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Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

Revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East - Who Really Benefits?  Will they continue to spread throughout the world in the wake of global food shortages, global depression, and Austerity Fascism?  by Lord Stirling ~ link 

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Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band at Stirling Castle~link   ~ Official site ~ link

Shock and Awe 2:  US, France and Britain Pound Libya ~ link ~ The evil psychopaths that control much of the world are at it again.  They will never have enough money or kill and maim sufficient people!  Stirling      

France fired the first shots in the new war with Libya, but the Obama Administration was close behind, with US warships firing upwards of 120 Tomahawk missiles at targets inside Libya. The strikes came largely overnight, and exactly what they hit is largely unknown. 

The reports however, suggest that at least some of the missiles hit civilian areas, and initial reports are that the attacks have killed at least 48 civilians and wounded 150 others. 

Tripoli blast as coalition action goes on ~ link ~ More of the same from the NeoCon/Illuminati/global banking/Zionist front men running America, France, etc.  Stirling    

Loud blasts have been heard in the Libyan capital Tripoli, witnesses say, as allied forces resume operations to enforce a no-fly zone.

A plume of smoke was seen rising from the area near the compound of Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi.

Tripoli - Part II ~ link ~ Good article, take the time to read it if you can.  Stirling    

Sixty-five percent of Americans oppose military action in Libya. (Fox News March 19, 2011)

Means, “Once again we at war without the will of the people behind the effort. American Military Personnel are in battle on a 3rd front without total support.” Also, “no military effort to destroy and defeat the enemy. Air space will be denied the enemy”. O.K. No real effort to take all the bad guys to the cemetery. Bad move from a military point of view!

Revealed: America's Hidden Hand Behind the UN Resolution for a No-Fly Zone ~ link
no fly zone

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: "A US Imposed No-Fly Zone is a Decision for Congress to Make" - video ~ link 

Libya: US, UK and France attack Gaddafi forces ~ link ~ More war, war all the time, now three wars on-going.  War, war, and more war.  War is a bit of Hell come upon the Earth.  It is the forces loyal to Satan that are always pushing war.  Of that you can be certain of.  Stirling     

Pentagon officials say the US and the UK have fired more than 110 missiles, while French planes struck pro-Gaddafi forces attacking rebel-held Benghazi.

Col Gaddafi has vowed retaliation and said he would open arms depots to the people to defend Libya.

Another Obama War ~ link ~ Actually Obama is simply a Front Man for the global banking cartel and Zionists.  Stirling     
Following the US-lobbied UN authorization of military murder in Libya, the death-dealing regime of Colonel Gaddafi said immediately that it would stop all killing. That put Obama’s war on hold, for a little while. The crazy Colonel has learned a thing or two about American foreign policy. If you pretend to favor the stated goals of the empire and comply with its stated dictates, you can otherwise do what every government in the world is structured to do: stay in power at all costs. 

Gaddafi learned this lesson about a decade ago, when, with much fanfare, he announced that he would stop his nuclear weapons program and join the war on terror. The US then decided to rank him and his regime among the world’s good guys, and proceeded to hold him up as an example of wise statesmanship. Then he proceeded to dig in more deeply and tighten his despotic control over his citizens, all with the implied blessing of the US.

Rothschild Globalist Killers Pour DU On Libyans In 'Nuclear War' ~ link ~  

Arab League condemns broad based bombing campaign in Libya ~ link  

African Union demands immediate halt to Libya attack ~ link  

Why Aren't Arab State - Instead of the US, France and Britain - Taking Care of Libya? ~ link ~ Maybe because they know it (the 'Domino Revolutions') are all a global banking cartel/Mossad plot!  Stirling     

America should not be involved, because:
  • America was already involved in 2+ wars costing the U.S. many trillions of dollars (Nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says that the Iraq war alone will cost $3-5 trillion dollars.) Indeed, America's engagement in multiple wars is bankrupting our country - despite the claims by the military Keynesians
  • And both conservatives like Ron Paul and liberals like Dennis Kucinich have pointed out that American intervention is unlawful without a Congressional resolution of war ... which no one bothered to ask for
So I don't care whether or not someone imposes a no-fly zone or takes out Gaddafi ... but the U.S. shouldn't be the one to do it, even as part of a coalition with France and Britain.
Indeed, Gaddafi has accused the efforts by the three former colonial powers - U.S., France and Britain - as being "neo-colonial" aggression and a "crusade".

