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Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

Revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East - Who Really Benefits?  Will they continue to spread throughout the world in the wake of global food shortages, global depression, and Austerity Fascism?  by Lord Stirling ~ link 

'Making the Chicken Run' ~ link ~ A very good article that you should take the time to read.  Stirling    

David Icke - The Law of Attraction and the Fork in the Road ~ link ~ A series of mostly short videos that make you think about the nature of things.  Stirling    

Advanced Biological Warfare (article by Lord Stirling) ~ link ~ I have a link to a free movie on Hulu, BLACK DAWN: THE NEXT PANDEMIC, that is most interesting.  The movie is about the spread of a naturally occurring mutation in the H5N1 virus; a rather nasty mutation that kills up to 10% of those it effects.  I strongly urge people to take the time to view this movie, as it shows the impact of what a single naturally occurring virus mutation can do.  In reality, a global strategic Advanced Biological-based war would be at least ten-fold as bad and more likely a hundred-fold in its impact as the viruses would be military designer-created (recombination DNA) diseases with a much stronger kill ratio (90% or higher fatality level from an infection) and there would likely be many dozens of viruses released at the same time, instead of only one disease.      

Before we allow hardliners in Israel take us into yet another war, we need to take a very hard and realistic look at just what a war involving MAD on all sides would mean to Israel, to Europe, to North America and the entire world.  

Relaxation 'music' from the forest ~ link 

Ancient Scottish Barony Title for sale.  There are about 100 Scottish feudal baronies  that still exist; only a handful are from the very ancient Baronage of the Isles, as this one is.  In a time of economic crisis, it pays to put some of your wealth into important artwork, properties, etc. of rare value.  This is one of the most rare things that can be purchased and held. For sale at US$150,000 ~ link 
Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band at Stirling Castle~link   ~ Official site ~ link   

And coming:

Al Jazeera English - Live Stream video ~ link  

Gates, Others Talk Up US No-Fly Zone in Libya ~ link ~ As Gates himself admits, this would require armed combat as the extensive Libyan aid defense system (and other things like its Air Force and airbases) would have to be 'taken out'.  In the mist of two very expensive and very long on-going wars for Israel and the global banking cartel, we are now about to begin yet another war with little truth being given to the American, British, French or EU public.  This is beyond insanity!   Stirling     

Rebels forced from Libyan oil port ~ link
Rebel near Sidra and Ras Lanuf, 10 March 2011 Rebels have been struggling to hold their ground amid fierce artillery attacks
Libyan rebels are fleeing the oil port of Ras Lanuf after sustained attacks by forces loyal to Col Muammar Gaddafi.
Rebels were travelling eastwards in vehicles after coming under fire from rockets and shells, reports said. Libyan state TV said pro-Gaddafi troops had also cleared rebels from the oil port of Sidra, west of Ras Lanuf.

Meanwhile, France has become the first country to recognise the Libyan rebel leadership, the National Transitional Council (NTC), as the country's legitimate government. It came as Nato met to discuss international military options in the Libyan conflict, including the possibility of imposing a no-fly zone.

Map of Libyan fighting ~ link 

 EU paralysis drives fresh bond rout ~ link ~ The question is: Which will undergo a rapid and total economic collapse first, the EU or America?  Stirling  
EU paralysis drives fresh bond rout
There is no sign yet that Germany, Holland, and Finland will agree to expand the remit of the bail-out fund. Photo: AP

Political paralysis in Brussels and monetary tightening by the European Central Bank has set off a fresh spasm of the eurozone bond crisis, pushing spreads on Portuguese, Irish and Greek bonds to post-EMU records.

Largest bond trading eliminates US government debt from flagship fund ~ link ~ Also see ~ link Bill Gross, who runs the world’s biggest bond fund at Pacific Investment Management Co., eliminated government-related debt from his flagship fund last month as the U.S. projected record budget deficits.

