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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

Israel hit by Israeli WMD ~ link ~
On May 6, 2011, it was reported that for the last two weeks Israeli authorities are investigating a contamination of the state fuel reserves. The contamination is so severe, that commercial air traffic out of Israel was shut down on Thursday after airplane fuel at Ben-Gurion International Airport was found to be contaminated. From 1 PM all flights out of the country were halted, stranding tens of thousands of passengers. As a first response, Israel sent emergency trucks from Pi Glilot to the airport and fueled up departing airplanes with just enough fuel to reach Cyprus and Jordan, where they purchased clean fuel.

The contaminated fuel contains unidentified greasy liquid parts that get stuck in the filter of gas pipelines, damaging the tank of the vehicle. The contaminated fuel was seen in recent weeks also in buses and trucks across Israel, TheMarker reported. Regular supply of fuel in Israel is the responsibility of the National Infrastructure Ministry, while supplying fuel during times of national emergency is delegated to the Defense Ministry. The Israel Air Force uses fuel supplies that are entirely separate from the sources used in the civil aviation sector; following the incident, the IAF said its fuel supplies have been confirmed to be free of contaminants. The widespread contamination – across platforms, affecting planes and vehicles! – hints the problem is at a very basic part of the system.

Netanyahu's Mule ~ link ~ Interesting.  Stirling      

After Pakistan tells US to stop raids inside its borders, US drone strike kills 15 ~ link ~ Setting the stage for the Pakistan/China/India/Afghanistan War Theater of World War III.   Stirling     

David Wilkerson prophecy: Earthquakes in Japan and USA ~ link ~ A friend of mine, who is a visionary states that we are very close to two super-quakes in America; one centered near Indianapolis, the other on the West Coast.  Stirling      

How Goldman Sachs Created the Food Crisis ~ link ~  When you think about it, there is no real need for stock or commodity markets.  A fair data based system could be established to rate stocks and commodity prices and be updated monthly or as events required.  The existing markets are for traders to "get some money" without earning it in the real world.  As they make a profitable game from it, they become parasites on the back of those people and organizations that do real work.  The markets and the Federal Reserve System and related scam systems need to be tossed into the dustbin of history and never return.   Stirling    

Bankers recognized a good system when they saw it, and dozens of speculative non-physical hedgers followed Goldman's lead and joined the commodities index game, including Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Pimco, JP Morgan Chase, AIG, Bear Stearns, and Lehman Brothers, to name but a few purveyors of commodity index funds. The scene had been set for food inflation that would eventually catch unawares some of the largest milling, processing, and retailing corporations in the United States, and send shockwaves throughout the world.

The money tells the story. Since the bursting of the tech bubble in 2000, there has been a 50-fold increase in dollars invested in commodity index funds. To put the phenomenon in real terms: In 2003, the commodities futures market still totaled a sleepy $13 billion. But when the global financial crisis sent investors running scared in early 2008, and as dollars, pounds, and euros evaded investor confidence, commodities -- including food -- seemed like the last, best place for hedge, pension, and sovereign wealth funds to park their cash. "You had people who had no clue what commodities were all about suddenly buying commodities," an analyst from the United States Department of Agriculture told me. In the first 55 days of 2008, speculators poured $55 billion into commodity markets, and by July, $318 billion was roiling the markets. Food inflation has remained steady since.

Bigger Than bin Laden - America's New Public Enemy No. 1 by Gerald Celente ~ link ~ I like Gerald, he tells it like it is.  Take the time to read the entire article at the link.  Stirling    
What Osama’s death did do was boost the President’s sagging poll numbers and deflect public attention from the news that really mattered.

On Wednesday, April 27th, just four days before Bin Laden was killed, a new Public Enemy No.1 held his organization’s first ever press conference. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told the world that the United States would continue its low interest rate polices and, in effect, continue to flood the world with cheap money.

