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Fukushima Radioactive Plume - live map video ~ link

Japan: Victim of Scalar Warfare Attack by Lord Stirling ~ link  

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The Lies Reach Critical Mass ~ link ~ This is an excellent article, please take the time to read it.  Stirling  

Revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East - Who Really Benefits?  Will they continue to spread throughout the world in the wake of global food shortages, global depression, and Austerity Fascism?  by Lord Stirling ~ link 

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The Japanese are losing their battle to prevent the worst nuclear nightmare possible.  Reactor #3, the one with the hyper-deadly MOX (Plutonium and Uranium) fuel, is in the process of a full meltdown and there are indications that at least one other reactor is in full meltdown as well.  The radiation from even one full meltdown, and most especially from Reactor #3, will so contaminate the nuclear powerplant site that any human there for a few minutes will die.  That will result in abandonment of all six of the reactors, that will result in all six reactors and storage ponds eventually (in a matter of days) also going into full meltdown (China Syndrome).  The second largest city on Earth, Tokyo, will almost certainly be a radioactive death trap, as will a large part of Japan.  Tokyo and a third of Japan will have to be evacuated.  The hit to the world's economy will be dramatic.  The radiation, including hyper-deadly Plutonium, will spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere, Hawaii and the American Pacific Coast will be especially hard hit.  See my exclusive article, 'Japan: Victim of Scalar Warfare Attack' ~ link ~ Stirling       

Radioactive Zirconium Found At Fukushima Confirms Exposed Fuel Rods As High Level Radiation Emitted From Broken Core ~ link ~ This is a good article with good background information.  Stirling   

The latest development in the Fukushima saga is probably one of the more ominous to date. Yomiuri reports that radioactive Zirconium 95 has been found after samples were taken near the water outlet. Google translated: "Zirconium is used for nuclear fuel cladding, the cladding melts some of the spent nuclear fuel was hot cooling water is lost, possibly mixed with sea water flowing into the large drainage There. TEPCO am on March 23, collected about 330 m south from the water at the point of outlet. Zirconium-95 concentration was 0.23 becquerels per cubic centimeter. Atomic Energy Research Institute of Kinki Sugiyama Wataru teachers (of nuclear safety), "The evidence that melting in the heat of the fuel cladding, said first find. Will come from a spent fuel storage pool at," he said." Shortly thereafter NHK spokesman admitted that this is why large amounts of radiation are leaking into the environment, making attempts to control the situation 'very challenging'. If indeed the fuel rod zirconium casing is coming off, it means that the risk for recriticality could be increasing. 

And if that was not enough, Kyodo reports that high-level radiation is now suspected to be leaking from the core of reactor #3, implying reactor damage.

As TEPCO Reports Increased Radiation Releases Japan Expands Voluntary Evacuation Radius to 30km (less than 100km to Tokyo) ~ link ~ If you are in Japan, either get out of the country now, or at least get down to the southern part as soon as possible.  Stirling    

The latest news from Fukushima continue progressing from bad to worse. Which of course means that the (physical) silver lining around the mushroom cloud will be that much more potent: after all, the greater the destruction, the higher the Russell 2000. Just ask the Keynesians.
This in turn has prompted the Japanese government to increase the "voluntary" evacuation radius from 20 to 30 kms, finally. Shortly, this will be 80. But not before many more innocent people are irradiated and sacrificed at the altar of Nikkei 10,000 (and RUT 36,000).

Fukushima Faces Facts On Nuclear Breach ~ link ~ Before we discuss "the markets" or whatever you want to call them now, let's briefly look at the situation in Japan, which has "officially" deteriorated. The breaking news over night that a "breach" in a reactor "may have occurred" and that the situation is now "very grave and serious" should be no surprise to keen investors watching world news events. For even laymen know that when radiation is detected thousands of miles away in Iceland, when radiation in drinking water 150 miles away is detected, when high levels of radiation in sea water miles away are discovered, when radiation levels 25 miles away from the epicenter in the air are so high one could get sick in hours if not minutes, when radiation is detected in milk and food and made unsafe -- we know at least one of those 6 reactors is leaking. Which is why it is particularly interesting the officials are just now saying "evacuations are encouraged" between the 12-19 mile "safe to stay indoors" zone when the US and all other nations had set the minimum limit at 50 miles. I wonder if money has anything to do with that?