6 Charts which prove that Central Banks all over the globe are recklessly printing money ~ link ~ With only a handful of exceptions, the world's central banks are controlled (and in many cases owned) by the Rothschilds and related global banking cartel families.  They follow the same policy, which in this time is clearly designed to create maximum hurt and economic chaos.  All part of their End Game strategy to bring about their long-sought global high-tech fascist police state - The New World Order.  Stirling 
6 Charts Which Prove That Central Banks All Over The Globe Are Recklessly Printing Money
If the U.S. dollar is being devalued so rapidly, then why does it sometimes increase in value against other global currencies?  Well, it is because everybody is recklessly printing money now.  The 6 charts which you are about to see below prove this.  The truth is that it is not just the U.S. Federal Reserve which has been printing money like there is no tomorrow.  Out of control money printing has also been happening in the UK, in the EU, in Japan, in China and in India.  There are times when one particular global currency will fall faster than the others, but the reality is that they are all being rapidly devalued.  Unfortunately, this is a recipe for a global economic nightmare.

Right now you can almost smell the panic as it rises in global financial markets.  Investors all over the world are racing to get out of paper and to get into hard assets.  Just about anything that is "real" and "tangible" is hot right now.  Gold hit a record high last year and it is on the rise again.  In fact, it just hit a new five-week high.  Demand for silver is becoming absolutely ridiculous right now.  Oil is marching up towards $100 a barrel again.  Agricultural commodities have exploded in price over the past year.  Many investors are even gobbling up art and other collectibles.

Paper money is no longer considered to be safe.  All over the globe investors are watching all of the reckless money printing that has been going on and they are becoming alarmed.  An increasing number of investors and financial institutions are putting their wealth into hard assets that are real and tangible in an effort to preserve their wealth.


The Duke of York does the job that we ask of him ~ link ~ I generally do not do stories on the British Royal Family.  I am a Peer of the Realm and I respect them in general.  I also think that they are ofter victimized by the highly competitive newspaper market in London.  However, I am breaking my own rule with links and comments to two stories.  The Duke of York has a real job to do promoting British business interests around the world.  That the man wants to do some good with his title and position is to his credit.  In his job, he often has to deal with all types of businessmen and dictators.  That goes with the turf.  The London newspapers, in their quest to sell newspapers in the world's most competitive newspaper market, just love to blow up nothing stories connected to the Royals into major stories.  Take most things you read about the British Royals with a major 'grain of salt'.  Stirling   
Dark hints to the contrary, there has been nothing opaque about the Duke’s activities as the UK’s special representative. In 2008, his own website records show, he focused on emerging markets: 10 of the 24 countries he visited as the UK’s special representative were in the Middle East, another seven in East and South Asia, and five in the Central Asia region.

In 2009, he visited eight states in the Middle East, including Algeria and Egypt; three in East Asia and emerging gas-giant Azerbaijan. Last year, he promoted British companies in China and India, as well as rapidly growing Mexico and Panama. 

“It isn’t as if Britain needs someone like Prince Andrew to open doors for us,” says a senior executive at an Indian multinational who met him recently. “But it adds prestige to business events to have him – particularly in countries where the monarchy has a lot of prestige.” Put crudely, the equation is this: Bill Clinton, the former US president, charges up to $250,000 to speak at major business events; the Duke does it for free.

Prince William to visit Australia and New Zealand disaster zones ~ link ~ This is good, he is heir to the thrones of both of these nations.  I think that the Royal Family should seriously consider sending Prince William and his soon to be wife to Australia or New Zealand or Canada as Governor-General, with other members of the Royal Family similarly posted.  There are close to twenty nations that the Queen is Sovereign Monarch of.  While most have a policy of appointing local citizens as Governor-Generals, I am sure that exceptions can be made for members of the Royal Family.  There would be nothing like having William and Kate, and other especially younger members of the Royal Family, spend a few years in-country as the official representative of the Sovereign to keep the spirit of the Commonwealth and Monarchy alive for the future.  Stirling    

David Laws set for return to frontline politics in new Cabinet role ~ link
David Laws resigned from the Coalition when it emerged he had claimed  expenses to pay rent to his partner
Nick Clegg and David Cameron have had private discussions about appointing Mr Laws to work alongside Oliver Letwin and Francis Maude in the Cabinet Office, The Independent understands. The new position, which would almost certainly come with the right to attend Cabinet, would increase Liberal Democrat representation in the Coalition.
Senior Conservatives support the plan as they are also keen for Mr Laws to return to frontline politics and a new job would negate the need for a Cabinet reshuffle.