The Littlest Invasions, No-Fly Zones, and Cover Ops are just as bad as large-scale inventions ~ link ~ Yes, they have a nasty way of becoming very large and very costly and very bloody and very long lasting.  Stirling     

The notion of not intervening, period, never enters the neocons’ heads. I got the shock of my life going through the Weekly Standard a couple of years ago when I saw the headline, “The Case Against Intervention.” But it turned out to be about the American economy. I should’ve realized, the only place these people don’t want us to pour money into is the USA.

When it comes to sending American GIs into harm’s way, they never met an intervention they didn’t like. Some of their proposed military interventions are so crazy you have to wonder if they weren’t chuckling to themselves over at Bill Kristol’s magazine when they wrote this nonsense. Craziest of all was the flurry of calls a couple of years back for us to intervene in Zimbabwe.

Egypt referendum strongly backs constitution changes ~ link ~Official results show that 77% of voters in Saturday's referendum backed the changes.

Under former President Hosni Mubarak, elections were stage-managed affairs with pre-determined results and turnout was very low. 

"Who the hell do you think you are?"  Farrakhan blasts Obama for calling for Qaddafi to step down - video ~ link ~  FARRAKHAN: "I warn my brother do you let these wicked demons move you in a direction that will absolutely ruin your future with your people in Africa and throughout the world...Why don't you organize a group of respected Americans and ask for a meeting with Qaddafi, you can't order him to step down and get out, who the hell do you think you are?

Syria unrest: Tear gas fired at Deraa funeral ~ link ~
Syrian security forces have fired tear gas to disperse crowds at the funeral of two people killed in anti-government protests on Friday, witnesses say.

Thousands had gathered for the funeral in the southern city of Deraa, and began chanting anti-government slogans.

Egypt Arming Libyan Rebels ~ link ~ Doing their masters bidding.  Stirling     

After the corporate owned media's failed attempt in February 2011 to portray the Libyan unrest as "unarmed protesters" being brutalized by Qaddafi, reports began trickling in of what was actually a full-scale rebellion with weapons coming across the border from Egypt. These reports are now confirmed, as large scale operations to supply the rebels with weapons have now been admitted by both the US and Egyptian governments.

The Wall Street Journal, quoting a "senior US official," claimed that the latest Egyptian operation to arm Libyan rebels had started several days ago and is ongoing. The WSJ reiterates what many globalist think-tanks have been saying all along, that the operation to overthrow Libya, despite being a Western project, should be led by the newly "reordered" and shook up Arab states. The WSJ concedes that the US "wanted to avoid being seen as taking a leadership role in any military action against Mr. Gadhafi after its invasions of Iraq and Afganistan fueled anger and mistrust with Washington throughout the region." We are left to believe that the US deceptively meddling in Libya by proxy, somehow, is supposed to alleviate this anger and regain lost trust.

If all goes well for the globalists, this servile proxy Arab conglomerate, after being marshaled to raid Libya on behalf of the West, will then be organized and ready to turn its attention east toward Iran at the behest of their globalist masters. The WSJ in their article recognized this new servile fervor as an "unusually robust diplomatic response from Arab states."

Search for missing continues in Japan as death toll rises ~ link As searches for nearly 13,000 missing continued Sunday, police in Japan said 8,199 people had died since the monster earthquake and ensuing tsunami struck last week.