On Mississippi River, a disaster slowly unfolds ~ link ~ The world continues to suffer from the globalist released Disaster Warfare attack on the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current, a key part of the Thermohaline Circulation System.  The flooding on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, now greater than the mega-flood of 1937 is but one example.  Stirling    
In Missouri, the Army Corps of Engineers blew a third hole in a levee to relieve pressure and prevent catastrophic flooding there and in Illinois and Kentucky. The Mississippi continued to rise in Caruthersville, where a high-mark set in 1937 was surpassed on Wednesday, but was generally going down elsewhere in the state. The water was expected to crest Sunday in Caruthersville at 49.5 feet, just a half-foot below the top of the floodwall protecting the community of 6,700.

Thousands of people from Illinois to Louisiana have already been forced from their homes, and anxiety is rising along with the river, though it could be a week or two before some of the most severe flooding hits.

Mississippi River could remain abover flood level into June ~ link ~ All this flooding in America's heartland is going to take another large slice out of the total amount of the World's food supply.  Stock up on food - NOW - folks, wherever you live.  Stirling     

Dozens of people were still filling the need for volunteers at The Pyramid by filling thousands of sandbags.

"It's Memphis, it's my hometown, it could be me," said Carmen Alexander.

Michigan: Heavy spring rain delays planting, food prices could rise ~ linkRain, drought, too hot weather, too cold weather....common denominator is abnormal weather caused by the BP Oil Disaster (itself a case of deliberate globalist caused Disaster Warfare against we the people of Earth).  Stirling   

US warns of more steps against Syria ~ link ~ Rushing headlong into the Third World War.  Stirling      

The United States warned Friday it would take "additional steps" against Syria if it continues a brutal crackdown on protesters, a week after imposing tough sanctions on the Arab nation.

"The United States believes that Syria's deplorable actions toward its people warrant a strong international response," the White House said in one of its strongest statements yet since the outbreak of unrest there.

Torture Nation: Enhancing the Move Toward Totalitarianism ~ link ~ We have allowed the most evil scum to take over the economics and politics of America...we are now just beginning to pay the horrible price for this.  Unless we collectively find the wisdom and guts to take our nation back, we are done for.  Stirling      

Now that the government claims it offed Osama bin Laden – never mind a complete lack of evidence – it is time to elevate the brutal and medieval techniques the government said it used to break the case.

Darth Vader, aka Mr. Darkside Dick Cheney, former Justice Department official John Yoo – who said it is legal and permissible to crush the testicles of little boys to extract information – and Congress critter anti-jihad crusader Peter King from New York all said this week that “enhanced interrogation,” otherwise known as torture, is a vital element in the war against manufactured enemies.

Dad gives toddler battling brain cancer medical marijuana - video ~ link ~ No doubt 'weed' is yet another low cost herb that cures, kept off the market by the evil Big Pharma.  They only want to treat you, not to cure you.  If they cure you, their profit stops.  If they continue to treat you (until you finally drop dead from either the disease or the treatment) at least they will have squeezed the max out of you and your insurance.  Money is their god.  Stirling    

US Senator: No Debt Ceiling Without A Balanced Budget - video ~ link ~ That could be good, but make the first and most serious cuts here: end the three wars we are now involved in; stop most foreign aid; establish tariffs to equalize conditions like pay/environmental regulations/etc. between foreign exporters and America; end 80-90% of foreign military bases; end the Federal Reserve and take back the printing of our own money supply and end all payments to the Fed for their past scams; end the too big to fail banks and seize their assets and throw their senior officials in jail; end all professional lobbying; take money out of politics; end all computerized voting; make American companies pay taxes in America and end loopholes for them and the billionaires; etc.; etc.   Stirling      

"If you believe the newest death of Osama bin Laden YOU'RE STUPID" - Cindy Sheehan - video ~ link ~ I totally agree! Stirling    

UK Vote 2011: Calls for Nick Clegg to step down - with video ~ link ~ The Lib Dems had an election melt down because they supported Austerity Fascism and the Libyan War!  That is what happens when you toss your morality and political standards overboard for a bit of power.  Stirling     