Under the proposal, Mr Laws would, alongside Mr Letwin, be responsible for co-ordinating and driving through all aspects of the Coalition's policy agenda. The job is currently performed by Danny Alexander, who is also the Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury. But there is a growing acknowledgement in Government that he and Mr Clegg have become too thinly spread as they try to keep on top of what every government department is doing. Appointing Mr Laws would allow Mr Alexander to concentrate on his work in the Treasury. It would also ease the burden on Mr Clegg.

Ukraine: Why the Orange Revolution ran out of steam ~ link ~ The real reason the Orange Revolution ran out of steam is that it was a scam organized by the Rothschilds/global banking cartel via George Soros.  Just like the 'Domino Revolutions' have been organized by leading Zionists, and the CIA and Mossad and of course the global banking cartel families.  It is not that there were/are not good reasons for regime change in Eastern Europe (during the Color Revolutions) or in North Africa/Middle East (in what I call the 'Domino Revolutions'), it is that they were/are being organized by powerful evil outside forces and these forces, after all the blood has been shed, will NOT move things in the direction that benefits the people of the nations involved.  Further, the current revolutions are designed to fit into a pattern of growing global chaos that is a key part of the End Game Strategy for the New World Order slave state.  Stirling      

5 Ways DHS Violates the US Constitution with Website Domain Seizures ~ link ~
The fascists that are trashing our Constitution, our way of life, our history and heritage, our economy, our future, and our very lives don't care if they are violating the US Constitution in 500 ways!  Stirling     

Stealing from Social Security to Pay for Wars and Bailouts by Paul Craig Roberts ~ link ~The cost of these wars is enormous. The US media, being good servants for the government, only reports the out-of-pocket or current cost of the wars, which is only about one-third of the real cost. The current cost leaves out the cost of life-long care for the wounded and maimed, the cost of life-long military pensions of those who fought in the wars, the replacement costs of the destroyed equipment, the opportunity cost of the resources wasted in war, and other costs. The true cost of America’s illegal Iraq invasion, which was based entirely on lies, fabrications and deceptions, is at least $3,000 billion according to economist Joseph Stiglitz and budget expert Linda Bilmes.

The same for the Afghan war, which is ongoing. If the Afghan war lasts as long as the Pentagon says it needs to, the cost will be a multiple of the cost of the Iraq war.

There is not enough non-military discretionary spending in the budget to cover the cost of the wars even if every dollar is cut. As long as the $1,200 billion ($1.2 trillion) annual budget for the military/security complex is off limits, nothing can be done about the U.S. budget deficit except to renege on obligations to the elderly, confiscate private assets, or print enough money to inflate away all debts.

The other great contribution to the US deficit is the offshoring of production for US markets. This practice has enriched corporate management, large shareholders, and Wall Street, but it has eroded the tax base, and thereby tax collections, of local, state, and federal government, halted the growth of real income for everyone but the rich, and disrupted the lives of those Americans whose jobs were sent abroad. When short-term and long-term discouraged workers are added to the U.3 measure of unemployment, the U.S. has an unemployment rate of 22%. [Note: I think that even this number is low, the real rate is apt to be well over 25%. Stirling]

Poll: Americans Strongly Prefer Military Cuts to Medical Care Cuts ~ link ~ A hugely significant Reuters/Ipsos poll released today revealed that, when asked which programs they prefer to cut to reduce the rising budget deficit, that Americans dramatically prefer cuts to the military over other options.

 "Lord Stirling goes mad with his dumbells" - video ~ link ~ Just to show that I don't take myself too seriously: Someone has a dog named "Lord Stirling" (my guess is that they are from the area near the Lord Stirling Stables in Basking Ridge, NJ....that or they named the mutt after me) and they filmed it playing with its toy dumbells and put it on YouTube.  Enjoy...Stirling      


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

I have read articles that Libia´s Gadhafi is supported by Israel, by Israeli forces and the US.

Can you cofirm these reports?

Is Gadhafi better for our energy supply or are the so called revolutionary forces a stable garant for our problems?

Yours in Christ,

Joaquin, Germany

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been a reading your website daily for a number of years now. would you be kind enough to publish this story on your website to spread the word that no one should be treated like the individual in the following story and that no one is above the law? much thanks.