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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVA MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

Radiation Expert: "Sr-90 and Uranium and Particulates Will Be Building Up in the USA and Europe ... For Now I Think It Prudent To Stop Drinking Milk" ~ link 


Waking Up to Economic Realities ~ link ~ Last week the financial markets were roiled by Standard & Poor's announcement that they will change their outlook on the fiscal health of the United States over the next two years from "stable" to "negative". The administration decried this decision as political. However, it seems the only political thing about this decision is the fact that it took so long. The Washington Post recently reported that the White House and the Treasury Department put tremendous pressure on S&P not to do this. However, if S&P made its ratings based on political pressures rather than economic reality, it would cease to have any relevance to the business community. Even if S&P delayed its announcement that the U.S. government bond market would be downgraded, at some point it would become obvious that the finances of this country are out of control and our leadership is out of touch. All credibility would be lost if S&P simply continued to assign U.S. debt a AAA rating.

S&P noted in its announcement that negotiations among leaders in Washington to address deficit concerns did not sound promising, and expressed skepticism that politicians could agree to any viable budget compromise. Of course this has been obvious for years but in the midst of the current debate over raising the debt limit it is perhaps the wake-up call that Washington needs. For decades politicians and government officials have been able to maintain their denial about our real financial situation, patching the system together by passing emergency and supplemental funding bills, issuing more debt, and allowing the Federal Reserve and foreign creditors to paper over deficits with more monetary expansion. I've said many times the real day of reckoning comes when fiscal and monetary tricks no longer work and there are no buyers for our debt.


Why the Power of Mind Over Matter is Important ~ link ~ Have you ever wondered how powerful your mind really is?  Have you ever considered that if one human can achieve the most amazing feats then we all possess the same potential?

There are indeed amazing feats of mind over matter like the
Yogi in India who lives without food and water, the story of Coral Castle where one man cut and moved solid stones larger than those used in the pyramids, or the proven telekinetic powers of Nina Kulagina


Medical Marijuana Becoming Blockbuster Drug - video ~ link ~ Medical marijuana is now a $1.7-billion market in the U.S. This means that sales of medical marijuana rival the annual revenue generated by Viagra, a $1.9-billion business.

What's more, the medical marijuana market is expected to nearly double in the next five years, and that's just in the 15 U.S. states where the drug is legal. If another 20 states pass medical marijuana laws, which projections show is possible, the market could grow to $8.9 billion by 2016.



US ups pressure on Syria ~ link ~ The United States hardened its tone on Syria's political crackdown on Monday, raising the prospect of targeted sanctions, but still declined to call for President Bashar al-Assad to go.

Washington also defended the presence of an American ambassador in Damascus, who only arrived after a six-year absence in January, as Assad's security forces deployed tanks and snipers, killing at least 25 people in a key town.


Man Says Cop Went Wild at a Horn Toot ~ link ~ A 61-year-old man says he suffered permanent nerve damage to his right hand when a hypersensitive city cop arrested him for tooting his car horn at her.
Larry Ballanger says he was stopped at a red light on his way to work, behind a squad car in the left-hand lane. Officer Cristina Henderson failed to move when the light changed; she appeared to be distracted by something in her passenger seat, Ballanger says in his federal complaint.

COLLAPSE PREPARATION 101: A NEWBIE INTRODUCTION AND CHECKLIST ~ link ~ As oil and food prices skyrocket, civil unrest erupts around the globe, and international tensions approach the breaking point, more people are awakening to the inevitable reality of systemic failure.  As the nuclear situation in Japan worsens and a massive radiation leak looms on the horizon, our collective sense of urgency is heightened.

If modern industrial civilization were a computer, it would be running an outdated operating system, plagued by spam and spyware, struggling to run countless unnecessary programs, issuing antivirus attacks against its own crucial components, and plugged into a very unreliable power supply.

