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4th Amendment Ruling by IN Supreme Court: Mitch Daniels Presidential Bid Is Toast, He Just Doesn't Know It Yet

Fourth Amendment Ruling by Indiana Supreme Court: Mitch Daniels Presidential Bid Is Toast, He Just Doesn't Know It Yet

The Indiana Supreme Court, in a shocking and what can only be called a anti-American decision, has ruled that Hoosiers have no right to resist illegal and unconstitutional home invasions by police officers no matter what the circumstances.  That the sole remedy is to bring suit afterwards against the police department involved.  This ruling effectively trashes the Rights of Americans under the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution (part of the first ten amendments known as the 'Bill Of Rights') and violates common law rights going back to the Magna Carta  in 1215 AD.  This ruling will be sighted by other states and will have a profoundly negative impact on the future lives and freedom of hundreds of millions of Americans.  With the US Supreme Court ruling in a Kentucky Fourth Amendment case within the last few days, it is clear that the present US Supreme Court is strongly apt to support and make this Indiana decision the 'law of the land' nationwide.

Before I go into this horrific case ruling any further I need to disclose some things.  The case is from Evansville (Vanderburgh County), Indiana.  Old fancy Scottish Peerage titles and Canadian honorific hereditary offices-of-state not withstanding, I am an American and a life-long resident of Evansville, Indiana.  I went to school with the Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court.  I faintly know the Judge in the original Vanderburgh County case, and I knew her late father (a cousin of mine was a close friend of his), and I know one of her brothers.  I also know the father and grandmother of the attorney for the appellant.  

In the ruling, the Indiana Supreme Court held,  "We hold that there is no right to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers."

This, by the way, would include simply closing a door on police officers who demand entry into one's home without a search warrant or any probable cause.  In fact, under this ruling the very act of closing a door would open one up to criminal charges of 'resisting law enforcement' and 'disorderly conduct' with months to years of imprisonment, regardless of how a civil court were to later rule on a lawsuit over illegal and unconstitutional actions by the police officers themselves.  

If a police officer follows your attractive young daughter home, maybe after she refused his advances at a scam traffic stop, you cannot take any action to prevent him from illegally entering your home and her bedroom at will.   If your brother-in-law, the jerk, is a cop and you have words, there is nothing to stop him, or some buddy on the department, from multiple home invasions at all hours of the day and night, no matter how illegal and unconstitutional because the criminal carries a badge (making him something of a 'super citizen' and you and your family 'sub-humans' as the Jews were under Hitler or almost everybody was under Stalin).  In fact, someone donating a few thousand to a corrupt politically elected sheriff might be made a 'special deputy' or a 'reserve deputy' and have full police authority to terrorize you at will.  That person might be a business competitor (or work for a business competitor) to you, or a someone with a grudge against you or a member of your family.  If so, under the decision of the Indiana Supreme Court, you have no rights to defend yourself because the criminal 'has a badge'. 

The ruling is far worst than the invasive TSA pat-downs that have caused several state legislatures to consider state laws to protect citizens' rights while traveling.  'A man's home is his castle' is a ancient saying that reflects our traditional right to be free of undue governmental oppression.  It is a very basic principal of both the American Constitution and of the American way-of-life.  It is one of the things that separates Americans from Third World dictatorships.   As is the principal that officers of the state (including police officers) are not above the law; are not some type of 'Dark Ages' feudal lord without anything in the law to prevent him from doing whatever he wants to do to the citizens.  Generations of Americans, going back to the very Revolution that founded this nation, have  fought for these rights and principals.  

The driving force behind this ruling, and the Justice who authored it, is Steven H. David.  Justice David is a new member of the Court, appointed by GOP Presidential hopeful Governor Mitch Daniels.  I have long found that when one lifts up 'political rocks' all kinds of interesting things craw out.  Steven H. David has been a key member of the American Judicature Society, which has received over $1 million in contributions from George Soros's Open Society Institute.   

