Friday, March 11, 2011

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8.9 Superquake hits Japan

Massive tsunami hits Japan, up to 30 foot high in places

Thousands feared dead

Hundreds of bodies on shore line

Ship with 100 on-board missing

7 of 11 nuclear power plants in emergency shutdown in Japan cannot cool its core with serious danger of core meltdown, local people evacuated

All of West Coast of Canada and USA at danger of tsunami, impact in Alaska was not too severe, could differ in other places 

This was one of the worst earthquakes in modern history, this will resonate throughout the Earth for some time; massive aftershocks in Japan

Increased earthquake activity, as well as bird kills, have been related to use of Scalar Weaponry technology that charges the entire this the case here??? 


sagmewol said...

The Military Industrial Complex at its height- whole of USA is present under the field management as well. The goal is of course to sink earth and to adjust to the incoming reality of a solar dwarf system that commonly is called after its inhabitants Annunaki.

Anonymous said...

If this is HAARP in action, why is the USA targeting ally Japan? As a warning of some cruel kind?

Anonymous said...

NUKE PLANT: Japan PM Orders Wider Evacuation, As Radiation Levels Hit 1000X Normal

2011 is becoming a very nasty year very quickly.

Mac said...

HAARP does not have superpowers, as in a Marvel Comic book. This was an immense seismic activity coming from Mother Earth, not from pricks in white coats at a HAARP facility.