Japan: TepCo President Kneels In Ritual Admission Of Guilt Before Furious Evacuees - video ~ link ~ In North America and Europe the corporate leaders prefer to hire the best spin masters and try to bullshit their way out of things.  Stirling      

Alternative Media ranking surge after bin Laden assassination spectacle ~ link ~ The mainstream news media is learning something that Abe Lincoln spoke of years ago: "You can fool all of the people some of the time; and some of the people all of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time".  The mainstream news media has of late, grown very shrill in demanding that everyone buy into the Obama birth certificate scam and the bin Laden death scam.  More and more people are seeing through this crap and learning to hate them and their globalist owners.  Stirling      

IIB, Bibi and Terror ~ link ~ An article on Israeli biowar and chemical war.  Stirling      

LA County Sheriff's Department fosters 'gang-link activity' among jail deputies - lawsuit alleges ~ link ~ It is so very sad to see America sink into a Third World pit.  Stirling     

Two Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies who were allegedly attacked by other deputies at a Christmas party last year have accused the department of encouraging an atmosphere of lawlessness and violence among its jail employees, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

The allegations stem from an altercation at a Montebello banquet hall last December when about half a dozen deputies allegedly assaulted two others and punched a female deputy who tried to intervene in the face. The deputies who were described as the aggressors worked on the third floor of Men's Central Jail, where they were believed to have formed an aggressive clique known to flash gang-like hand signs.

'Most wanted' Nazi protests innocence ~ link ~ The man is 97 years old!  Soon the Zionists will be digging up rotting corpses and putting them on trial.  Shameful.  Stirling      

Sandor Kepiro, 97, stands accused of murdering 36 people during a 1942 operation in the Yugoslav town of Novi Sad that claimed the lives of some 4,200 civilians.

"I am innocent and I am here on trumped-up charges," he said. "This trial is a terrible thing. There is no basis to this, everything is based on lies." 

Fukushima - Reactor # 4 On Fire - video ~ link 

Egyptians hold massive anti-Israeli rally ~ link ~ A unintended consequence of the CIA/globalist/Mossad 'Domino Revolutions'.  Stirling     

Thousands of Egyptian protesters have gathered outside the Israeli embassy in the capital, calling for an end to Cairo’s relations with Tel Aviv.

Several hundred angry protesters also gathered in Cairo’s historic Liberation Square following the Friday Prayers. Protesters voiced their anger at Tel Aviv by burning the Israeli flag and demanding the liberation of Palestine and departure of the Israeli ambassador.

Bin Laden STAGED media spectacle to be used to ramp up full scale Police State - with video ~ link ~ The American sheeple had better wake up.  They are invited to a massive mutton barbeque, and they are the main course!  Stirling     

The staged media spectacle that is the supposed assassination of Osama Bin Laden is being used to push the fear of terror attacks to a whole new level.

As I write this article, the corporate controlled media is continually pushing the possibility of retaliation from Al Qaeda over the death of their leader.

Homeland Security wants Mozilla to pull "Domain Seizure" Add-On ~ link ~ Good for Mozilla, they told the fascists at "Homeland Security" to go to Hell!  Glad somebody there is still an American.  Stirling    
Homeland Security’s ICE unit is not happy with a Firefox add-on that allows the public to circumvent the domains seizures carried out during the past several months. In an attempt to correct this ‘vulnerability’ in their anti-piracy strategy, ICE have asked Mozilla to pull the add-on from their site. Unfortunately for them Mozilla denied the request, arguing that this type of censorship may threaten the open Internet.

Last month we were the first to draw attention to a nifty Firefox add-on called “MAFIAA Fire.”


Ron Paul at Republican Presidential Primary Debate - video ~ link ~  I link Congressman Ron Paul.  He has the guts to stand up for America and what is right instead of what the global banking cartel families and Zionists want.  Most in Congress are simply bought and paid for evil jerks who have sold out America and God for money and the illusion of power.  Stirling   

Syria: More killed claim "activists" - with BBC propaganda video ~ link ~ The 'Domino Revolutions' were established, organized and are controlled by the CIA/globalists/Mossad.  Stirling     

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