Now that it's been admitted officially that the rods are exposed and likely have been since the March 14th explosions, we can now accept that this is beyond the Chernobyl accident. Of course, this has been known since almost 10 days ago that "Uncovered Nuclear Fuel Rods In Japan Could Ignite A Chernobyl-Like Disaster" as the title of this article dated the 16th of March states. Also 10 days ago, Japanese officials talked about a "lag time" of information as to the reason why the entire world was saying the disaster was much worse than they were admitting to. It seems the "lag time" they were talking about applied to them. Who's kidding who?

Japan: Victim of Scalar Warfare Attack by Lord Stirling ~ link ~ Please take the time to read this and to forward it to others and please post it on other sites.  Thanks, Stirling     

Japan Quietly Evacuating a Wider Radius From Reactors ~ link ~ What are they going to do when they have to evacuate Tokyo???  

Japanese officials began quietly encouraging people to evacuate a larger swath of territory around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant on Friday, a sign that they hold little hope that the crippled facility will soon be brought under control

Dangerous breach suspected at Japanese nuke plant ~ link ~ A suspected breach in the core at one reactor at a stricken Fukushima nuclear plant could mean more serious radioactive contamination, Japanese officials revealed Friday - a situation the prime minister called "very grave and serious."

"The situation today at the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant is still very grave and serious. We must remain vigilant," Kan said. "We are not in a position where we can be optimistic. We must treat every development with the utmost care." 

Reactor Core May Be Breached At Damaged Fukushima Plant ~ link ~ Japan’s nuclear regulator said one reactor core at the quake-damaged Fukushima Dai-Ichi power plant may be cracked and leaking radiation.

“It’s very possible that there has been some kind of leak at the No. 3 reactor,” Hidehiko Nishiyama, a spokesman at the Japan Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, said in Tokyo today. While radioactive water at the unit most likely escaped from the reactor core, it also could have originated from spent fuel pools stored atop the reactor, he said.

Radiation fears mount again in Japan after plant workers hurt ~ link ~ Radiation fears escalated in Japan on Friday after workers suffered burns as they tried to cool an earthquake-crippled nuclear power station, while the government sowed confusion over whether it was widening an evacuation zone around the plant.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan, making his first public statement on the crisis in a week, said the situation at the Fukushima nuclear complex north of Tokyo was "nowhere near the point" of being resolved.

Israel ready to react with 'great force': Netanyahu ~ link ~ Before they take on Iran they want to wipe out any resistance in Gaza, so get ready for "Cast Iron II" with unlimited violence against the civilian population.  If they can obtain a removal of Assad, and with it a breaking up of the Iran/Syria/Lebanon alliance, they will do so ~ see links to Syrian "Revolution" ~ link ~ link.  Otherwise, they will have a key enemy facing a civil war when they attack Iran.  This is what the Zionist effort to create the 'Domino Revolutions' using social networking sites has been all about.    Stirling   


Anonymous said...

Yellow Rain Falls In Tokyo?

While the Japanese government continues to say that the yellow rain seen in Japan was simply “pollen,” many have been reminded of a very similar occurrence after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling

Good morning Lord, I just want to tell you that now many Japanese are looking into your blog. However many of them and me too, have noticed that admitting the possibility of man-made earthquakes, you try to lead us to HAARP theory. You might not know, this theory is something like a front that deceive people who seek the truth. I don't write you down as this kind of person. But if you were objective person, please search on the other theory. Why we found Neutron in Fukushima? Do you think it came from nuclear energy bar melting? Don't you think that the evil have used the pure hydrogen bombs in order to induce super earthquakes at Northern parts? This weapon produces only radiation such as Neutron, not radioactivity. As I said there they observed higher degree of radiation, I think Neutron is one of them. Probablly the seawater of pacific ocean contains much radiation, but it longs only about 48 hours. And if one observed radioactivity and radiation, he can say that it came from Fukushima plant. Now we hear that many volcanos are in in action because of precedent earthquakes, please look at this phenomena; it is very strange. I told you there were many earthquakes for example four exactly same points aroud Mt. Fuji.How can HAARO make those numerous earthquakes, some of which of course are natural aftershock?
Please deal more with the pure hydrogen bomb if you were not menaced in your country.

Sincerely Yours

from Japan

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling

I am sorry, but I want to show you this video which reports the explosion of 3rd reactor of Fukushima plant: But please listen to its sound. If it was not a background music of some kind, you will hear three explosions. I wonder this regular explosions "1;2;3". And please know that this explosions with three sounds was reported only oversea. I cannot convince you enough, but at least HAARP cannot produce regular explosion. So please don't conclude everything with HAARP. The bombs of any kind might have been used.

Sincerely Yours

from Japan