Million Dollar Men -- American Soldiers in Afghanistan ~ link ~ The government spends over a million dollars per annum per soldier in Afghanistan and after almost 10 years of occupation—the longest war in American history—the American public tactically accepts the responsibly of this enormous financial burden without question.  Going back almost a decade it is imperative to understand and to appreciate why America finds herself in Afghanistan. We were told in November, 2001 by the New York Times in an opinion column entitled Liberating the Women of Afghanistan, that “the reclaimed freedom of Afghan women is a collateral benefit that Americans can celebrate.”  It was another comical propaganda ploy at convincing us that America’s post-9/11 raison d'ĂȘtre was to help women in “uncovering their faces, looking for jobs, walking happily with female friends on the street and even hosting a news show on Afghan television.”  Collateral benefits, yet no mention is made of the reality called collateral damage—the euphemism for killing innocent people—that the Women of Afghanistan would actually endure.  



Living Economies: Learning from the Biosphere ~ link ~ My favorite definition of life comes from evolutionary biologist Lynn Margulies: “Life is matter with the capacity to choose.”

The intricate self-organizing structure of Earth’s biosphere is the product of life’s extraordinary 3.5 billion year evolutionary quest to explore and expand the possibilities of its capacity to choose. The result is a complex and highly sophisticated fractal structure of nested, self-reliant, progressively smaller-scale ecosystems, each exquisitely adapted to its particular place on Earth to optimize the capture of energy to sustain matter in a living choice-making state.

Is a Rogue Computer Virus Shutting Down Nuclear Plants Worldwide? ~ link ~ It is now common knowledge that the U.S. and Israel developed the Stuxnet computer virus in order to slow down Iran's nuclear program.

"That's the consequence that we have to face," he said, deliberately, while showing a map that marked Western countries (Israel not included) in green. "So unfortunately, the biggest number of targets for such attacks are not in the Middle East. They are in the United States, in Europe and in Japan. So all the green areas, these are your target-rich environments. We have to face the consquences and we better start to prepare right now."

It seems possible that he thinks Israel could use the worm against Western targets.  


Media Distorts Truth To Propagandize For NATO-Backed War On Syria ~ link ~ Just like Libya, a civil war fought between a desperate regime and a western-backed force of Islamic militants is being misrepresented as a genocide against “pro-democracy” protesters in order to lay the groundwork for another contrived “humanitarian” war

Despite the fact that western media is completely cut off from entering Syria and therefore unable to verify reports of hundreds of murders carried out by security forces loyal to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, grainy and often misconstrued YouTube videos have been cited as proof positive that Assad is overseeing a brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, but a whistleblower living in Syria has contacted us to express his disbelief at such claims, dismissing them as little more than fabricated fairy-tales designed to law the groundwork for yet another NATO-backed military intervention based on contrived “humanitarian” grounds.


China hits back with report on U.S. human rights record ~ link ~ China retorted the U.S. criticism on its human rights situation by publishing a report of the U.S. human rights record on Sunday.


Something Odd Is Happening at Reactor Number 4 ~ link ~ To be clear, the Chernobyl figure is radiation released into the environment, while the reactor 4 figure is radiation within the containment vessel. I have seen no evidence to date that reactor 4 is leaking.

This is especially odd given that reactor 4 was supposedly shut down prior to the earthquake for maintenance. In other words, reactor 4 was - according to official reports - shut down, and shouldn't have very much radiation at all. Something doesn't add up.

THE CARS ARE COMING OFF THE RAILS ~ link ~ APMEX, the American Precious Metals Exchange, has initiated reverse inquiries to all of its precious metal buyers offering to buy back silver and gold at above spot price.  This means one of two things.  Either APMEX is desperate to cover short positions or to conceal the fact that it has no physical metal to deliver.

This is a big market move and a signal that APMEX and many others see Fukushima's impact on the global economy, our civilization, and the Old Paradigm. Put another way, they see pm's going absurdly hot very shortly which is exactly what I have written about consistently for over a decade. This fits with my analysis predicting immediate (there is no better term) apocalyptic events. Having left a record of maybe three million words I have never used that word before.
Guantanamo house of horrors cover-up ~ link Former and current detainees at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba have been repeatedly abused and tortured, according to a new study published online on Tuesday in the open-access journal PloS Medicine.