Meanwhile, the March 11 tremors shifted the Oshika Peninsula near the epicenter by just over 17 feet and dropped it by just over 4 feet, the Geospatial Information Authority in Tsukuba, Japan, reported Saturday.

Japan: Workers 'close' to restoring nuclear plant power ~ link ~ Maybe, lets hope that there has been real improvement made this weekend.  However, I do not trust either the company involved or the Japanese Government on this disaster.  Time will tell just how bad this really is and when it will be better.  Stirling    

"If no problem is found at the facility today, the power will resume as early as tomorrow [Sunday], " agency spokesman Fumiaki Hayakawa is quoted by the AFP news agency as saying.

However, an official from the power company which runs the plant told AFP: "Although we are doing our best, unfortunately we cannot say when electricity will be restored."

Governments have been covering up nuclear meltdown for 50 years to protect the Nuclear Power Industry ~ link ~ And former soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev said on camera for a Discovery Network special ("The Battle of Chernobyl") that the Soviets and Americans have each hidden a number of nuclear accidents from the public.


Prince William sees cyclone recovery work in Australia ~ link ~ In the day and age of corrupt political, business and even religious leaders, a well run monarchy can be useful in many nations.  Prince William is demonstrating that in New Zealand and Australia.  Stirling  

Prince William has visited cyclone-ravaged parts of Australia on a tour that has taken in areas of New Zealand devastated by last month's earthquake.

Queensland premier Anna Bligh said: "It's been almost impossible for these people, but a little royal magic is just what the doctor ordered."

Why republican Australia warms to Prince William ~ link ~I do believe that Prince William and the future Princess Kate should be sent to Australia as Governor-General and "first lady".  Nothing would bind the people of Australia to their future monarchs like getting to really know them in their nation.  Further, Australia, as the only nation on Earth that is also its own continent should become an Empire with the British/Commonwealth monarch becoming Emperor of Australia (as past British Kings and Queens were Emperors and Empresses of India).  That would be far more impressive than being just another republic with a retired politician serving as Head of State, or even just one more Overseas Kingdom of her/his majesty's.  Stirling      

Professor Flint thinks the wedding of two regal twenty-somethings will buttress support for the monarchy among the young. "I think they'll identify with them," says Professor Flint. "But young people seem disinterested with the question of a republic."

Here there is a paradox. Australia is fiercely patriotic. It is strongly egalitarian. It rails against hereditary privilege. It is a country where everyone is a "commoner," to use a word that many Australians would find completely meaningless. And yet the monarchy survives, and will continue to do for at least the duration of Queen Elizabeth's reign and possibly even longer.

The Tragic Failure of "Post-Communism" in Eastern Europe ~ link ~ Failure to who?  To the masses of people, of course.  But failure to the global banking cartel, who are organizing their satanic high-tech global police state, it was just one more success, just like communism was one of their successes decades ago.  Stirling    

Just before Christmas Day in 2010, a distraught public-television engineer protesting the government’s controversial economic policies hurled himself off a balcony in the Rumanian parliament during a speech by the country’s prime minister. The man, who survived the suicide attempt, reportedly shouted before jumping: “You took the bread away from the mouths of our children! You killed the future of our children!” The hospitalized protester, dressed in a t-shirt declaring “You have killed our future!”, was later identified as 41-year-old Adrian Sobaru, whose autistic teenage son had recently lost government assistance as part of Bucharest’s latest budget-cutting steps. His attempted suicide was broadcast live on Rumania’s public TV as Prime Minister Emil Boc spoke ahead of an unsuccessful no-confidence vote against his conservative cabinet. The fiscal and wage austerity measures that Mr. Sobaru was protesting included a 25% pay cut for all civil servants like him as well as severe reductions in social-assistance payments to parents with disabled children, which he had also been receiving until recently. According to Rumania’s Agerpres news agency, the man’s desperate cries in the parliamentary hall were painfully echoing those heard during the 1989 anti-Communist revolution that toppled Rumania’s maverick and generally pro-Western regime of Nicolae Ceau┼čescu.

