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Holy Shroud of Turin
Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVA MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

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I had "issues" yesterday, the material would not stay posted.  As I was working on this, my location had a very bad storm (50+mph winds/etc.) so I had to get off the computer. The computer "issues" continue today, I just lost a large number of posts.  I am going to call it quits for now. Sorry, Stirling  

Lord Stirling says: Remember the 4Gs: God, Gold, Guns, and Get-Away-Plans.

The people in power are certifiably insane - video ~ link ~ Take the time to view this!  Stirling   

Japan: Victim of Scalar Warfare Attack by Lord Stirling ~ link   

Finding Order in the Orwellian Chaos ~ link ~ This is an excellent article that I strongly recommend.  Stirling    

Latest Satellite Surface Current Forecast for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link

Latest Satellite Sea Surface Temperature for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link    


Libyan War: France and Italy to send military officers to aid rebels ~ link ~ So far all this NATO "assistance" has accomplished is: (1) The killing of lots of people in a North African tribal war, many of whom are the very civilians that the UN approved No-Fly Zone was suppose to protects; (2) The spending of truly vast sums by various NATO nations on yet another unnecessary war at a time when the public is suffering from a global banking cartel engineered new Global Depression with Austerity Fascism taking away basic services that their taxes should be paying for; (3) Providing the "excuse" for the outrageous rise in gasoline prices at a time of a oil glut on the global market.   Stirling     

French officials said fewer than 10 would be sent, while Italy's defence minister announced that 10 would go.

The UK said on Tuesday it was sending a similar team to the city of Benghazi.

Michigan: State Police search cell phones during traffic stops ~ link ~ This is pure fascism and totally unconstitutional.  Why are the people in the State of Michigan allowing this police state crap to go on???  Stirling     
The Michigan State Police have a high-tech mobile forensics device that can be used to extract information from cell phones belonging to motorists stopped for minor traffic violations. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Michigan last Wednesday demanded that state officials stop stonewalling freedom of information requests for information on the program.

ACLU learned that the police had acquired the cell phone scanning devices and in August 2008 filed an official request for records on the program, including logs of how the devices were used. The state police responded by saying they would provide the information only in return for a payment of $544,680. The ACLU found the charge outrageous. 


High levels of Caesium and Xenon nuclear fallout found in Japan radiation forecasts NOT Being Shown To The Public ~ link ~ Another good report on the Japanese nuclear crisis by Alexander Higgins.  Stirling     

FDA refuses to test fish for radioactivity - Government pretends radioactive fish is safe ~ link ~ This is what happens when the public allows the worst criminals possible to control the government.  Stirling     

Radiation at #2 spent fuel pool MILLIONS of times above normal and thousands of times higher than troubled #4 pool ~ link ~  Also see: #2 Reactor "is not being cooled" ~ link ~ If this is the case, I would like to know just how they plan on stopping a full meltdown/China Syndrome there.   Stirling    


Gold price hits record of $1500 per ounce ~ linkInvestors see the collapse of paper money coming!  Stirling    
Silver also touched a 31-year high of $44.34 an ounce.

"In a word, sensational. Everything's feeding into this, sovereign debt, weak dollar, inflation," said one analyst.

Neoliberal Globalization: Is there an alternative to plundering the Earth? ~ link ~ Let us first clarify what globalization and neoliberalism are, where they come from, who they are directed by, what they claim, what they do, why their effects are so fatal, why they will fail and why people nonetheless cling to them. Then, let us look at the responses of those who are not – or will not – be able to live with the consequences they cause.

This is where the difficulties begin. For a good twenty years now we have been told that there is no alternative to neoliberal globalization, and that, in fact, no such alternative is needed either. Over and over again, we have been confronted with the TINA-concept: "There Is No Alternative!" The "iron lady", Margaret Thatcher, was one of those who reiterated this belief without end.

The TINA-concept prohibits all thought. It follows the rationale that there is no point in analyzing and discussing neoliberalism and so-called globalization because they are inevitable. Whether we condone what is happening or not does not matter, it is happening anyway. There is no point in trying to understand. Hence: Go with it! Kill or be killed!

Economic Woes Created By Elitists Behind The Scene ~ link ~ That is not all they are creating for the human race.  The are using Disaster Warfare (BP Oil Disaster caused climate changes; Scalar War caused Japan nuclear crisis) and hedge fund speculation to make food scarce and unaffordable for hundreds of millions to maybe a billion or so human beings.  They are also preparing a new global war, World War III, to "thin the herd" of us "unnecessary eaters".  But most people are still too stupid to begin to understand what is really going on.   Stirling       


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling

I hope you were well in spite of that storm, and will recover all what you have lost.
Have a holy Easter.

Sincerely Yours

from Japan

Anonymous said...

Robotic Aerial Vehicle Captures Dramatic Footage of Fukushima Reactors

Doesn't look good at all.