The two non-governmental experts who wrote the report found that medical and psychological evaluations basically proved the allegations of torture and abuse going on at Gitmo. 
Thai-Cambodia border clashes continue ~ link
The worst fighting in years between Thailand and Cambodia along their disputed mountainous border has dragged on for a fifth straight day.

The clashes have now spread to other areas. 

Kourosh Ziabari: Satisfying the Zionists, Obama’s first priority ~ link ~ When Barack Obama entered the oval office with his luminous and glowing slogan of “change” which appealed to millions of frustrated Americans who couldn’t tolerate the hawkish and warmongering policies of George Bush anymore, it was hardly predictable that he would be going to simply present a moderated example of his aggressive predecessor who owed his legitimacy and power to the Zionist lobby in the United States.

Barack Obama had deceitfully convinced the world that the United States under his presidency would start a new era of dialogue and friendship with the oppressed nations, refrain from intervening in the internal affairs of other countries, take care of its black human rights record, pull out its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and hand over the administration of these countries to their people, draw an end to the atrocities of the Zionist regime, bring about wellbeing and peace for the Palestinian nation and engage in peaceful diplomacy with Iran; that was why more than 130 political leaders from around the world jubilantly sent him congratulatory messages upon his election as the president of the United States. However, all of these politicians recognized that they were shrewdly tricked by the “snowman of change” as soon as he made his first trip to Israel and announced his sincerest commitment to the security of Israel and implicitly made us understand that pleasing his Zionist bosses is his first priority. That was where all of us realized that Obama is another Israel agent put in the place of the executive administrator of the United States to satisfy the needs and demands of the Zionist lobby.


Middle-class Americans aren't getting their money's worth ~ link ~ Large banks with billions of dollars in assets get a welfare check from the government for billions of dollars so the top management can give itself millions of dollars in bonuses for having struck a good business deal with the Federal Government. Joe Middle Class loses his job and applies for a bailout so he can continue to put food on the table and hopefully make mortgage car payments. The tea party Republicans call him a leech. Mary Senior Citizen receives a social security check each month.She hasn’t seen an increase in her payment for over two years. The tea party Republicans say she is a leech because she depends on a government entitlement program.


Citizens Demand Explanations For Mysterious Deaths Of 45 Japan Fukushima Evacuees ~ link ~ Japanese citizens are demanding explanations for 45 mysterious deaths of hospital workers and patients over the course of the last month. Patients and workers were in the area when the Fukushima #3 nuclear reactor exploded and since the explosion and over the course of the following month a total of 45 have died  so far.


Dylan Ratigan: The Wall Street Heist Of 2010 - The Biggest Bank Robbery In The History Of The World - video ~ link



Counterfeit Engelhard 100 Ounce Silver Bars - video ~ link

Tungsten Plated Gold Bars - Bob Chapman Implicates Robert Rubin & Larry Summers - video ~ link

Latest Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Forecasts Show Radioactive Iodine And Cesium Over Majority Of US ~ link


Pregnant Teacher Harassed By TSA On Easter Sunday Tells Her Story ~ link ~ The Transportation Security Agency has a long history of harassing innocent, peaceful Americas. From 6 year girls to the elderly, the TSA, an agency that has never arrested a terrorist, has taken the American police state to a whole new level.

When i received an email from Becky, a 25 year old pregnant first grade teacher, I was outraged but unfortunately unsurprised due to my knowledge that police states generally begin with the women and children as well as the fact that documented cases of TSA harassment of minors and women have become a near daily occurrence.

What she told me sounds all too familiar in country that bills itself as land of the free.

Bioaccumulation: Why Fukushima Matters ~ link ~ What is Bioaccumulation?

Simply Stated - All living organisms are connected to each other through a food chain.

It takes more organisms in the beginning of a food chain to support a smaller number of organisms at the end of the chain. Where bioaccumulation refers to how pollutants enter a food chain; biomagnification refers to the tendency of pollutants to concentrate as they move from one trophic level to the next, up the “food chain.”


Food Shortages And Global Economic Riots In 2011!!!!!!!!! - video ~ link


Putin: Who gave NATO right to kill Gaddafi? - video ~ link 


Ron Paul - Webster Hall: April 25th 2011 - video Presidential run announcement ~ link 

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