'regiment of lies'.

Nick Clegg facing leadership crisis after election losses ~ link ~ As Liberal Democrats faced significant defeats in the Alternative Vote referendum and the local elections, a survey of party members showed Mr Clegg’s standing has plummeted.

Chris Huhne, the outspoken Lib Dem energy secretary, has meanwhile emerged as the party’s most popular minister. 

Tel Aviv takeoffs halted over contaminated fuel ~ link ~ Only aircraft that flew in with sufficient fuel to reach their next destination were being allowed to depart as scheduled. The spokesman said the cause of the contamination was not immediately known.

The Carrington Event ~ link ~ This could happen again, but the effects on our high tech society would be far far worst.  Stirling     

MS caused by Vitamin D deficiency ~ link 

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