Mr. Sobaru’s tragic leap, later telecast all over the world, struck a sympathetic chord with many Rumanians who saw it as a symbol of the savage inequities and injustices of the post-Communist period. Rumania is mired in a severe recession and its battered economy is expected to decline by at least 2% in 2010, after contracting by 7.1% the previous year. Instead of trying to assist the unemployed and the socially weak, the Bucharest government, which is reportedly riddled with corruption, cronyism and nepotism, has slashed public-sector pay by one-quarter and trimmed all social expenditures, including heating subsidies for the poor as well as unemployment, maternity, and disability benefits. At the same time, the national sales tax was hiked from 19% to 24%, as the authorities are striving to hold the national deficit down to 6.8% in order to meet the stringent fiscal requirements of the European Union (EU), which Rumania had joined in January 2007.

Knut, Berlin's beloved Polar Bear, dies in his zoo compound ~ link ~ Berlin's beloved polar bear Knut, who rose to stardom when he was hand-raised by zoo keepers after being rejected by his mother rejected at birth, died on Saturday, a zoo official said.

The world-famous bear died alone in his compound, bear keeper Heiner Kloes told The Associated Press. 

Did the UK try to assassinate Lenin?  ~ link ~ I doubt it.  Stirling    
Sidney Reilly Sidney Reilly's passport photograph from 1918

North Wales hilltop test of Iran Age communication ~ link ~  
Map of 10 Iron Age hillforts

The AIDS Bio-Weapon~link~ I have known for years that the AIDS virus was an Advanced Biological Warfare created disease and that the 'usual suspects' were behind it (as only they think and operate on such a global level and with such an immoral imperative to their every action).  Stirling    

In Queer Blood: The Secret Aids Genocide Plot, Alan Cantwell JR., M.D. proves decisively that AIDS is a man-made disease released into select populations through vaccination trials.
The AIDS virus is a bio-weapon designed to realize a host of NWO objectives, such as third-world depopulation.

Here is some of the evidence he has assembled:

Revive Lincoln's Monetary Policy - An Open Letter to President Obama ~ link ~ This is a really great article.  When I was looking for a short section to copy here, I could not chose only one....the entire article is great.  Please take the time to read it all, it sheds great light on how we could take control back over the American and global banking systems.  Stirling    

Obama keeps joking about birthers ~ link ~ Don't you just know that many corrupt politicians and bankers and the like laugh 'their butts off' at the stupid sheeple.  However, each of us has to answer to our Maker...and I would not want to be in one of their shoes when that happens.  Stirling       

New huge spill near Deepwater Horizon - Oil Slick 100 Miles Long ~ link ~ It sounds like one of the ruptures in the side of the Salt Dome there has opened up a good path for oil to gush out.  That could be bad.  Stirling    

Secretive Plan For A Global Currency ~ link ~ Another great article by Ellen Brown.  It is well worth your time to read it.  Stirling   

Nearly 20% of Florida homes are Vacant ~ link It's not always easy to feel sorry for sunny Florida. But they just got hit with another blow.

On Thursday, the Census Bureau revealed that 18% -- or 1.6 million -- of the Sunshine State's homes are sitting vacant. That's a rise of more than 63% over the past 10 years.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

German Bild-Zeitung (boulevard, but often with important news and facts) reports that most of the "heroes" at Fukishama are "throw-away" workers.

Most workers are foreign workers, homeless people and even minors who do not know about the dangers of radiation and radioactivity.

Once they´ve got their dose of radiation they are fired, according to Bild-Zeitung (important newspaper in Germany).

So these poor people are like the men who were misused and destroyed by the red fascists in the USSR in 1986 when Chernobyl happened.

Bertold Brecht wrote (German writer):

We do not need new rulers but none.

Yours in Christ,

Joaquin, Germany