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Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

Revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East - Who Really Benefits?  Will they continue to spread throughout the world in the wake of global food shortages, global depression, and Austerity Fascism?  by Lord Stirling ~ link 

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Today's NutriMedical Report Show with Dr. Bill Deagle, Dr. Asaf Durakovic, and Lord Stirling on the Japanese  Atomic Nightmare - video ~ link

Radiation Network ~ link

Power line laid to Fukushima nuclear plant ~ link ~
Engineers at Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant have successfully connected a power line to reactor 2, the UN's nuclear watchdog reports. Restoring power should enable engineers to restart the pumps which send coolant over the reactor.

Workers try to cool Japan's overheated reactors ~ link ~ Emergency workers seemed to try everything they could think of Thursday to douse Japan's most dangerously overheated nuclear reactors: helicopters, heavy-duty fire trucks, even water cannons normally used to quell rioters. But they couldn't be sure any of it was easing the peril at the tsunami-ravaged facility. Three reactors have had at least partial meltdowns at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, where wisps of white steam rose from the stricken units Friday morning. But Japanese and U.S. officials believe a greater danger exists in the pools used to store spent nuclear fuel: Fuel rods in one pool were believed to be at least partially exposed, if not dry, and others were in danger.

'They're leaving us to die': Mayor of town near stricken Japanese nuclear plant claims his people have been 'abandoned' ~ link ~ Residents of a town lying within the exclusion zone around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant claim they have been neglected by the Japanese government.

Minamisoma lies just 12 miles from the nuclear plant in crisis and villagers have been ordered to remain in their homes as their community lies on the edge of the state-ordered evacuation zone.

Pentagon Cover-Up of Data on Fukushima Disaster ~ link ~ Our Commander-in-Chief has said, only this afternoon, that we are totally safe from the effects of this mega-disaster.   Yes, we are really screwed!  Stirling      

The Pentagon and the government know full well the extent of this unprecedented disaster — and it is far worse then they are telling us. They are not about to level with the American people, who will find out later this week and in the weeks ahead how severe and life threatening the situation is.

As we reported over the weekend, the CIA’s USAID was dispatched to micromanage the release and spin of information on the disaster. Yoichi Shimatsu, the former editor of the Japan Times Weekly, told CCTV a large scale cover-up is unfolding.

“The CIA, through USAID, is running a disinfo campaign on Japan’s earthquake crippled nuclear facilities for geopolitical reasons. The Japanese people will ultimately suffer, as will millions of other people who happen to be downwind from the stricken plants,” we wrote at the time.

US nuclear agency: Japan crisis no US health threat ~ link ~  We all know that "our" government does not lie to us...sure, really NOT.  Stirling   

Editor's Note: We're posting this story to have a record of this statement, much like the EPA press release that said the air was safe to breathe in NYC exactly one week after 9/11 -- which has been subsequently removed from the EPA website. 

The statement follows a day of near-panic buying of iodide pills in the United States, notably in California and Hawaii, the Pacific island state some 4,000 miles (6,500 kilometers) east of Japan.

US Surgeon-General Warns: "Be prepared for harmful radiation from Japan"  ~ link ~ This must have come out before he was told to shut up.  Do be prepared.  Stirling     

Radiation Remedies ~ link ~ Just in case you don't believe Obama about the safety of our air quality coming from across the Pacific (you know from Japan).   Also check out NutriMedical Report.

Japan's battle at nuke plant could take weeks ~ link ~
Key details:
  • Water dropped by helicopters seems to blow away in wind
  • More than 20 workers hurt, more than 20 exposed to radiation
  • Four of the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant's six reactors have faced serious crises
  • U.S. says Americans should consider leaving Japan
  • Aid workers, victims, regional officials appeal for help

Japanese passengers set-off radiation meters at Chicago and Dallas airports ~ linkThere is no reason to panic about it. It was not radiation coming in from the jet stream or wind currents. Passengers flying for Tokyo and other cities in Japan have set off radiation meters at the airports. It come to say the Japanese government is not telling the truth about the severity of how bad the radioactive fallout is on the island. It has been reported the radiation detectors were set off at Chicago O'hare and Dallas Ft Worth airports found on the clothes of the passengers and in their luggage when the people passed through customs. To say low levels radiation was detected .I do not trust a word said because our government lies to us daily.
                I am concerned about the pilots and flight attendants who have been exposed to radiation since much of these particles were on people clothes that set the detectors off. I am surprised there is no reports coming out of Hawaii at their airports since it is the nearest point of entry of the United States from the island of Japan.There is a sizable Japanese population on the islands of Hawaii.They probably took in many family members who were affected by the recent major earthquake. It would not come to me as a surprise if this news was suppressed from the people of Hawaii  that passengers coming from Japan have set off the radiation detectors.

Helicopters drop water over nuclear plants to cool damaged Fukushima reactors - video ~ link  

US working to move citizens from affected areas in Japan ~ linkThe State Department announced late Wednesday that it has approved the departure of family members of U.S. government personnel from certain areas of Japan in the aftermath of the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear power plant crisis.

Charter flights will be made available to the approximately 600 people, according to Under Secretary of State Patrick Kennedy.