George Soros, is in my opinion, a senior operative for the Rothschild Empire.  He is a MAJOR backer of Obama and his leftist but militaristic Administration.  Soros believes that Americans need to be dramatically brought down in their personal lifestyles, that the American dollar needs to be replaced with a new global currency, and that American rights and the US Constitution needs to be largely abolished so that the global banksters long-sought New World Order can come about.

Mitch Daniels is a long-time globalist insider, having served as George W. Bush's Director of the Bureau of the Budget (while the federal budget went from positive to negative in a BIG WAY), the head of the neocon Hudson Institute think tank, and as Senior Vice President of the giant Lilly pharmaceutic empire.  He is great at moving in the circle of billionaires and Wall Street types.  What he does not get is how terribly upset the base of the Republican Party is.  They are Tea Party supporters, and pro-American to the core.  They have 'had it' with the trillions of dollars given to the corrupt banksters and Wall Street types while most Americans suffer in a new Economic Depression.  They hate it that most of the American industrial infrastructure is now in China and other developing counties, while Americans are out of work or making do with low-pay part time jobs while large US corporations pay little or no tax. They dislike the TSA goons groping their wives and children at airports.  And they will NEVER support for President some jerk who feels that our Constitution, its Bill of Rights, and our heritage is something inconsequential.   They and their ancestors fought for these rights going back to the Revolution (as did mine; Major General Lord Stirling fought on the American side).  

That the Justice who wrote the shocking anti-American opinion for the Court is Daniels sole Supreme Court appointee will not go down well.  But what will really destroy Daniels White House hopes is that this large class of GOP supporters and voters will never forgive him doing nothing as Governor of Indiana to overturn the decision.  He could call a Special Session of the state legislature to pass a bill guaranteeing that Hoosiers are secure in their homes and that the Bill of Rights fully applies.   But he has no intention of doing this.  His 'big money' people don't want him to go there.  He is about to find out that in 2011/2012 in  GOP primaries and straw polls, character and pro-American values DO MATTER A LOT.  He is toast but is blind to it.

In researching this article, I faxed a letter to his official state residence on May 14, asking what steps he plans to take as Governor to preserve traditional American Rights in light of this horrible Court ruling, and have received no answer.  I telephoned his Press Secretary, Jane Jankowski on May 16 and May 17 and was not able to speak to her and did not receive a return call.  Same with his Deputy Press Secretary, Jake Oakman.  Same with his Press Assistant Trevor Knight (on May 17 only, in his case).  I did speak with Carrie Colborn, his Executive Assistant twice and was rudely transferred to a voice mail for a yet another person who never returned my calls.  His Deputy Chief of Staff, Cris Johnson, also never bothered to return my calls.

I have had dealings with Kings, Queens, Popes, Presidents, Prime Ministers (I played a key role in forcing Tony Blair to agree to resign as PM of the United Kingdom a few years ago), Cardinals, Senators, Congressmen, Members of Parliament, Cabinet Ministers on both sides of the Atlantic, and several past Governors and Lieutenant-Governors of Indiana.   I know how to get through to people and when I am being stonewalled.  It is clear that Mitch Daniels plans to ignore this Indiana Supreme Court decision and simply does not care about its horrific effect on America.  This is the type of thing that you do, if you are someone like Obama, once you get into the Oval Office, NOT BEFORE and certainly not before if you need traditional conservative GOP rank and file voters. This issue will not go away among the Republican and Tea Party rank and file.  Politically, HE IS TOAST!   

[Tim Alexander, Earl of Stirling]    

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Everyone contact Mitch Daniels office on this very vital and important issue.  Let him know that if he wants to be President, we expect him to take immediate strong and effective action on this anti-American court ruling. His office telephone number is 317-232-4567.  His mailing address is: Office of the Governor, Statehouse, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2797; his official state residence address and phone/fax numbers are: Governor's Residence,4750 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208; Phone: 317-931-3076; Fax: 317-283-1201

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