Western Response to Japan ~ link ~  Good article, take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling   

The Anglo-American multi-trillion dollar global military machine has been defended ad nauseum as essential to protecting free humanity and its progress into a promising future. In reality, it is a criminal facilitator obsessed with pilfering the world's resources, consolidating power in the hands of feckless feeble minded, short-sighted degenerate financiers, and fostering an unprecedented level of interdependence and vulnerability in every nation brought within their sphere of influence.

One must wonder what sort of world we might be living in today if the trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives squandered in the last 10 years of war profiteering in the Middle East, were instead used to push real education, technological research and development, and real tangible technological progress. Not only would we have sources of power that could replace dangerous and antiquated power plants like the 40 year old Fukushima reactors, but we as Americans might have a naval fleet actually capable of protecting the "free world" from real threats like the one unfolding off the east coast of Japan's Fukushima prefecture.

Instead, the US fleet is stretched globally involved in a myriad of meddling geopolitical gambits, many of which were intentionally engineered and initiated by corporate-serving policy wonks in Washington and London. Even as Japan drowns, burns, melts-down, evacuates, and workers engage in suicide missions to mitigate the unprecedented disaster unfolding, Washington and London leadership obsessively pursue their pet projects worldwide.

"180 Workers trying to save US ALL" - Anderson Cooper - video ~ link

United Nations approves a No-Fly Zone for Libya ~ link ~ Proving once again, that the global banking cartel and Israel always get what they want.  This is the beginning of yet another war in the Middle East, one that we do not know how it will expand, or when it will end.  Sad, very sad!  Stirling   

The UN Security Council has backed a no-fly zone over Libya and "all necessary measures" short of an invasion "to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas".

In New York, the 15-member body voted 10-0 in favour, with five abstentions.

United Nations Security Council okays military action on Libya ~ link ~ The U.N. Security Council passed a resolution endorsing a no-fly zone to halt government troops now around 100 km (60 miles) from Benghazi. It also authorised "all necessary measures" -- code for military action -- to protect civilians against Gaddafi's forces.

Libya air strikes could start 'within hours of resolution' ~ link ~ Also see ~ linkI am told the first strikes will be unilateral ones by British and French aircraft. They could be in the air within hours. It is likely five Arab air forces will take part. Hillary Clinton has said it will mean bombing Libyan air defences. Nato will step up if asked but could take a while.

Italy to make bases available for Libya No-Fly Zone ~ link ~ Italy is ready to make its military bases available to enforce a U.N. Security Counci resolution imposing a no-fly zone on Libya, an Italian government source told Reuters on Thursday.
The airbase at Sigonella in Sicily, which provides logistical support for the United States Sixth Fleet, is one of the closest NATO bases to Libya and could be used in any military operation.

Canada to send warplanes to enforce Libya No-Fly Zone ~ link ~ No doubt using its CF-18 fighters.  Stirling    

Day after saying no second term, a big win for Hillary Clinton ~ link ~ And a big loss for the rest of us!  What a thing to "win" on, yet another war for US and NATO.  She serves the interest of the most evil forces on Earth.  Stirling    

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s revelation that she won’t be staying on if there is a second Obama term may have been news to those who don’t know her, but did not surprise her friends, who say she’s spending an increasing amount of time considering her post-government options even as challenges mount at Foggy Bottom. 

Clinton has made similar “I’m not here forever” comments before – but it was the timing of her remarks to CNN on Wednesday that raised eyebrows, coming at a critical moment in her fierce internal battle to push President Barack Obama to join the fight to liberate Libya from Muammar Qadhafi.

US move on Bahrain to secure Israel ~ link ~ “I think... there was an agreement between [US Defense Secretary Robert] Gates and the Saudi regime that they would carry this out either at the behest of the United States or the bare minimum with a green light from the United States to proceed,” Mark Dankof told Press TV on Thursday.

Dankof said that the American foreign policy in the Middle East was ultimately about three things, namely "supporting Israel at all costs; supporting international central banking interests at all costs... and then of course, the natural gas and oil consortiums."

He stressed that the American Fifth Fleet is in Bahrain to enforce the interests of these three constituencies.

UN set to discuss action on Libya ~ link ~ The neocons and Israel want us to bomb and impose a No-Fly Zone.  More war, more war, and even more war.  War all the time.  That is their motto.  Stirling      


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling

I think it is important to share, that hundreds of earthquakes in Japan since 11 March must be artificial, that is, man-made ones. Now in Shizuoka prefecture there began many earthquakes in the same latitude and longitude at the four same point aroud Mt. Fuji. Lord, please difuse this in your blog:

You will see what is going on in Japan. Your fellowmen who came help Japan should be the victim of your country's Chief of chiefs, D.R.

This is again from Mr. Koshimizu in Japan. Please help us. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Anything of Gaddafi's paying for Sarkozy's election in 2007 and the black mailing of Sarkozy? Could this be the reason France's little big man is so eager leading the no fly zone parade?

Little Bo Peep said...

Thank you, for all your hard work, postings and dedication. It's much appreciated. Stay safe and God protect.